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July 2, 2009

1. NatSec Advisor General James Jones tells Marines in Afghanistan that any future requests for additional troops will elicit a "WTF moment" from President Obama, likely falling on deaf ears.

2. An American soldier is missing in Afghanistan and the Taliban has claimed to have captured him. Little info released as intense search underway.

3. As the EU considers pulling ambassadors from Iran, the regime opposition continues despite little news reportage. Night time shouts of "Allahu Akhbar!" from rooftops reportedly louder now than ever.

4. With the Palestinian Islamic Jihad nearing economic collapse after recent interruption of Iranian regime funding due to unrest (as reported here previously), hints of a possible merger with Hamas begin to emerge.

Taliban faction claims capture of US soldier in Afghanistan - Telegraph (UK)
Jones, Mullen Apparently At Odds Over Afghanistan Troop Levels - US News & World Report
Gen. Jones: Additional Troop Requests Will Cause "WTF Moment" for President - Jules Crittenden

EU considers pulling ambassadors from Iran - Guradian (UK)
Ahmadinejad's foes refuse to back down on election - Seattle Times
Iran fails to silence critics of 'coup' - Toronto Star
Opposition Leader Declares Iran's New Government Illegitimate - AHN
Iran's moderate party says vote result unacceptable - Reuters

Insurgents Hail Pullout of Troops From Cities - New York Times
Iran's Puppet Muqtada Al-Sadr demands full U.S. withdrawal from Iraq - CNN

North Korea Fires Short Range Missiles as Talks With South Sputter - VOA

Pakistan motorcycle bomb kills up to six - AFP (France)
Most Pakistanis see Taliban, al-Qaeda as threat - Globe and Mail (Canada)
Pakistan troops kill 'more than 50' militants - AFP (France)
Pakistan Fights, Congress Sleeps - Wall Street Journal

Are Hamas and Islamic Jihad planning a merger? - Ha'aretz
Vital Background: Iran Turmoil Causes Terrorism Economic Crisis - ThreatsWatch
Haughty Hamas Honcho Plays Pundit - Wall Street Journal

Somali Radio Report: Ethiopian Troops Reach Near Beledweyn Town - allAfrica (Mauritius)
Al-Shabaab Islamists Behead Two Young Sons of Christian in Hunt for Church Leader - Compass News

Portraits of Valor: The John Finn Story (MoH WWII) - Great Americans

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