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July 28, 2009

1. Obama Administration attempting to engage Syria in order to push "comprehensive Middle East peace agreement" regarding Israel. Other Arab states minimally receptive and Administration continues to push Israel on settlements.

2. Britain, through FM David Miliband, continues pressing for talks with "moderate Taliban" as UK public support for the war erodes. CENTCOM commander Gen. Petraeus, who lead way in talks with Iraqi Sunnis to fight al-Qaeda there, insists there is no "moderate Taliban" in Afghanistan.

3. SecDef Gates says "non-military action can deter Iran" from nuclear and other pursuits. Meanwhile, US seeks cutting trade sanctions on Iran ally fellow state-sponsor of terrorism Syria.

4. Top Lebanese defense officials say that Hizballah, armed and funded by Iran and Syria, has been actively training parts of the lesser equipped and less capable Lebanese Army. Probable Intent: Terrorist co-option of swath of army during any internal civil conflict.

UK Forcing Hand On An Afghan Exit Scenario? - UPI
Nine killed as UN urges Taliban not to scupper vote - AFP
Gun attack severely injures Afghan campaigner - BBC

China Blasts Japan Over Exiled Uighur Leader's Visit - VOA

Non-Military Actions Can Deter Iran, Gates Says - Washington Post
US and Israel differ on strategy if Iran talks fail - Boston Globe
Editorial: Defining Away The Iranian Nuclear Threat - Washington Times
140 prisoners from Iran election crackdown freed from Evin Prison - AP
Iran Orders Kahrizak Detention Center Closed - New York Times
Blow to Ahmadinejad: Iran's industry minister found guilty of fraud - al-Jazeera
Ahmadinejad Seen as Increasingly Vulnerable Since Re-election - New York Times
Ahmadinejad struggles with crisis of authority: Disarray intensifying - Washington Times

SecDef Gates Visits Iraq on Drawdown, Future Mil Equipment Options - New York Times

Lebanon blast reflects Iran threat - Jerusalem Post
Training: IDF creates replica Hizbullah village, forest - Jerusalem Post
US Peace Envoy in Egypt in Effort to Revive Arab-Israeli Talks - VOA
US pressure on Arab states grows, but with little to show for it - BBC
US envoy presses Israel on settlements - again - AP
Israeli missile defense system improved - UPI

Vote in Kyrgyzstan Gets Harsh Criticism - Wall Street Journal
Kyrgyz opposition in Russia after disputed vote - Reuters

Leb Defense Officials: Hizballah training Lebanese Armed Forces - Jerusalem Post
Hizballah sees progress on Lebanon government - Reuters
Lebanon On Shaky Ground - Again - Middle East Times

Mexican cartels boom: U.S.' Colombia focus may have contributed - Washington Times

Report: North Korea willing to hold direct talks with US - AP
Background: Bush Administration Rejects Direct Talks With North Korea - FOX News (2006)
Background: U.S. Rejects Direct North Korea Talks Despite Threats (Now-SecState Clinton Criticizes) - PBS (2006)

Pakistan turns on its jihadi assets - Asia Times
Police Officer Is Found Beheaded in Pakistan's Swat Valley - New York Times
Pakistan says India's nuclear-powered sub threatens regional peace - CS Monitor

U.S. Sends $200M to Palestinians in Budget Crisis - New York Times
Strict Hamas dress code aims to make Gaza more Islamic - AP
'One dead, five missing' in Gaza smuggling tunnel collapse - AFP

SecState Hillary Clinton to meet president of Somalia - Telegraph (UK)
Somali Government Forces say Insurgents Pushed from Strategic City - VOA
Piracy upswing expected off Somalia - CNNi

U.S. Woos Damascus by Easing Export Ban - Wall Street Journal
US seeks sanctions waivers for exports to Syria - AFP
Context: Iran and Syria: State Sponsorship in the Age of Terror Networks - Washington Institute
Syria says it is rebuilding relations with US - AP
British talks with Syria offer hope of reconciliation - Telegraph (UK)
Syria says can play role in solving Iran disputes - Reuters
Syria's Real Role With Iran Disputes:
Leader Nasrallah Admits Iran feeds Hizballah Through Syria - ThreatsWatch (2007)
Israelis 'blew apart Syrian nuclear cache' - Times (UK) 2006
'Syria built missile facility on nuclear site bombed by IAF' - Ha'aretz (Israel) 2009
Iran, Syria Fail on UN Nuclear Cooperation, IAEA Says - Bloomberg 2008
Syria, North Korea helped Iran's nuclear programme: Report - Thaindian (Thailand) 2008
Iran, Syria continuing nuke projects - Jerusalem Post 2009
Iran, Syria Got Indirect U.S. Nuclear Aid: $55M in 'Peaceful Nuclear' Funds - Wall Street Journal 2009

7 arrested in North Carolina on terrorism charges - Los Angeles Times
Jihad cell members from North Carolina planned attacks in Israel - Al-Bawaba (Jordan)
Daniel Boyd Federal Indictment (Detailed, PDF) - WRAL (Raleigh, NC)
American Al-Qaeda gets life in prison for George W. Bush assassination plot - AFP

July 23, 2009

1. A Long Island man captured in Pakistan in late 2008 has confessed to attacking US forces in Afghanistan and supplying al-Qaeda with intelligence on the New York subway systems and the Long Island Railroad. Guilty plea and cooperation likely spared 27 yr-old treason charge, execution.

