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November 23, 2009

1. Are we hearing whispers of surrender in Afghanistan? Saudi report cites Afghan source that US Ambassador Eikenberry has offered Taliban 5 provinces in exchange for halt on attacks on US bases.

2. Khalid Sheikh Muhammed and the other 9/11 terrorists have said that they will plead not guilty and, whi8le not denying attacks, use the trial to rail against US foreign policy. Show trial realized. They had planned to plead guilty before a military tribunal far from cameras and press.

3. With the threat of an Israeli attack growing as the US and the West fumble the Iranian nuclear crisis, Iran is staging air defense exercises around its nuclear facilities. While Iran barks loudly in public, their Russian-bought air defense systems were defeated by Israel in Syria.

4. An Islamic 'charity' controlled by the Iranian regime, the Manhattan-based Alavi Foundation, is funding Columbia University and Rutgers University Islamic and Persian studies programs. The foundation has recently been targeted by the US government, with assets - including mosques - seized.

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Al Qaeda in Iraq becoming less foreign, Arms through Syria - U.S. general - Reuters

Israel fires at Gaza, says weapons facilities hit - CNN

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30 kidnapped, slain in apparent political violence in Philippines - Los Angeles Times

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