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August 31, 2009

1. North Korean shipment of arms to Iran seized by UAE in Persian Gulf. Release of information hinders Obama administration efforts to position relations with North Korea as thawing.

2. Reports surface that Scottish "compassionate" release of Libyan intelligence agent convicted in the Lockerbie Flight 103 bombing was part of a deal that included $25 billion in Libyan oil deals for UK.

3. Obama administration losing support for Afghanistan war from its leftist base, as anti-war groups are planning a "fall campaign" to protest wartime policy there.

4. Report published says insiders reveal that a lack of translators still cripples US intelligence efforts from Pakistan to Iraq and elsewhere.

5. German paper says that German intelligence may have successfully negotiated the release of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit. Hamas and Israeli officials deny imminent release rumors. Also, Administration offer of harder Iran stance for settlement freeze policy angers Israelis.

Report: Lockerbie bomber set free for Libyan oil - CS Monitor
Lockerbie release was linked to $25bn Libya oil deal - Mirror (UK)
Report: Downing Street Approved Lockerbie Deal - FOX News
Jack Straw admits cave-in over Libyan Lockerbie bomber demands - Telegraph

NATO troops destroy bunker in raid near Pakistan border - Telegraph
U.S. fears clock ticking on Afghanistan - Los Angeles Times
Antiwar Movement Plans Fall Campaign on Afghanistan - New York Times
Hamid Karzai threw his cap down in spat with Richard Holbrooke - Daily Times (Pakistan)

Six nations to hold meeting on Iran in Germany this week - Jerusalem Post
Panel in Iran Will Oversee Ahmadinejad's Investigations Into Unrest - New York Times
Khamenei vows to prosecute post-vote 'crimes' - AFP

German Intelligence Service Negotiating Shalit's Possible Release - Der Spiegel (Germany)
Added Context: The price to free Gilad Shalit - Bookworm Room
Hamas, Israel say prisoners swap deal 'not imminent' - Xinhua
Former Israeli PM Olmert indicted - Washington Times
The rigged game: Obama Using Iran As Leverage On Israeli Settlements - Jerusalem Post
Report: Abbas will only resume negotiations with full settlement freeze - Jerusalem Post

UAE Seizes North Korean Weapons Shipment to Iran - Bloomberg
Timeline: Seizure Took Place A Month Ago: Before Release of 2 US Journalists - WSJ
Australia probes N.Korea weapons for Iran seizure - Reuters
Well, Well: Top US envoy to be in Asia for nuclear talks: officials - AFP
Audio Analysis: The 3 Phases of North Korea Appeasement (Steve Schippert Show: 31Aug09) - Take That! Radio

Two dozen NATO trucks, tankers burnt in Chaman attack - Daily Times (Pakistan)
Suicide Bomber Kills 15 Police Recruits in Pakistan's Swat Valley - New York Times

Israeli planes hit suspected Gaza tunnel building - Washington Post
Hamas slams UN over Holocaust classes in Gaza - Reuters

Would-Be Killer Linked to al-Qaeda, Saudis Say - New York Times

Four Tajiks jailed in first al-Qaeda trial - Reuters

Lack of translators still hampers intelligence - Washington Times
Cheney: CIA torture probe 'outrageous' - Washington Times

August 28, 2009

1. Polish media reports US has quietly informed congress, others that the administration will not go ahead with agreed plans to install missile defense in Poland, Czech Republic. Alternative sites sought to appease Russia, including Turkey and Israel.

2. North Korean envoys secretly met in Los Angeles last week, talked with NoKor-run aid facilitator group KAPES. More confirmation that administration's Phase III, restoring aid shipments to North Korea, is around the corner - likely before winter.

3. Aid to leading Iraqi figure Ahmed Chalabi believed to have ties to an Iranian-funded Shia terrorist group accused of killing US Marines.

4. Pakistani supreme court has loosened restrictions on top global nuclear proliferator, Dr. A.Q. Khan. Now allowed to travel, move throughout Pakistan.

5. An al-Qaeda suicide bomber attacked Saudi Arabia's top anti-terrorism official, a royal family member, injuring but not killing him.

