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December 10, 2009

1. In supporting the president's plan, General Petraeus testified before Congress that the fight will be long and hard and suggested an "end of 2010" assessment point to judge success.

2. Five American Muslims from northern Virginia have been arrested in Lahore, Pakistan. A video left behind suggests likely terrorist ambitions. Related: A retired Pakistani major has been charged in absentia for acting as an al-Qaeda middle-man.

3. While protests continue in Iran, the regime warned that any attack upon it would result in Iranian retaliation through strikes on Israeli nuclear installations.

4. Disgraced and deposed former Honuras president, Manuel Zalaya, will leave the country and set up shop in Mexico.

Petraeus predicts tough 'slog' in Afghan war - Washington Times
Petraeus: Wait until December 2010 to gauge U.S. success in Afghanistan - CNN
Pakistan's aid could defeat Haqqani network: McChrystal - Daily Times (Pakistan)
McChrystal: Coalition Forces Pay Afghan Soldiers Less Than Taliban - Huffington Post

Five Must-Watch Videos From Iran - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
US: One Step Closer to Unilateral Sanctions Against Iran - IPS
Iran confirms missing Iranian was nuke scientist, is being held in U.S. - World Tribune

Iran Says it Will Strike Israel's Nuclear Sites if Attacked - FOX News

Honduras to Let Zelaya Leave Country for Mexico - ABC News
Amnesty International Urges Mexico To Investigate Tijuana Torture Claims - KPBS

Pakistan arrests 5 Virginia men at house with jihadist ties - Washington Post
Related: Retired Pakistani major charged with acting as al-Qaeda go-between - Telegraph (UK)
Pakistan's Peshawar, epicenter of jihad - Reuters
American Headley's Role In The Mumbai Conspiracy & His Pakistani Handlers - SAAG

CJ Grisham: The rise and fall of a military blogger - Military Times
In Defense: The Extreme (Part One) - Mudville Gazette
Milblogger and dear friend needs your help - Bouhammer
TSA Airport Screening Manual Accidentally Posted Online - DailyTech
Posting of TSA security manual leads to personnel actions - Washington Post

December 8, 2009

1. The Obama administration continues to run damage control after the president announced an 18-month time table/deadline/ramp/window before US withdrawals are to be ordered. Secretary of Defense Gates, in Kabul, says the US is "in it to win." So much for the pressuring effect of the time table on the Afghan gov't & Karzai?

2. As students clash with the mullahs' security forces yet again in Iran, Internet services have been shut down by the regime and journalists warned not to report the violence they see. The regime will not endure another Neda episode getting public.

3. In Pakistan, where twin terrorist bombs killed 48 in a crowded Lahore marketplace, a Punjab Law Minister actually blamed Indian intelligence and Israel's Mossad. He said the government had knowledge and warning of the attack.

4. Venezuela's Hugo Chavez boasted of receipt of "thousands of missiles" supplied by Russia, ratcheting up regional tension, particularly with neighboring US ally Colombia.

More Post-Speech Damage Control: In Kabul, Gates Vows U.S. 'In This Thing to Win' - FOX News

Admiral Mullen: US 'losing war in Afghanistan' - Jerusalem Post

Ex-IAEA Chief ElBaradei Hints At 2011 Presidential Run, Egypt Media Skewers - Financial Times

How American jihadist David Headley (Daood Gilani) helped plan the 26/11 Mumbai carnage - The Hindu

The Fluff: In Obama meeting, Turkey touts diplomacy for Iran nuclear program - CS Monitor
The Stuff: Turkey resists U.S. call for Iran sanctions - St. Petersburg Times
Thousands rally across Iran against gov't, Students battle security forces on campuses - Boston Globe
Iran blocks Internet, warns foreign media during crackdown - USA Today
Iran seeks release of arms dealer facing sentence in U.S. - CNN
Israeli Intelligence: Iran capable of producing nuclear bomb - Jerusalem Post

