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November 25, 2009

1. While the US Embassy told ThreatsWatch that Ambassador Eikenberry is not negotiating with the Taliban, other reliable sources say elsewhere that someone in Afghanistan is definitely talking to the Taliban.

2. A spate of arms smuggling news in the United States includes one conviction of an Iran arms smuggler and the Philadelphia arrest of another who sought to supply anti-aircraft missiles to Iran. Iran has been actively arming the Taliban in Afghanistan to kill US forces.

3. Eight in Minneapolis have been charged with recruiting terrorists for Somalia's al-Shabaab, considered al-Qaeda's East African franchise.

4. In yet another discouraging blow to American warfighters' morale, three Navy SEALs are facing Courts Martial for punching a prominent Iraqi terrorist while taking him down. The terrorist complained after capture and "exhibited a bloody lip."

Obama Afghan decision 'within days': 32K - 35K additional troops - Washington Times
US Embassy Denies Secret Eikenberry Talks With Taliban - ThreatsWatch
Well, somebody's talking to the Taliban - Threat Matrix
Dangerous Folly: Taliban acceptable if they renounce al-Qaeda: Holbrooke - Daily Times
After Massive Spending Bills: Pelosi: 'Can We Afford This War?' - Huffington Post

Ousted Zelaya on sideline in Honduran vote - Washington Times

Philadelphia arrest tied to Stinger missiles to be sent to Iran - UPI
Frustration as Iran Stalls on Deal - New York Times
IAEA's ElBaradei Seeks 'Global Action' on Iran - Wall Street Journal
Iran Expanding Effort to Stifle the Opposition - New York Times
Venezuela opposition and Jews protest Iran visit - Washington Post
Obama Writes to Brazil's President About Iran - New York Times

Absurd: Navy SEALs Face Assault Charges for Capturing Most-Wanted Terrorist - FOX News
Sunni imams killed in Iraq 'sticky bomb' attacks - AFP

Israel-Hamas prisoner swap talks advance - Washington Times

Smugglers set eyes on U.S. truck program - Washington Times
Arrests of illegal immigrants along border drop 25% - Los Angeles Times
Mexico tightens security at U.S. border crossings - Los Angeles Times

Five Pakistani army officers held for link to Chicago terror suspects - Daily Times
Big Pakistan offensive has failed to nab any Taliban leaders - McClatchy
Four NATO oil trucks gutted in Pakistan, driver killed - Monsters and Critics

Eight Americans in Minnesota charged with recruiting for Al Qaeda-linked Somalia group - NY Daily News
Arms dealer to Iran faces only five years - UPI
US offers $5M reward for 'Bomb Man' terror suspect - AP
Pentagon Investigators Arrive in Fort Hood - ABC News

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