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August 26, 2009

1. With latest IAEA report due out Thursday, US and EU are pressing agency on Iran nuclear weapons research info said to be pushed under table by ElBaradei. Iran has also increased number of installed, available centrifuges since May, though Reuters reports this as "No Atom Expansion."

2. With 17% of the vote counted, Karzai holds lead in Afghan polls. But majority of the counted vote likely from Kabul, where election commission works. When northern Afghan ballots counted, the balance may shift dramatically due to high turnout in challenger's area.

3. Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddaffi is planning to "pitch tent" on grounds purchased in Englewood, NJ, ahead of planned UN visit. Local residents outraged. Neighborhood chosen also has very large Jewish population.

4. According to MEMRI, an Iraqi intelligence report documents that Iran is financing al-Qaeda in Iraq.

5. Saudi Arabia arrested 44 last week and says it has disrupted major al-Qaeda finance and recruiting ring.

Karzai leads in Afghan poll after 17% votes counted - Reuters
Official: Taliban Storm Paktika Province Hospital; 14 Attackers Dead, 6 Others Arrested - VOA

26 Hizballah suspects stand trial - Jerusalem Post

US, EU Press IAEA On Iran Records Reportedly Covered Up - New York Times
Mythical Headline: Iran has added centrifuges since May; Reuters reports as "No Atom Expansion" - Reuters
UN Nuclear Agency Prepares to Release Iran Report - VOA
The Iran Countdown: Town Hall Protesters Least of Obama's Worries - New York Magazine
Iran puts more leading reformers on trial - Reuters

Iraqi Intelligence Report: Iran Financing Al-Qaeda in Iraq - MEMRI
SIIC, Badr Brigades Leader, al-Hakim, Dead of Cancer - BBC
Iraq and Syria recall envoys in bomb suspects row - Reuters
Iraq suspends decision to pull down blast walls - Reuters

Fears of Shiite-Sunni violence breakout in Lebanon - AP

Possible Qaddafi Visit Stirs N.J. Town: Plans to Pitch Tent for UN Visit - Washington Post

U.S. to spend $6 million flying illegal immigrants back to Mexico - Examiner
Mexico Drug Smugglers Targeting U.S. Trains - KRGV-TV (Rio Grande Valley, TX)

Russia deploys air defenses against North Korea - Examiner

Video Shows Hamas Executing al-Qaeda-loyal Gaza Rivals - FOX News

Taliban in Pakistan Confirm That Their Leader, Baitullah Mehsud, Is Dead - New York Times
Pakistani forces launch South Waziristan air attack on Taliban - Washington Post

Philippines arrests top Abu Sayyaf-linked militant known for bomb plots - Reuters

Saudi Arabia Disrupts Al-Qaeda Finance, Recruitment - Bloomberg
Professors, businessmen among 44 arrested in KSA - Saudi Gazette

Somali Islamists use many tactics to woo Somali-Americans - AP
Somalia hostage tells of escape - BBC

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