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August 31, 2009

1. North Korean shipment of arms to Iran seized by UAE in Persian Gulf. Release of information hinders Obama administration efforts to position relations with North Korea as thawing.

2. Reports surface that Scottish "compassionate" release of Libyan intelligence agent convicted in the Lockerbie Flight 103 bombing was part of a deal that included $25 billion in Libyan oil deals for UK.

3. Obama administration losing support for Afghanistan war from its leftist base, as anti-war groups are planning a "fall campaign" to protest wartime policy there.

4. Report published says insiders reveal that a lack of translators still cripples US intelligence efforts from Pakistan to Iraq and elsewhere.

5. German paper says that German intelligence may have successfully negotiated the release of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit. Hamas and Israeli officials deny imminent release rumors. Also, Administration offer of harder Iran stance for settlement freeze policy angers Israelis.

Report: Lockerbie bomber set free for Libyan oil - CS Monitor
Lockerbie release was linked to $25bn Libya oil deal - Mirror (UK)
Report: Downing Street Approved Lockerbie Deal - FOX News
Jack Straw admits cave-in over Libyan Lockerbie bomber demands - Telegraph

NATO troops destroy bunker in raid near Pakistan border - Telegraph
U.S. fears clock ticking on Afghanistan - Los Angeles Times
Antiwar Movement Plans Fall Campaign on Afghanistan - New York Times
Hamid Karzai threw his cap down in spat with Richard Holbrooke - Daily Times (Pakistan)

Six nations to hold meeting on Iran in Germany this week - Jerusalem Post
Panel in Iran Will Oversee Ahmadinejad's Investigations Into Unrest - New York Times
Khamenei vows to prosecute post-vote 'crimes' - AFP

German Intelligence Service Negotiating Shalit's Possible Release - Der Spiegel (Germany)
Added Context: The price to free Gilad Shalit - Bookworm Room
Hamas, Israel say prisoners swap deal 'not imminent' - Xinhua
Former Israeli PM Olmert indicted - Washington Times
The rigged game: Obama Using Iran As Leverage On Israeli Settlements - Jerusalem Post
Report: Abbas will only resume negotiations with full settlement freeze - Jerusalem Post

UAE Seizes North Korean Weapons Shipment to Iran - Bloomberg
Timeline: Seizure Took Place A Month Ago: Before Release of 2 US Journalists - WSJ
Australia probes N.Korea weapons for Iran seizure - Reuters
Well, Well: Top US envoy to be in Asia for nuclear talks: officials - AFP
Audio Analysis: The 3 Phases of North Korea Appeasement (Steve Schippert Show: 31Aug09) - Take That! Radio

Two dozen NATO trucks, tankers burnt in Chaman attack - Daily Times (Pakistan)
Suicide Bomber Kills 15 Police Recruits in Pakistan's Swat Valley - New York Times

Israeli planes hit suspected Gaza tunnel building - Washington Post
Hamas slams UN over Holocaust classes in Gaza - Reuters

Would-Be Killer Linked to al-Qaeda, Saudis Say - New York Times

Four Tajiks jailed in first al-Qaeda trial - Reuters

Lack of translators still hampers intelligence - Washington Times
Cheney: CIA torture probe 'outrageous' - Washington Times

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