Officials advise postponing Iraqi elections as terrorists seize opportunity for mayhem - Washington Times
At least 112 dead in string of Baghdad bomb attacks - Washington Post

'Sleeper cells' in Lebanon's Palestinian camps, say experts - Times of India

Twin blasts in Lahore kill 48 - USA Today
Almost Funny: Punjab Law Minister says Govt had reports of terror threat, Blames Indian and Israeli Intelligence for attacks - Daily Times
Administration Presses Pakistan to Fight Taliban - New York Times
US Missile Strike Kills 3 in town where Pakistan signed 'peace accord' with Taliban - VOA
Flashback: Farewell Optimism: Miranshah II = Miranshah I in North Waziristan - ThreatsWatch (2008)
Police: Attack on intelligence officeb in central Pakistan kills 12 - Washington Post
Tackle Taliban or we will, US tells Pakistan - The Age (Australia)

Did 'charity' group raise funds for Hamas on US college campuses? - JTA

Chavez: Venezuela acquires thousands of missiles - AP

December 7, 2009

1. An American under arrest for other charges has admitted to helping plan the 2008 terrorist siege attacks on the Indian city of Mumbai (Bombay).

2. As Marines open up a new operations in Now Zad called "Cobra's Anger," Obama administration and Pentagon officials scramble to clarify and defuse criticism over the 18-month time line announced by the president in his Afghanistan strategy speech last week.

3. Media accounts of the Afghanistan strategy and the process of arriving at it were not only fed by high-level leaks, but some accounts even claimed to have been provided access to participants' hand-written notes from the classified sessions. There must be consequences.

4. In the event the obvious was obscured, the UN Security Council declared that North Korea's arms trade funds its nuclear weapons work. North Korea's Kim Jong Il responded by saying that the United States simply wants to pick a fight, regardless US offers of direct talks.

5. Just as the Zetas begin buying businesses along the US-Mexico border in a move to increase their perception of legitimacy, it is announced that unmanned aerial drones will be used to detect, track and apprehend illegal aliens along the California-Mexico border.

Gates says Afghanistan withdrawal will be gradual - Los Angeles Times
During marathon review of Afghanistan strategy, Obama held out for faster troop surge - Washington Post
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Hammer and Anvil in Now Zad - The Captain's Journal
White House official: Bin Laden sometimes slips into Afghanistan - Washington Times

American admits to helping plan Mumbai attacks - Washington Times

Khamenei: "Americans are at the head of the list of enemies" - AFP
Actually, It Appears Iranian Students Still Atop Regime's 'Enemies' List - Washington Post
Iranian Student Protesters Clash With Police - New York Times
US National Security Adviser: 'Clock is Ticking' on Iran' - VOA

Hizballah intel chief caught scouting Lebanon-Israel border area - Jerusalem Post
Netanyahu makes final push to foil Swedish plan to divide Jerusalem - Ha'aretz (Israel)
What The Palestinians Really Want: ('From the River to the Sea') - ThreatsWatch
Report: Mediator on way to Israel with Hamas response to swap deal - Ha'aretz (Israel)

Mexico's Zetas gang buys businesses along border in move to increase legitimacy - Dallas Morning News
Drone aircraft will be used to nab illegal immigrants on California-Mexico border - Los Angeles Times

North Korea Arms Trade Funds Nuclear-Bomb Work, UN Panel Says - Bloomberg
North Korea says Obama trying to pick a fight - USA Today

Pakistan suicide attack ends lull in Peshawar - CS Monitor
2 blasts rock eastern Pakistani city of Lahore - Washington Times
Gates: We won't pursue Taliban leaders in Pakistan - Daily Times (Pakistan)

Israeli Military Says Air Force Thwarted a Gaza Rocket Attack - New York Times

U.S. sees homegrown Muslim extremism as rising threat - Los Angeles Times
President George H.W. Bush Dedicates War Museum on Pearl Harbor Day - ABC

December 4, 2009

1. In the context of a recent Iranian arms shipment intercepted by Israel, Lebanon's government gave the green light allowing Hizballah to keep its weapons as part of a Lebanese government defense structure against Israel. UN forces tasked with stopping Hizballah rearmament - a colossal failure - now has no purpose.

