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December 8, 2009

1. The Obama administration continues to run damage control after the president announced an 18-month time table/deadline/ramp/window before US withdrawals are to be ordered. Secretary of Defense Gates, in Kabul, says the US is "in it to win." So much for the pressuring effect of the time table on the Afghan gov't & Karzai?

2. As students clash with the mullahs' security forces yet again in Iran, Internet services have been shut down by the regime and journalists warned not to report the violence they see. The regime will not endure another Neda episode getting public.

3. In Pakistan, where twin terrorist bombs killed 48 in a crowded Lahore marketplace, a Punjab Law Minister actually blamed Indian intelligence and Israel's Mossad. He said the government had knowledge and warning of the attack.

4. Venezuela's Hugo Chavez boasted of receipt of "thousands of missiles" supplied by Russia, ratcheting up regional tension, particularly with neighboring US ally Colombia.

More Post-Speech Damage Control: In Kabul, Gates Vows U.S. 'In This Thing to Win' - FOX News

Admiral Mullen: US 'losing war in Afghanistan' - Jerusalem Post

Ex-IAEA Chief ElBaradei Hints At 2011 Presidential Run, Egypt Media Skewers - Financial Times

How American jihadist David Headley (Daood Gilani) helped plan the 26/11 Mumbai carnage - The Hindu

The Fluff: In Obama meeting, Turkey touts diplomacy for Iran nuclear program - CS Monitor
The Stuff: Turkey resists U.S. call for Iran sanctions - St. Petersburg Times
Thousands rally across Iran against gov't, Students battle security forces on campuses - Boston Globe
Iran blocks Internet, warns foreign media during crackdown - USA Today
Iran seeks release of arms dealer facing sentence in U.S. - CNN
Israeli Intelligence: Iran capable of producing nuclear bomb - Jerusalem Post

Officials advise postponing Iraqi elections as terrorists seize opportunity for mayhem - Washington Times
At least 112 dead in string of Baghdad bomb attacks - Washington Post

'Sleeper cells' in Lebanon's Palestinian camps, say experts - Times of India

Twin blasts in Lahore kill 48 - USA Today
Almost Funny: Punjab Law Minister says Govt had reports of terror threat, Blames Indian and Israeli Intelligence for attacks - Daily Times
Administration Presses Pakistan to Fight Taliban - New York Times
US Missile Strike Kills 3 in town where Pakistan signed 'peace accord' with Taliban - VOA
Flashback: Farewell Optimism: Miranshah II = Miranshah I in North Waziristan - ThreatsWatch (2008)
Police: Attack on intelligence officeb in central Pakistan kills 12 - Washington Post
Tackle Taliban or we will, US tells Pakistan - The Age (Australia)

Did 'charity' group raise funds for Hamas on US college campuses? - JTA

Chavez: Venezuela acquires thousands of missiles - AP

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