2. In Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is "picking a fight with his allies" on his vice-president choice and stance, perhaps ultimately giving Khamenei a face-saving cause to remove him as president after warnings.

3. North Korea announced that "the six-party talks are over" after rebuffing SecState Clinotn's latest words that the totalitarian regime "has no friends left."

4. In Somalia's capital, al-Shabaab Islamist insurgents and teh government are engaged in pitched and bloody battles for control. But to the south in central Somalia, al-Shabaab and Hizb-ul Islam are fighting each other for Islamist dominance.

American pleads guilty in attack on U.S. base in Afghanistan - CNN
Crowd Honors Captured Soldier: Residents pray for Bowe Bergdahl's return - Idaho Mountain Express
Britain's PM Defends Afghanistan Mission - Britain's PM Defends Afghanistan Mission

Ahmadinejad defies ayatollah on vice president - Los Angeles Times
Ahmadinejad picks fight with his allies - Financial Times
Iranian women take front and center - Washington Times
Iran opposition leader plans large-scale social movement - Los Angeles Times
Clinton offers 'defense umbrella' for Gulf allies - Washington Times

The Future of Iraq, Part IV - Michael Totten
Early voting begins in key Kurdish elections - AP
U.S. pledges to help cut Iraq's debts - Washington Times

Israeli missile interceptor tested on U.S. range - Reuters
Netanyahu: Israel won't dismantle West Bank fence - Ha'aretz (Israel)
IDF mulls effects of possible US aid halt under Obama - Jerusalem Post

Ad agency served as cover for terror plot, reports say - Los Angeles Times

Cult-like 'La Familia' gang gains power in Mexico drugs war - Reuters
Source: Missing Texas Soldier Is 'Disturbed,' Has Called Since Disappearing - FOX News

NoKor Calls Clinton Vulgar, Unintelligent: "The six-party talks are over" - Washington Post

Haniyeh: Hamas ready to quit power for reconciliation - Xinhua (China)
PA to Honor 100+ Imprisoned Terrorists with West Bank street names - Jerusalem Post

US citizen captured in Pakistan gives window into al-Qaeda's world - CS Monitor
U.S. sees Pakistan securing Swat before attacking Baitullah Mehsud - Washington Post
Pak Superme Court Summons Musharraf Over 2007 Emergency Rule Actions - New York Times
Pakistan president Asif Zardari bans jokes ridiculing him - Telegraph (UK)
Usama bin Laden's son thought killed in Predator strike - Long War Journal

Russia offers to work with NATO in Somali pirate patrols: officials - AFP
Caveat Emptor: Russia set to build up naval facilities in Syria for "Anti-Piracy" - RIA Novosti
Assessing The Threat: Red Scare or Legitimate Fear? - ThreatsWatch

Somalia Government Forces, Islamists Clash in Mogadishu; 18 Dead - Bloomberg
Battles rage in central Somalia battles between Islamist rivals - Garrowe (Somalia)
Abductions Propel Kenya to Reinforce Border with Somalia - Examiner
Beheadings Mark Islamist Attacks on Christians in Somalia - Townhall

American Admits Helping Al Qaeda - FOX News
Another Enemy From Within - ThreatsWatch

20 July, 2009

1. Taliban release propaganda video of captured US soldier, PFC Bowe Bergdahl. US Military denounces video while circumstances surrounding Bergdahl's disappearance continue to raise questions of how and why he left his Paktika base.

2. Ayatollah Rafsanjani's bid for a compromise was shot down by the Khamenei regime in Iran as the standoff between the theocratic regime and the Iranian public continues to become further entrenched.

3. Russia claims anti-priacy operations are the reason for expanding and fortifying its naval base of operations in Syria. VP Biden is visiting Ukraine and Georgia in what appears mission to assuage fears of at-risk allies after Obama's Moscow visit.

4. In Somalia, an ICU commander characterized as "pro-gov't" is said to have defected to the Islamist insurgent group Hizb-ul Islami, and a Somali MP abandoned the falling gov't, but was arrested by Somaliland police upon arrival.

Taliban release video of captured US soldier - Telegraph (UK)
Full Taliban Video of Captured US Soldier - Jawa Report
SecState Clinton: U.S. Doing 'Everything We Can' to Free Bergdahl - ABC
Very Good Brief Overview/Analysis from Crittenden on Bergdahl Situation - Jules Crittenden
Background: Soldier captured in Afghanistan may have left base alone - McClatchy (02JUL09)

Inquiry on 1994 Blast at Argentina Jewish Center Gets New Life - New York Times

Rafsanjani defies Ayatollah Khamenei as protesters turn out in force - Telegraph (UK)
Failed 'Peace' Deal: Iran Regime Nixes Rafsanjani's Compromise - NY Post
Iran reformists seek referendum on election results - Los Angeles Times
Dubious: Regime Claims MeK 'Plot to kill opposition leaders foiled' - AKI (Italy)
Ayatollah Khamenei warns against helping Iran's enemies - Washington Post

