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November 30, 2009

1. President Obama is expected to announce a new strategy for Afghanistan that will include approximately 30,000 additional US troops. 9,000 Marines expected to deploy to Helmand province ASAP, while the full increase may take a full 18 months to materialize.

2. President Obama seeking NATO leaders to pony up remaining force allotments to account for the 40K troops General McChrystal requested as his mid-level option. While NATO leaders signaled 7K plans last week, Britain is already planning to begin withdrawals within a year.

3. Russia sends draft security pact proposal to Western leaders, seeking ability to "shape" NATO policy.

4. Lebanese parliament drafted legislation authorizing Iranian proxy Hizballah to attack Israeli sites. Pro-Western lawmaker said "We are back to Syrian hegemony" in Lebanon after the 2005 Cedars Revolution.

5. Honduras overwhelmingly elected conservative Porfirio Lobo as president by a margin of 56% - 38% over the leftist candidate.

Audio Analysis: The Steve Schippert Show: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - Take That Radio
Obama to Surge 30K Troops: First 9,000 are Marines Bound for Helmand Province - Washington Post
Cart before Horse? Strategy Centers on 'Exit Strategy' - New York Times
The Hokey-Cokey Strategy: Plans for NATO Withdrawal Amid US 'Surge' - The Independent
Afghanistan summit to plan for withdrawal - The Observer (UK)
Earlier: Brit Defence Secretary Ainsworth criticizes Obama over "period of hiatus" on Afghanistan - Telegraph
Afghan talks to seek path to security handover - Reuters
Stabilizing Afghanistan may take at least four years, McChrystal says - Star Telegram
U.S. military ramps up training of Afghanistan police forces - Baltimore Sun
White House May Reject McChrystal Call to Double Size of Afghan Army, Police - Wall Street Journal
Pakistan's Gilani warns Obama over US Afghan troop plan - BBC
Pakistan Concerned Obama's Afghan Strategy May Harm Security - Bloomberg
Obama Faces Tough Task in Outlining Afghanistan Strategy, Experts Say - FOX News
Spend-happy Lawmakers Raise Concerns Over Costs of Expanded Afghan War - Los Angeles Times

Honduras elects conservative president Porfirio Lobo - BBC

Defiant Iran vows to build 10 new enrichment plants - AFP
What Does Iran's Announcement Say About Our Bargaining Position? - Riehl World View
The IAEA Resolution: The Test is in the Next Steps - INSS
Iran's Revolutionary Guard increasing control of naval forces - Washington Post
Iran Earmarks $20M for Militant Groups Who Oppose West - FOX News

For One Man, Israel's Big Gas Find Is Bittersweet Victory - Wall Street Journal

Lebanon agrees Hezbollah right to use arms against Israel - AFP
Lebanon cabinet deal signals Syrian return - BBC

Britain Presses Pakistan and Afghanistan on Militants - New York Times
As amnesty expires, Pakistan's Zardari seen as on way out - Politico
Pakistan's President Asif Zardari told to give up powers - AP
Zardari Cedes Power to Pakistani Premier - Wall Street Journal

Russia orders terror probe as rail explosion kills 26Financial Times
Russia sends security pact draft to leaders abroad; Seeks to 'Shape' NATO policy - AP
Russia's Efforts to Buy French Warship Upset Georgia and Baltic States - New York Times

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