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July 23, 2009

1. A Long Island man captured in Pakistan in late 2008 has confessed to attacking US forces in Afghanistan and supplying al-Qaeda with intelligence on the New York subway systems and the Long Island Railroad. Guilty plea and cooperation likely spared 27 yr-old treason charge, execution.

2. In Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is "picking a fight with his allies" on his vice-president choice and stance, perhaps ultimately giving Khamenei a face-saving cause to remove him as president after warnings.

3. North Korea announced that "the six-party talks are over" after rebuffing SecState Clinotn's latest words that the totalitarian regime "has no friends left."

4. In Somalia's capital, al-Shabaab Islamist insurgents and teh government are engaged in pitched and bloody battles for control. But to the south in central Somalia, al-Shabaab and Hizb-ul Islam are fighting each other for Islamist dominance.

American pleads guilty in attack on U.S. base in Afghanistan - CNN
Crowd Honors Captured Soldier: Residents pray for Bowe Bergdahl's return - Idaho Mountain Express
Britain's PM Defends Afghanistan Mission - Britain's PM Defends Afghanistan Mission

Ahmadinejad defies ayatollah on vice president - Los Angeles Times
Ahmadinejad picks fight with his allies - Financial Times
Iranian women take front and center - Washington Times
Iran opposition leader plans large-scale social movement - Los Angeles Times
Clinton offers 'defense umbrella' for Gulf allies - Washington Times

The Future of Iraq, Part IV - Michael Totten
Early voting begins in key Kurdish elections - AP
U.S. pledges to help cut Iraq's debts - Washington Times

Israeli missile interceptor tested on U.S. range - Reuters
Netanyahu: Israel won't dismantle West Bank fence - Ha'aretz (Israel)
IDF mulls effects of possible US aid halt under Obama - Jerusalem Post

Ad agency served as cover for terror plot, reports say - Los Angeles Times

Cult-like 'La Familia' gang gains power in Mexico drugs war - Reuters
Source: Missing Texas Soldier Is 'Disturbed,' Has Called Since Disappearing - FOX News

NoKor Calls Clinton Vulgar, Unintelligent: "The six-party talks are over" - Washington Post

Haniyeh: Hamas ready to quit power for reconciliation - Xinhua (China)
PA to Honor 100+ Imprisoned Terrorists with West Bank street names - Jerusalem Post

US citizen captured in Pakistan gives window into al-Qaeda's world - CS Monitor
U.S. sees Pakistan securing Swat before attacking Baitullah Mehsud - Washington Post
Pak Superme Court Summons Musharraf Over 2007 Emergency Rule Actions - New York Times
Pakistan president Asif Zardari bans jokes ridiculing him - Telegraph (UK)
Usama bin Laden's son thought killed in Predator strike - Long War Journal

Russia offers to work with NATO in Somali pirate patrols: officials - AFP
Caveat Emptor: Russia set to build up naval facilities in Syria for "Anti-Piracy" - RIA Novosti
Assessing The Threat: Red Scare or Legitimate Fear? - ThreatsWatch

Somalia Government Forces, Islamists Clash in Mogadishu; 18 Dead - Bloomberg
Battles rage in central Somalia battles between Islamist rivals - Garrowe (Somalia)
Abductions Propel Kenya to Reinforce Border with Somalia - Examiner
Beheadings Mark Islamist Attacks on Christians in Somalia - Townhall

American Admits Helping Al Qaeda - FOX News
Another Enemy From Within - ThreatsWatch

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