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September 28, 2009

1. With one-on-one negotiations coming up this week between Iran and the United States, Iran has test fired one of its advanced missile designs. This on the heels of revelations that Iran has a secret enrichment facility dug under a mountain near Qom.

2. Venezuela continues march for nuclear technology with the able and open aid from both Iran and Russia.

3. Defense Secretary Gates says a timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan, which some are now calling for, would be a mistake. President Obama weighing merits between the McChrystal/Petraeus Afghan plan on one hand and the Joe Biden plan on the other. Resolve on Afghanistan wanes.

4. Ethiopia, whose troops spearheaded the fight against the al-Shabaab al-Qaeda franchise in Somalia two years ago before withdrawing forces, says now that the Somalia situation "looks like a lost cause." This is al-Qaeda's victory in east Africa.

Latest al-Qaeda message eulogizes deceased Taliban leader Mehsud - CNN

White House Near Choosing U.S. Location to Hold Gitmo Detainees - FOX News

Gates: Afghan exit timeline 'a mistake' - Washington Times
NATO Officials Say They Will Back Afghan Effort to Turn Insurgents Against Taliban - Washington Post
Taliban Widen Afghan Attacks From Base in Pakistan - New York Times

Audio: Dealing With Iran: The Steve Schippert Show: September 28, 2009 - Take That! Radio
Talks herald new phase for Iran - BBC
Iran tests missiles after nuke disclosure - Washington Times
US officials: Digging, clues revealed Iranian site - AP

US threatens airstrikes in Pakistan - Times (UK)
Civilians flee Taliban stronghold in NW Pakistan - AP
Anti-Taliban Tribal Leaders Targeted in Pakistan - FOX News

Ethiopia: Somalia looks like a lost cause - AP
BBC: Somali militants execute 'spies' - BBC

US invites Syrian official, rapproachement 'slow' - Reuters

Venezuela to Develop Nuclear Energy With Russian Help - Bloomberg
Qadhafi, Chavez to challenge 'imperialism' (ie: US) - Washington Times
Chavez Aide Says Iran Is Helping Venezuela Find Uranium - New York Times
Venezuela seeking uranium with Iran's help - AP
Venezuela exploring uranium deposits with Russia - AP
Venezuela Defends Nuclear Ambitions - Global Security Newswire

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