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July 1, 2009

1. North Korean ship tracked by US Navy for suspicion of banned weapons cargo has turned around, apparently heading back to NoKor without delivering cargo. Ship yet to be boarded, inspected.

2. Loud Hugo Chavez-led outcry against ouster of former Honduran president Zelaya crescendos while Honduran military says evidence shows Zelaya played middleman to Venezuelan drug trafficking into US.

3. At Pakistani request, US drones have resumed flights over Pakistan to assist with intelligence gathering but cannot fire missiles. Pak Army facing stiff resistance as it gears for North & South Waziristan battles, eye of storm.

4. After Guardian Council affirmation of Ahmadinejad election, the Iranian president and Supreme Leader Khamenei have begun the anticipated purge of foes from government and military.

Egypt wants Russian S-400 Air Defense Missiles to counter Iran - Jerusalem Post
Relations tense Qatar expands into Egypt's traditional sphere of influence - Washington Times

Honduras Gets Ultimatum From Oraganization of American States - New York Times
Ousted Honduras president builds support for return - Los Angeles Times
Ousted Zelaya to be arrested if returns to Honduras - Reuters
Honduran coup leader to AP: Zelaya won't return - AP
Honduras' Zelaya Says Won't Seek Re-Election, Extended Term - Bloomberg
Honduras coup could bring more business-friendly government - National Post (Canada)

6 Mousavi supporters reportedly hanged - Jerusalem Post
Ahmadinejad begins purging his government of perceived foes - Washington Times
Europe's Vote Protests Make EU "Unqualified" for Nuclear Talks, Iran Says - New York Times
'Hacktivists' target Iran's leadership online - Washington Times

BP, Chinese win lucrative oil contract; Exxon out - CNN
US warns Iraq of 'difficult days'after city pullouts - BBC
Editorial: The surge worked: Iraqi transfer of power is a sign of stability - Washington Times

Obama could send 1,500 National Guard troops to Mexican border - CS Monitor
Mexico opposition holds lead over anti-Cartel gov't in July election - Reuters

Suspected North Korea arms ship changes course, Likely heading back without delivery - Reuters

Pakistanis turn on Taliban, but resent U.S. -poll - Reuters
Sources: U.S. resumes Pakistan drone flights, No authority to fire missiles - CNN
AQ Repeating Iraq Errors: Pro-Gov't Pakistani elder killed by gunmen - BBC

MP Dies in Mogadishu, 4th MP to die recently - allAfrica (Mauritius)
African Union backs Somalia government - Capital News (Kenya)
Ethiopia will stay out of Somalia despite threat - AFP

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