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July 8, 2009

1. Iranian opposition supporters have begun a 3-day national strike. As Ahmadinejad & Khamenei decry "killing of Muslims" in Palestinian Territories, remain silent on same by ally China where over 150 have been killed.

2. US drone attacks on Taliban positions in Pakistan's South Waziristan have reportedly killed 8 and 25 respectively as Pak military ramps operations.

3. A captured al-Qaeda terror cell used tunnels to enter Egypt from Gaza, where they were trained by Palestinian terrorists, in order to bomb an Egypt-Israel gas pipeline.

4. Al-Qaeda in the Islmaic Maghreb claimed responsibility for deaths of 28 Mali troops in Western Africa.

5, After AQ-linked al-Shabaab's ultimatum, the Somali government desperately seeking military assistance. Murmurs of AU forces and perhaps Ethiopia once again.

West Africa: Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) claims killing 28 soldiers in Mali - AFP
Gaza: Europeans With Al-Qaeda Cell Trained by Palestinian Factions in Gaza - Arutz Sheva
Egypt: Al-Qaeda cell was preparing to attack Egypt-Israel gas pipeline - South Korea News

Former Gitmo Inmate Mullah Zakir Leading Fight Against US Marines in Helmand - FNC

Burma's Military Gov't Distances Itself From International Community - VOA

Ethnic Strife Continues as Hu Returns to China fro G8 Meetings - New York Times

Iran Opposition Supporters begin 3-Day Strike - Wall Street Journal
In Iran, a Struggle Beyond the Streets - New York Times
Ahmadinejad Promises Changes In Govt, 'Respect' For Young - Wall Street Journal
'Narrow Window' to Stop Iran's Nuclear Program - VOA
Clinton Warns Iran of Potential for Tougher Sanctions - If Talks Fail... - Bloomberg

Iraq and the Kurds: Trouble Along The Trigger Line - International Crisis Group

Israel unveils measures to boost West Bank economy - Reuters
Israel Rejects EU Report on West Bank Economy - AFP
UN Gaza investigation 'in final stage' - Jerusalem Post
Analysis: The problem with Goldstone (Head of UN Investigation Mission) - Jerusalem Post

Two Americans dragged from homes, slain in Mexico - Houston Chronicle
A warning sign from Mexico's elections - Los Angeles Times

US Predator strike on Taliban camp kills 8 in South Waziristan - Long War Journal
US kills 25 Taliban in second Predator strike in South Waziristan - Long War Journal
Pakistani pres agrees to relinquish key powers in constitutional amendment negotiations - Telegraph (UK)

Hamas tries to detain woman walking with man - AP
Hamas arrests Palestinian woman for not wearing headscarf, "Laughing Out Loud" - Ha'aretz
Rise Of Islamist Group Stokes Unease In West Bank - NPR
Palestinian Authority Seizes Hamas Money, Weapons in West Bank - Bloomberg
Hamas bends to pressure in Gaza and abroad - CS Monitor

Somalia Seeks Urgent Support as it Faces Rebel Ultimatum - VOA
Meeting Somalia's al-Shabaab - BBC
Turkish ship seized off Somalia - BBC

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