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August 28, 2009

1. Polish media reports US has quietly informed congress, others that the administration will not go ahead with agreed plans to install missile defense in Poland, Czech Republic. Alternative sites sought to appease Russia, including Turkey and Israel.

2. North Korean envoys secretly met in Los Angeles last week, talked with NoKor-run aid facilitator group KAPES. More confirmation that administration's Phase III, restoring aid shipments to North Korea, is around the corner - likely before winter.

3. Aid to leading Iraqi figure Ahmed Chalabi believed to have ties to an Iranian-funded Shia terrorist group accused of killing US Marines.

4. Pakistani supreme court has loosened restrictions on top global nuclear proliferator, Dr. A.Q. Khan. Now allowed to travel, move throughout Pakistan.

5. An al-Qaeda suicide bomber attacked Saudi Arabia's top anti-terrorism official, a royal family member, injuring but not killing him.

Al-Qaeda Still Trying to Go Global - Ha'aretz

Germany arrests suspect with Taliban ties in plot to attack U.S. targets - CNN

Interim Honduran president makes offer to end political standoff - Washington Times

Militant fugitive Noordin Top 'thrives' with Islamist support - AKI (Italy)

Ahmadinejad calls for prosecution of Iran's opposition leaders - Los Angeles Times
Khamenei says not convinced by show trials that protesters are tools of foreign powers - CS Monitor
Iran MP says rape of some vote detainees proven - Reuters
Iran and Syria: So happy together - Jerusalem Post

Iraqi official's top aide linked to terrorists: Iran-backed league accused of killing Marines - WashTimes

US seen easing Israeli settlement demands - Washington Post

UN council extends Lebanon force with same mandate - Reuters

UN sets up Mexico as host country for disarmament conference - Talk Radio News Service
Tijuana men arrested in border fence theft - San Diego Union-Tribune

North Korean Diplomats Secretly in Los Angeles Last Week, Talked To Aid Groups - Huffington Post
NKoreans' quiet food aid trip to US - AFP

At Least 22 Dead in Ramadan Bombing Against Pakistani Border Guards - New York Times
Pakistani Scientist and Black Market Nuclear Proliferator AQ Khan to Go Free - Reuters
Al-Qaeda #2 Ayman al-Zawahiri again urges jihad in Pakistan - AKI (Italy)
Pakistan's Supreme Court rejects petition seeking Musharraf trial - Xinhua

Abbas to call election if talks with Hamas fail - Reuters
'Three killed'in Gaza smuggling tunnel collapse - AFP

Poland Without Missile Defence - Gazeta (Poland)
Obama jilts Poland, Czech Republic: America reneges on missile defense for New Europe - Washington Times
U.S. government denies plans to scrap Central European missile shield schemes - Examiner
Anniversary Ceremony Snub: US Slap In The Face To Poland - Heritage.org

Saudi Royal, Head of Anti-Terrorism, Survives Suicide Attack Claimed By al-Qaeda - New York Times

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