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August 19, 2009

1. Multiple Western, Israeli high-level sources tell Israel's Ha'aretz newspaper that outgoing director Mohammed ElBaradei directed the UN's IAEA to suppress clear evidence gained in recent months of Iranian nuclear weaponization efforts.

2. Saudi Arabia arrested 44 al-Qaeda suspects today. State says were planning attacks in Saudi Arabia, arrested with weapons and remote detonators in possession.

3. Major series of coordinated bomb attacks in Baghdad. Targeted were Iraqi government ministry offices. Early reports stated 75 killed, number likely to rise.

4. With Pakistan saying military unprepared for another push against Taliban in Wazirstan areas, General Petraeus is in Islamabad to evaluate required US assistance. Also, a Taliban leader has announced himself interim Pakistani Taliban leader while "Baitullah Mehsud is sick."

Afghan media refuse to follow gov't directive to censor election reporting - AP
Violence Shakes Kabul on Afghan Election Eve - VOA

Egypt's Next Strongman - Foreign Policy

Police Investigate Possible Overseas Funding of July Jakarta Bombings - Wall Street Journal

Iranian Cleric Predicts Opposition Will Topple Ahmadinejad - Washington Post
Sources: UN watchdog hiding evidence on Iran nuclear weapons program - Ha'aretz (Israel)
Question: Why Does Israel Fear Iranian Nuclear Weapons? - National Post (Canada)
Answer: It's The Terrorism, Stupid - ThreatsWatch
Iran Stated Twice Recently That It Bankrolls Hizballah, Hamas - ITIC

75 Killed in Baghdad Blasts Targeting Iraqi Government Ministries - VOA
Timeline: how deadly Iraq attacks have escalated - Times Online (UK)
Iraqi leader wants Syria to hand over insurgency suspects - AP
Mistrust between Iraqi Gov't and Sunni militias threatens stability - AFP

Egypt Expects U.S. to Present Middle East Peace Plan "Final Blueprint" Next Month - Bloomberg

Al Qaeda claims French embassy bombing in Mauritania - Reuters
Islamic Rebels Gain Strength in the Sahara - Wall Street Journal

As Predicted: North Korean envoys, Richardson to meet - CNN

Pakistan Taliban spokesman named and Muslim Khan announces self interim Taliban chief - BBC
General Petraeus in Pakistan for talks on equipment, operations - Reuters
Pakistan Not Ready to Fight Taliban Again - CBS
Yesterday: Pakistan needs 'months' for Waziristan push - Reuters

Saudi Arabia Arrests 44 Al Qaeda Suspects w/Weapons, Detonators, Plans - Sky News (UK)

Al-Qaeda plotting 'spectacular attacks' in UK - Press Trust India

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