Al-Qaeda Still Trying to Go Global - Ha'aretz

Germany arrests suspect with Taliban ties in plot to attack U.S. targets - CNN

Interim Honduran president makes offer to end political standoff - Washington Times

Militant fugitive Noordin Top 'thrives' with Islamist support - AKI (Italy)

Ahmadinejad calls for prosecution of Iran's opposition leaders - Los Angeles Times
Khamenei says not convinced by show trials that protesters are tools of foreign powers - CS Monitor
Iran MP says rape of some vote detainees proven - Reuters
Iran and Syria: So happy together - Jerusalem Post

Iraqi official's top aide linked to terrorists: Iran-backed league accused of killing Marines - WashTimes

US seen easing Israeli settlement demands - Washington Post

UN council extends Lebanon force with same mandate - Reuters

UN sets up Mexico as host country for disarmament conference - Talk Radio News Service
Tijuana men arrested in border fence theft - San Diego Union-Tribune

North Korean Diplomats Secretly in Los Angeles Last Week, Talked To Aid Groups - Huffington Post
NKoreans' quiet food aid trip to US - AFP

At Least 22 Dead in Ramadan Bombing Against Pakistani Border Guards - New York Times
Pakistani Scientist and Black Market Nuclear Proliferator AQ Khan to Go Free - Reuters
Al-Qaeda #2 Ayman al-Zawahiri again urges jihad in Pakistan - AKI (Italy)
Pakistan's Supreme Court rejects petition seeking Musharraf trial - Xinhua

Abbas to call election if talks with Hamas fail - Reuters
'Three killed'in Gaza smuggling tunnel collapse - AFP

Poland Without Missile Defence - Gazeta (Poland)
Obama jilts Poland, Czech Republic: America reneges on missile defense for New Europe - Washington Times
U.S. government denies plans to scrap Central European missile shield schemes - Examiner
Anniversary Ceremony Snub: US Slap In The Face To Poland - Heritage.org

Saudi Royal, Head of Anti-Terrorism, Survives Suicide Attack Claimed By al-Qaeda - New York Times

August 26, 2009

1. With latest IAEA report due out Thursday, US and EU are pressing agency on Iran nuclear weapons research info said to be pushed under table by ElBaradei. Iran has also increased number of installed, available centrifuges since May, though Reuters reports this as "No Atom Expansion."

2. With 17% of the vote counted, Karzai holds lead in Afghan polls. But majority of the counted vote likely from Kabul, where election commission works. When northern Afghan ballots counted, the balance may shift dramatically due to high turnout in challenger's area.

3. Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddaffi is planning to "pitch tent" on grounds purchased in Englewood, NJ, ahead of planned UN visit. Local residents outraged. Neighborhood chosen also has very large Jewish population.

4. According to MEMRI, an Iraqi intelligence report documents that Iran is financing al-Qaeda in Iraq.

5. Saudi Arabia arrested 44 last week and says it has disrupted major al-Qaeda finance and recruiting ring.

Karzai leads in Afghan poll after 17% votes counted - Reuters
Official: Taliban Storm Paktika Province Hospital; 14 Attackers Dead, 6 Others Arrested - VOA

26 Hizballah suspects stand trial - Jerusalem Post

US, EU Press IAEA On Iran Records Reportedly Covered Up - New York Times
Mythical Headline: Iran has added centrifuges since May; Reuters reports as "No Atom Expansion" - Reuters
UN Nuclear Agency Prepares to Release Iran Report - VOA
The Iran Countdown: Town Hall Protesters Least of Obama's Worries - New York Magazine
Iran puts more leading reformers on trial - Reuters

Iraqi Intelligence Report: Iran Financing Al-Qaeda in Iraq - MEMRI
SIIC, Badr Brigades Leader, al-Hakim, Dead of Cancer - BBC
Iraq and Syria recall envoys in bomb suspects row - Reuters
Iraq suspends decision to pull down blast walls - Reuters

Fears of Shiite-Sunni violence breakout in Lebanon - AP

Possible Qaddafi Visit Stirs N.J. Town: Plans to Pitch Tent for UN Visit - Washington Post

U.S. to spend $6 million flying illegal immigrants back to Mexico - Examiner
Mexico Drug Smugglers Targeting U.S. Trains - KRGV-TV (Rio Grande Valley, TX)

Russia deploys air defenses against North Korea - Examiner

Video Shows Hamas Executing al-Qaeda-loyal Gaza Rivals - FOX News

Taliban in Pakistan Confirm That Their Leader, Baitullah Mehsud, Is Dead - New York Times
Pakistani forces launch South Waziristan air attack on Taliban - Washington Post

Philippines arrests top Abu Sayyaf-linked militant known for bomb plots - Reuters

Saudi Arabia Disrupts Al-Qaeda Finance, Recruitment - Bloomberg
Professors, businessmen among 44 arrested in KSA - Saudi Gazette

Somali Islamists use many tactics to woo Somali-Americans - AP
Somalia hostage tells of escape - BBC

August 25, 2009

1. As predicted by ThreatsWatch, North Korea has invited the Obama Administration to Pyongyang for direct talks on nukes following Bill Clinton's trip to North Korea and NoKor envoy meetings in New Mexico with former Secretary of the Dept. of Energy, Bill Richardson.

2. Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad not only said time is running out for peace, but added that the Palestinian Authority plans to forgo peace talks and establish its own Palestinian state within 2 years. Inertia provide by world media-driven opinion and the complacence of the new American administration.

3. White House, Justice Department continue witch hunt for CIA interrogators. Former Vice President Dick Cheney calls interrogators "targets of political investigations or prosecutions."

4. Germany is threatening new energy (gasoline) sanctions against Iran as the mullah regime re-states its "cooperation with the IAEA" on its nuclear program.

Interrogators got data, could face criminal charges - Washington Times
Cheney Statement on CIA Document/Investigation - Weekly Standard
'Inhumane' CIA terror tactics spur criminal probe - AP
Panetta loses battle over CIA abuse probes - Washington Times

Afghanistan: bloodiest year for international troops since 2001 - Telegraph (UK)
Petraeus, Pentagon to Open New Training Center for Officers in Afghanistan & Pakistan - FOX News
Michael Yon's British Embed Ends After Publishing 'Bad Medicine' - Michael Yon

Repeat After me: Iran 'will co-operate with IAEA' - BBC
Merkel threatens energy sanctions against Iran - AFP
Expect More Adventurism From Iran - Wall Street Journal
The New Enemies of the Revolution - Caspian Weekly

Iraq asks Syria to hand over bombing suspects - Reuters
Iraq's al-Qaeda claims Baghdad government bombings - AP
Inside al-Qaeda's underground torture bunkers - CNNi

Shots exchanged over Gaza border - BBC

End of Phase II: U.S. Diplomats Invited for Nuclear Talks in North Korea - Global Security Newswire
The Prelude Was: Fmr. Energy Sec. Bill Richardson, North Korea Envoys Meet In New Mexico - MSNBC
And The Desired Headline Hits: North Korea Makes Nice: An Opening for the U.S.? - TIME

Bodies of suspected Taliban found in Pakistan's Swat - Reuters
In Pakistan, Taliban Tearing Apart a Culture - ABC

Palestinian PM says PA to bypass failing peace talks and establish own state within two years - Times (UK)
Has Hamas unofficially imposed Islamic dress code on students? - Los Angeles Times
PA sets Hamas men free for Ramadan - Jerusalem Post

Venezuelan Jews no longer feel safe - Miami Herald

August 24, 2009

1. White House has taken interrogation from CIA's plate and established a new National Security Council-run 'High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group.'

2. Shrinking from the outrage, UK leadership in London says the release of Lockerbie PanAm 103 bomber home to Libya is "too sensitive to comment on."

3. Afghan election results won't be known until some time in September. But turnout reportedly highest in Karzai challenger's region amid claims of vote fraud throughout country.

4. Iran says it is cooperating with IAEA, but the West is skeptical. Iran also says that the Sunni-Shi'a conflict in Yemen, where Iran-back forces are routinely defeated by Sunni al-Qaeda and aligned forces, should have a "political solution."

Downing Street says Lockerbie release is too sensitive to comment on - Times Online
Scotch Whisky boycott urged over Lockerbie bomber's release - CNN
Editorial: Justice Undone - IBD

White House sets up NSC-run 'High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group' - USA Today
Commentary: The Road to Ruin: To Get Righteous, Get Historical, Not Criminal - ThreatsWatch
Guantanamo Defense Lawyers Being Investigated Over CIA Photos - Wired
Editorial: Picturing The Enemy - IBD
Judge Orders Release of Yemeni Prisoner From Guantanamo - Washington Post

U.S. Military Says Its Force in Afghanistan Is Insufficient - New York Times
U.S. faces hard choices on Afghanistan war plans - Washington Times
Afghanistan awaits first partial election results - AFP
Vote fraud allegations increase in Afghanistan - USA Today

Iran says cooperating with IAEA, West skeptical - Reuters
Iran vows to continue pursuing nuclear rights - Xinhua
Iran to put more anti-Ahmadinejad protesters on trial - AFP
Iran urges political solution to Yemen fighting - Reuters

Iraqi 'bomber confession' aired - BBC

In Mexico, Ambivalence on a Drug Law - New York Times
Mexico frets about California plan to free inmates - AP
New travel alert for Mexico - Examiner

Pakistan Police Say Arrest of 13 Militants Prevents Lashkar-e-Jhangvi Terror Attacks - New York Times
Terror raid duo back in Pakistan after UK expulsion - BBC

Hamas to expel Gaza schoolgirls not wearing Muslim dress - Ha'aretz

August 21, 2009

1. Outrage continues as Scotland frees Pan AM 103 bomber on grounds of 'mercy.' Terrorist welcomed as a returning hero in Libya. Banner on boarding steps in UK read "Next Time... Relax before you fly."

