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October 8, 2009

1. Indian embassy in Kabul bombed in Afghanistan, reportedly killing 12. Meanwhile, the European head of NATO has called upon European members to contribute more to the Afghan effort.

2. Curiously, as planned direct talks between the Obama administration and the North Korean regime seem put on hold, South Korea notes that the North Korean regime has suddenly stopped promoting Kim Jong Il's successor. Talks would have been a launch-point for a new dictator.

3. In possible sign of gamesmanship, Pakistan says planning new offensive against Taliban. This at same time entire Pak government and military criticizing US aid package because of the strings attached, following reports little past aid actually used to fight Taliban, al-Qaeda.

4. Wall Street Journal OpEd soundly debunks 2007 Iran NIE which stated Iran had stopped its nuclear weapons research in 2003. In 2007 the same intelligence community knew about Iran's recently revealed secret enrichment facility, which had no purpose but for secret highly enriched uranium production.

Bombing Rocks Afghan Capital - Wall Street Journal
Leadership Effect: American troops in Afghanistan losing heart, say army chaplains - Times (UK)
White House weighs Pakistan's role in winning war - AP
Context: Pakistan says it's not bound to accept strings attached to US aid - Dawn (Pakistan)
NATO Chief Urges U.S. Allies to Do More in Afghanistan - VOA
UN attempts to defend neutrality in Afghanistan Election - AP

2007 Iran National Intelligence Estimate Was Wrong - Wall Street Journal
Flashback: Iran Asked Pakistani Army for Nuclear Bomb in 1990 - ThreatsWatch (2006)

Iraq and BP-Chinese consortium sign oil deal - Forbes
Families exiled by Saddam return to Iraq - AP

North Korea stops promoting Kim Jong Il's successor: S.Korea - AFP

Pakistan plans ambitious blitz to rout Taliban, Awaits US resources - Washington Times
It's up to parliament to decide on US aid bill: PM - Daily Times (Pakistan)
UN closes all offices in Pakistan after blast - Xinhua (China)
Context: Pakistan braces for more bombings - AP

British Pol George Galloway raised funds for Hamas at U. of California at Irvine - Jerusalem Post
Context: George Galloway and the Oil-for-Food Scandal: Evidence - Heritage
Hamas bans women on motorcycles in Gaza Strip - Reuters

Somalia's two main rebel groups agree truce - Reuters
TFG Police Say Knew Plans to Explode Gov't Centers in Mogadishu - allAfrica
President Ahmed says Somali needs US help against al-Qaeda - Chicago Tribune

Detainee transfers from GITMO to US OK'd by joint panel - Washington Times

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