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October 6, 2009

1. White House continues to slowly reconsider Afghanistan strategy going forward, with president reportedly "furious" at McChrystal and considering Congressional input.

2. Report that Arab states, Russia, China, Japan and France are colluding to eliminate the US Dollar for oil trading is refuted, but has had downward effect on dollar regardless. Russia and China have openly lobbied for such, which would be devastating to the dollar and US economy.

3. US Treasury Secretary warns banking institutions to be wary of terror financing via Iranian banks. Just recently, an Iranian financial group with ties to Revolutionary Guard Corps was granted bank status.

4. The president of the United Arab Emirates signed into law a plan to develop nuclear technology in partnership with the US. Mid East nuclear race rolls on - not spurred by Israeli threat, but Iranian threat.

Arab states launched secret moves with China, Russia, France to stop using US Dollar for Oil - Independent (UK)
Arab Gulf Officials Deny Plan To Ditch US Dollar for Oil Trade - Wall Street Journal
Russia says has not discussed changing dollar role in oil trade - Reuters

8 U.S. soldiers slain in fierce fighting as Taliban overrun post - AP
Wounded U.S. Soldiers Refused to Leave Taliban Fight - ABC
Afghan, US troops kill 40 militants in east - AP
Over 100 Taliban killed in weekend clash: NATO - AFP
After Deadly Assault, Questions Linger Over Afghanistan Strategy - Danger Room
Obama advisers pulling in opposite directions over war strategy - Washington Times
Voice of Bush's Favored General Is Now Harder to Hear - New York Times
US Needs to Abandon Big FOB Ops for Small Unit Deployments - Free Range International

Video from al Qaeda's No. 2 slams Obama, threatens attacks - CNN

Commentary: Chavez, Lula, Obama Make Honduras Unstable - Bloomberg

Geithner: Be vigiliant of terror financing risk from Iran banks - CS Monitor
Iran vows 'positive' approach to nuclear talks - AFP
Iran plans to use new centrifuge at newly disclosed enrichment plant - Reuters
For Comedic Relief: IAEA's ElBaredai: Iran cooperates in nuclear dispute - AP

North Korea considers return to 6-Party nuke talks - Washington Times

Pakistan Braces for Taliban Attacks as It Prepares Offensive - New York Times
Suicide Bomb Blast at UN Office in Pakistani Capital - VOA
Minister: Islamabad suicide bomber was in police uniform - Xinua (China)
U.S. Push to Expand in Pakistan Meets Resistance - New York Times

U.S. Delays Somalia Aid, Fearing It Is Feeding Terrorists - New York Times
UN Aid Chief Kiki Gbeho Complains Anyway, Regardless of Implications - CNN
Hizbul Islam Claims Victory Over Fighting Out of Kismayu - AllAfrica
Behind Somalia's Islamist rivalry - BBC

Syria seen regaining its influence in Lebanon - AP

UAE President signs law to develop nuclear power w/US assistance - AP

NYC suspect contacted senior al-Qaeda - WWTI (NY)
Police chiefs endorse anti-terror community watch - AP

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