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October 7, 2009

1. While the debate within the Beltway continues apace, Canadian commander says the implementation of McChrystal's plan in Kandahar nets increasing returns from Afghans as they build trust.

2. Release from from a non-Persian Iranian Arab group from western Iran says the Iranian IRGC has thousands of newly-trained agents that it has trained deployed within Arab Gulf states to carry out operations against them without Iranian fingerprints.

3. While calls for talks continue, as with Iran, North Korea says dismantling its nuclear weapons "unthinkable."

4. Showing signs of a growing rift, the Pakistani military has said it has serious issues with the Kerry-Lugar US aid bill because of its requirements and clauses regarding Pakistan engaging the Taliban and al-Qaeda on the battlefield. Pakistan's National Assembly has unanimously undertaken a review of the bill.

O'Hanlon Nails It: A General Within Bounds - Washington Post
Taliban say control area after battle with U.S. - Reuters
Kandahar: New level of co-operation suggests growing trust of coalition among Afghans - Canada Free Press

U.S. plans 'serious' sanctions if Iran diplomacy fails - CNN
Majority (61%) in U.S. Would Back Attack to Prevent Iran Nuclear Bomb - Bloomberg
Is US Stepping Up Preparations for a Possible Attack on Iran's Nuclear Facilities? - ABC
Iran plans to use new P-2 centrifuge at nuclear plant - Reuters
Iran FM accuses US in nuke scientist disappearance - AP
Ahwazi Organization (Iranian Arabs): Iran is Planning to Attack the Gulf Countries - MEMRI
Iran, World Powers Agree To Further Nuclear Talks - CBS

Israel mum on Iran's claims of int'l offers to sell it uranium - Jerusalem Post
Hamas Confident: Ultimately, Israeli Government Will Compromise - Yeshiva World

North Korea Says Dismantling Its Nuclear Weapons 'Unthinkable' - Bloomberg
French envoy calls for substantial nuclear talks - AP
South Korea seized North cargo containers: report - Reuters

Growing Rift: Pakistani military says has "serious concerns" over requirements in U.S. aid bill - Washington Times
National Assembly unanimously decides to debate Kerry-Lugar bill - Daily Times (Pakistan)
Pakistan targets Taliban and al-Qaeda in Waziristan assault - Guardian (UK)
Taliban claims responsibility for U.N. blast - Washington Times

Hamas Finds Gaza Tunnels' $500 Million Loss Worse Than Madoff - Bloomberg
Hamas may boycott reconciliation talks- Jerusalem Post

Russia: new U.S. anti-missiles less risky - Reuters
Clinton raps Russian failure to prosecute journalists' killers - AFP

Obama Praises U.S. Intelligence Efforts Against Al-Qaeda - Washington Post
For Antiwar Protesters, the Cause Isn't Lost - Washington Post

Chávez jokes about helping Iran build nuclear bomb - Guardian (UK)
Background: Venezuela seeking uranium with Iran's help - Washington Post (Sept. 2009)

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