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October 2, 2009

1. President Obama speaks with Afghanistan commander General McChrystal for 25 minutes aboard Air Force One enroute to Copenhagen to pitch Chicago Olympic bid.

2. Administration claims progress in talks with Iran on its nuclear program, but the events and rhetoric closely mirror early stages of the EU's years-long failed negotiation.

3. US reportedly has delayed face-to-face talks with North Korea as Six Party Talks member states express reservations. North Korea also rejected South Korean proposal aimed at nuclear disarmament as "ridiculous."

4. With the administration under intense fire over the abandonment of missile defense agreements made with Poland and the Czech Republic, Pentagon announces that it will have a domestic US shield against Iranian missiles up by 2010. Previously, had said that Iran poses no long range threat.

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Argentina's Menem charged with obstructing Jewish center bomb probe - AFP

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Obama agrees to keep Israel's nukes secret - Washington Times
Female prisoners released to West Bank, Gaza for hostage IDF soldier video - Ynet News

U.S. delays bilateral dialogue with North Korea - Hankyoreh (South Korea)
Fresh South Korea nuclear proposal 'ridiculous': North - Reuters

Billions sent to Pakistan for military; only millions get to army - Washington Times

Russia: Iran missile tests no reason for sanctions - Reuters

Pentagon Officials Say Missile Defense Shift 'Not About Russia' - FOX News
Pentagon sees U.S. defense in 2010 for Iran rockets - Reuters

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