2. Vote in Afghanistan concluded. President Karzai and challenger likely to require a second round run-off.

3. Ahmadinejad appoints a terror suspect wanted by Interpol as Defense Minister. Also today, leading Guardian Council cleric calls for the arrest of the opposition, including presidential candidate Mousavi.

4. In Somalia, what's left of government forces and al-Qaeda franchise al-Shabaab clash in pitched battles in Mogadishu. Al-Shabaab insurgent terrorists simultaneously over-ran and took control of city well south of Mogadishu.

How the Release of the Lockerbie Bomber Happened - FOX News
Lockerbie bomber release stirs diplomatic row - AP
White House: Lockerbie bomber's Libyan welcome home "disturbing" - Reuters
US families of Lockerbie victims plan next move - Forbes
Michigan families hurt by release of Lockerbie bomber - Detroit News
Early release of Lockerbie bomber pains Valley families - Arizona Republic
Lockerbie Bomber Fails Forgiveness Test - ABC

Afghans turn out to vote despite violence - Daily Times (Pakistan)
Karzai, rival both bullish on Afghan vote results - MSNBC
Beyond 'Purple Power' In Afghanistan: Tough Questions Ahead for Obama - FOX News
Marine to receive Navy Cross for bravery in Afghanistan - Los Angeles Times
The Death of Baitullah Mehsud: A View from Afghanistan - Jamestown Foundation

Convicted terrorist won't get Canadian passport - Ottawa Citizen
Canadian military at work on pirate detector - Globe and Mail

Terror suspect tapped as Iran defense minister - Washington Times
UN urged to tell all on Iran atomic work, say diplomats - Reuters
Iran gives IAEA more access to nuclear sites - CS Monitor
Context of Move: Sources: UN watchdog hiding evidence on Iran nuclear weapons program - Ha'aretz (Israel)
Iran Cleric Wants Opposition Leaders Detained - VOA

Mexico decriminalizes small-scale drug possession - AP
Top Mexican drug dealers among dozens indicted in U.S. - Los Angeles Times
State Dept. issues alert on travel to Mexico President's home state of Michoacan - Philadelphia Inquirer

About Time: Hamas faces allegations of Gaza prisoner abuse - Al-Jazeera

US Drone Strike on Taliban Stronghold in North Waziristan Kills 12 - New York Times
French tourist freed after Pakistan kidnapping - AFP
Obama Goes Farthest: 'We took out' Baitullah Mehsud - Daily Times

Somali forces battling al Qaeda-linked militants, al-Shabaab seizes town - CNN

August 19, 2009

1. Multiple Western, Israeli high-level sources tell Israel's Ha'aretz newspaper that outgoing director Mohammed ElBaradei directed the UN's IAEA to suppress clear evidence gained in recent months of Iranian nuclear weaponization efforts.

2. Saudi Arabia arrested 44 al-Qaeda suspects today. State says were planning attacks in Saudi Arabia, arrested with weapons and remote detonators in possession.

3. Major series of coordinated bomb attacks in Baghdad. Targeted were Iraqi government ministry offices. Early reports stated 75 killed, number likely to rise.

4. With Pakistan saying military unprepared for another push against Taliban in Wazirstan areas, General Petraeus is in Islamabad to evaluate required US assistance. Also, a Taliban leader has announced himself interim Pakistani Taliban leader while "Baitullah Mehsud is sick."