2. Iran effectively and predictably nullified all nuclear negotiation efforts by declaring that it will produce all of its own enriched uranium rather than agree to outsource it to other countries.

3. A November 17 incident at the Atlanta airport involving 11 men acting in a recalcitrant manner and speaking only in Arabic caused the cancellation of Flight 297 when passengers and crew refused to fly the aircraft. One Navy veteran passenger believes it was a terrorist dry run or probe of security.

4. Under fire from Americans for not doing more to capture or kill al-Qaeda's leader, Pakistan's Prime Minister Gilani said that Usama bin Laden is not in Pakistan. Only those who think he's dead agree.

Karzai willing to hold talks with Mullah Omar - Daily Times (Pakistan)
Afghan ambassador in Washington disappointed in Obama's 18-month deadline to start withdrawal - Washington Times
Rumsfeld Cries Foul on Obama Claim Troop Requests for Afghanistan Were Denied - FOX News
Audio Analysis: Roundtable: Four Veterans Discuss Obama Strategy Post-Speech - Steve Schippert Show
Counterinsurgency Incoherence - Washington Times
Al Qaeda No. 1 Target in Afghanistan War Despite Renewed Focus on Taliban - FOX News

Iran Building Extensive Terrorist Network in South America - Jerusalem Post
Iranian arms merchant says 'war is coming' with US - Philadelphia Inquirer
Ahmadinejad: Iran will produce its own uranium - UPI
Will more sanctions against Iran work? - Middle East Strategy at Harvard (MESH)
Iran to review ties with countries over IAEA vote - Reuters
Five British sailors detained by Iran vow to continue racing despite ordeal - Telegraph (UK)

Congressman Hunter to SecDef Gates: Review SEAL abuse claims - Navy Times

Iran Ramping Up Efforts to Arm Anti-Israel Militias, Building Terrorist Arsenals - Washington Post
Context - November: Israel Intercepts Massive Iranian Weapons Cache for Hizballah - Right Side News
Larijani: Iran supports Hezbollah, Hamas - Press TV (Iran State Media)
Hamas Denies Report IDF Captive Shalit Transferred to Egypt - Ynet (Israel)

Lebanon & Hizballah Up the Stakes: Terror Group Allowed to Keep Arms - FOX News

Drug tunnel found under US-Mexico border - ABC (Australia)
Former Police Commander Witness in Mexico Protection Program Killed - Los Angeles Times
Only sliver of aid for US-Mexico drug plan spent - AP

US envoy prepares for North Korea visit - Australia Network News
Seoul not hopeful on North Korea-US talks: Yonhap - AFP

Gulled by [Hamid] Gul: Former ISI Chief Again 'Propaganda Mouthpiece of the Taliban' - UPI
Bin Laden Not in Pakistan, Prime Minister Says - New York Times
Pakistan: '15 militants killed' in Swat clashes - Adnkronos Int'l (Italy)

Somali training camps fuel threat of attacks on US - AP
Deadly Suicide Blast Rips Through Mogadishu Hotel Killing 19 - VOA
Dutch military captures 13 pirates off Oman coast - AP

Veteran Thinks November 17 Atlanta Flight 297 Incident May Have Been Terrorist Dry Run - Nobody Asked Me... Blog
Audio: Clouthier: Exclusive Interview With Flight 297 Passenger Dr. Keith Robinson - Take That! Radio
Homeland Security chief warns of threat from al-Qaeda sympathizers in U.S. - Washington Post
Isolationism soars among Americans, poll finds - MSNBC
Shortsighted: Shrinking The War on Terrorism - TIME

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