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July 17, 2009

1. Coordinated terrorist suicide bombings at Jakarta hotels in Indonesia kill 8, wound over 40. Terrorists show ability to strike despite crackdown in recent years.

2. SecDef Gates says does not foresee an increase in troop commitments to Afghanistan this year. Awaits new commander's assessment. Earlier, NatSec Advisor Jones told Afghanistan commanders that troop requests would generate a "WTF moment" for President Obama.

3. Mexico surges thousands of police forces into troubled state of Michoacan, where the governor's half-brother is linked to the La Familia cartel which tortured and executed 12 Mexican military intelligence officers.

4. Fears begin to rise that Pakistan may be nearing rather than distancing itself from a fall to al-Qaeda and affiliated Islamists. The state's resources and nuclear arms hang in the balance.

Gates Does Not Expect to Raise Troop Commitment This Year - VOA
Earlier: Obama To Troops: "WTF?" - Jules Crittenden
Earlier: Bob Woodward's Original Account of "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Moment" Statement - Washington Post
In the Heat of Afghanistan, Shades of Iraq - FOX News
Blasts destroy NATO tankers in Pakistan - AFP

Ousted president Zelaya plots secret return to Honduras - Philadelphia Inquirer
Mediator to propose reconciliation gvt in Honduras - AP

Terrorists Targtet Hotels Again, This Time in Jakarta - SAAG
Eight Killed in Bomb Attacks on Jakarta Hotels - Washington Post
Closed Circuit TV Video Shows Jakarta Blast - Reuters
Suicide Bombers Blamed for Deadly Coordinated Jakarta Blasts - Wall Street Journal
Bombings show resilience of Indonesian militants despite crackdown - Los Angeles Times

Rafsanjani condemns Iranian regime's handling of unrest in challenge to Khamenei - Guardian (UK)
Rafsanjani calls for release of prisoners at Friday Prayers - Telegraph (UK)
Basij tear-gas Iran protesters during prayer - AP
Ahmadinejad to West: Iran "will strike you in the face" and "will bring down" Foes - Reuters
Iran nuclear arms worst threat to security: SecDef Gates - AFP

After month-long lull, Qassam strikes Negev - Ha'aretz (Israel)
Israel's military message to Iran: Two Warships Pass Through Suez Canal - BBC
IDF soldiers give testimonies on Hamas' use of human shields during incursion - Ha'aretz (Israel)
Lebanon army covering for Hizballah, Israel claims - JTA

Israel: Lebanon blast shows 'flagrant' violations to UN Re-Armament Ban - Washington Post

Tortured and Executed: Bodies of 12 Mexican Military Intel officers found in Mexico - KGNS-TV (Laredo, TX)
La Familia cartel kills 12 federal agents in Mexico drug war attack - Times (UK)
Mexico floods president's home state of Michoacan with police - CNN
Fugitive politician, half-brother of Michoacan governor, tied to gang targeting police - Los Angeles Times
Editorial: Don't ignore border woes - Deseret (California) News
Canada Enacts Visa Requirement on Mexican Visitors to Stem Surge in Aliens, Refugee Filings - Canadian Press

Pakistan's Fifth Column: Religious Militancy in Pak Military and Intelligence - National Post (Canada)
'Armageddon' alarm bell rings - Washington Times
Riedel: Armageddon in Islamabad: Jihadist Takeover Foreseeable - The National Interest
Threat Perception & Risk Inversion: Why Pakistan, not Iran, most pressing nuclear threat - Weekly Standard (2007)

Abducted French Agents Turned Over to Insurgent Groups in Somalia - ABC
After Arguments, Threats, Insurgent Groups Will 'Share' Men Taken in Somalia Like Booty - New York Times
Earlier in Week: Islamist Send Aditional Forces to Mogadishu - AllAfrica
Last Week: Al-Shabaab Insurgents in Somalia Behead 7 in Mass Execution - VOA

Somali terror suspect waives detention hearing, Pleads Guilty - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
The Long-Term Federal Budget Outlook: Unsustainable Path - Congressional Budget Office
American Confidence Poll: In Military 82%, In Congress 14% - Washington Times

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