Afghan media refuse to follow gov't directive to censor election reporting - AP
Violence Shakes Kabul on Afghan Election Eve - VOA

Egypt's Next Strongman - Foreign Policy

Police Investigate Possible Overseas Funding of July Jakarta Bombings - Wall Street Journal

Iranian Cleric Predicts Opposition Will Topple Ahmadinejad - Washington Post
Sources: UN watchdog hiding evidence on Iran nuclear weapons program - Ha'aretz (Israel)
Question: Why Does Israel Fear Iranian Nuclear Weapons? - National Post (Canada)
Answer: It's The Terrorism, Stupid - ThreatsWatch
Iran Stated Twice Recently That It Bankrolls Hizballah, Hamas - ITIC

75 Killed in Baghdad Blasts Targeting Iraqi Government Ministries - VOA
Timeline: how deadly Iraq attacks have escalated - Times Online (UK)
Iraqi leader wants Syria to hand over insurgency suspects - AP
Mistrust between Iraqi Gov't and Sunni militias threatens stability - AFP

Egypt Expects U.S. to Present Middle East Peace Plan "Final Blueprint" Next Month - Bloomberg

Al Qaeda claims French embassy bombing in Mauritania - Reuters
Islamic Rebels Gain Strength in the Sahara - Wall Street Journal

As Predicted: North Korean envoys, Richardson to meet - CNN

Pakistan Taliban spokesman named and Muslim Khan announces self interim Taliban chief - BBC
General Petraeus in Pakistan for talks on equipment, operations - Reuters
Pakistan Not Ready to Fight Taliban Again - CBS
Yesterday: Pakistan needs 'months' for Waziristan push - Reuters

Saudi Arabia Arrests 44 Al Qaeda Suspects w/Weapons, Detonators, Plans - Sky News (UK)

Al-Qaeda plotting 'spectacular attacks' in UK - Press Trust India

August 18, 2009

1. Pre-election bombings by Taliban in Afghanistan continue amid hightened security. Taliban targeting NATO forces, threatening to kill Afghans in their areas (outside Kabul) who vote.

2. After murmers of gasoline import sanctions, the Iranian Achilles Heel, Iran says once again ready for talks ("without pre-conditions") with West on nukes.

3. Pakistan captures Taliban's top spokesman near Afghan border. Another leadership blow following likely killing of Baitullah Mehsud in a US Predator drone strike weeks ago.

4. As President Obama lauds Israeli settlement permit halts, New York Times laments that "makeshift" post-incursion Gaza repairs are not enough. Also in Gaza, al-Qaeda-inspired (if not linked) Islamist conflict with Hamas getting bloody.

Second deadly pre-poll car bomb attack hits Kabul, NATO Forces among casualties - BBC
Taliban Escalate Attacks on Kabul Two Days Before Presidential Election - VOA
Security ramps up for Afghan election - Washington Times
Audio Analysis: Steve Schippert Show, #11 (Afghan/Pak Analysis in 2nd Half Hour) - Take That! Radio

Iran In South America: Diplomat: Iran opposes US military base deal for Colombia - AP
Background: From inside South America's Tri-border area, Iran-linked militia targets U.S. - MSNBC (2007)
Background: The Enemy Next Door: Hizballah in South America - Roguely Stated Blog

Obama-Mubarak Talks to Highlight US- Egyptian Ties - VOA

Iran Official: Iran Ready for Nuclear Talks With West - FOX News
Germany, EU Increasingly Ready to Impose Tough New Sanctions on Iran - Der Spiegel
Mousavi says government agents raped detainees - Reuters

Israeli officials: New West Bank projects frozen - AP
News Headline - ThreatsWatch

Fatah al-Islam Islamist Militant Escapes From Prison In Lebanon - New York Times

Mexico shootouts with cartels leave 4 dead, 3 wounded - CNNi
33 die in wave of drug violence in Mexico border state across from El Paso - AFP

Editorial: SecState Clinton equates U.S. democracy with Nigerian corruption - Washington Times

Op-Ed: Kissenger: North Korea's Nuclear Blackmail - New York Times
South Korea to launch 1st rocket; eyes on NoKor response - AP
Seoul Won't Endorse North Korea Travel - Wall Street Journal

Pakistan Arrests Top Taliban Spokesman, Maulvi Omar - VOA
Pakistan needs 'months' for Waziristan push - Reuters

Cost of Aggression: Makeshift Repairs Not Enough For Battered Gaza - New York Times
Germany negotiating with Hamas, says Egypt - EU Observer
Al-Qaeda Inroads: Growing threat to Hamas: Gazans who think it has sold out - CS Monitor
Background: 6 Die at Gaza Mosque as non-Hamas Islamists and Hamas Clash - New York Times
Background: Hamas' Own Islamacization Process Ongoing in Gaza - ITIC

Russia Arrests 8 Suspected Cargo Ship Hijackers - VOA

Are Somali Pirates Serving as al-Qaeda's Navy? - Washington Times
'Rogue'? UN WFP Compound in Somalia Attacked by 'Rogue al-Shabaab' - VOA

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