While Refusing Talks with Netanyahu, PA Meets Iran FM in Egypt - Jerusalem Post

"Crowd" Attacks UN Peacekeepers Investigating Hizballah Weapons Store Blast - CNN

Mali ex-rebels pledge to help tackle al-Qaeda in Northern Africa - BBC

Mexico detains 10 in torture, killings of federal agents - AP
Gunmen kill 5 at bar in Mexico tourist zone - MSNBC
Drug cartels imperil illegal immigrants in the desert - Los Angeles Times

Outside world turns blind eye to North Korea gulag - MSNBC

Gunmen ambush Pakistan police in Peshawar - BBC
Mumbai attacker pleads guilty in Pakistani court - Washington Post
Policemen claim Kasab's confession reveals Pakistan's role - Times of India

Hamas to free 20 Fatah prisoners - Xinhua
Two Palestinians suffocate in Gaza tunnel - AFP

Russia beefing up its naval facilities in Syria for "anti-Piracy" - RIA Novosti
Biden in Ukraine to reassure on Russia 'reset' - AFP
Biden to greet eager allies in Ukraine and Georgia - Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Old allies (CIS) signal loyalty to Russia has limits - Reuters

"Pro-Gov't" ICU Commander Defects to Hizb-ul Islam Islamist rebels - Mareeg
Somalia MP Abandons Gov't, Returns to Somaliland, But Police Arrest Him - Somaliland Globe
Heavy Fighting And Shelling Wounds 13 People in Mogadishu - AllAfrica
Somalia's al-Shabaab Militia Bans Three United Nations Agencies - Bloomberg
France Seeking Prompt Release Of Captives In Somalia - NASDAQ

Britain downgrades al-Qaeda terror attack alert level - Guardian (UK)

Minneapolis struggles with rise of Somali gangs - AP
Protesters Gather Outside Islamic Conference Near Chicago - FOX News
Hizb ut-Tahrir America: Let's Not Exaggerate; Let's Be Accurate - Counterterrorism Blog
Objections Over Al-Qaeda Hit Teams Rooted in Oversight Concerns, Not Proposal - FOX News

July 17, 2009

1. Coordinated terrorist suicide bombings at Jakarta hotels in Indonesia kill 8, wound over 40. Terrorists show ability to strike despite crackdown in recent years.

2. SecDef Gates says does not foresee an increase in troop commitments to Afghanistan this year. Awaits new commander's assessment. Earlier, NatSec Advisor Jones told Afghanistan commanders that troop requests would generate a "WTF moment" for President Obama.

3. Mexico surges thousands of police forces into troubled state of Michoacan, where the governor's half-brother is linked to the La Familia cartel which tortured and executed 12 Mexican military intelligence officers.

4. Fears begin to rise that Pakistan may be nearing rather than distancing itself from a fall to al-Qaeda and affiliated Islamists. The state's resources and nuclear arms hang in the balance.

Gates Does Not Expect to Raise Troop Commitment This Year - VOA
Earlier: Obama To Troops: "WTF?" - Jules Crittenden
Earlier: Bob Woodward's Original Account of "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Moment" Statement - Washington Post
In the Heat of Afghanistan, Shades of Iraq - FOX News
Blasts destroy NATO tankers in Pakistan - AFP

Ousted president Zelaya plots secret return to Honduras - Philadelphia Inquirer
Mediator to propose reconciliation gvt in Honduras - AP

Terrorists Targtet Hotels Again, This Time in Jakarta - SAAG
Eight Killed in Bomb Attacks on Jakarta Hotels - Washington Post
Closed Circuit TV Video Shows Jakarta Blast - Reuters
Suicide Bombers Blamed for Deadly Coordinated Jakarta Blasts - Wall Street Journal
Bombings show resilience of Indonesian militants despite crackdown - Los Angeles Times

Rafsanjani condemns Iranian regime's handling of unrest in challenge to Khamenei - Guardian (UK)
Rafsanjani calls for release of prisoners at Friday Prayers - Telegraph (UK)
Basij tear-gas Iran protesters during prayer - AP
Ahmadinejad to West: Iran "will strike you in the face" and "will bring down" Foes - Reuters
Iran nuclear arms worst threat to security: SecDef Gates - AFP

After month-long lull, Qassam strikes Negev - Ha'aretz (Israel)
Israel's military message to Iran: Two Warships Pass Through Suez Canal - BBC
IDF soldiers give testimonies on Hamas' use of human shields during incursion - Ha'aretz (Israel)
Lebanon army covering for Hizballah, Israel claims - JTA

Israel: Lebanon blast shows 'flagrant' violations to UN Re-Armament Ban - Washington Post

Tortured and Executed: Bodies of 12 Mexican Military Intel officers found in Mexico - KGNS-TV (Laredo, TX)
La Familia cartel kills 12 federal agents in Mexico drug war attack - Times (UK)
Mexico floods president's home state of Michoacan with police - CNN
Fugitive politician, half-brother of Michoacan governor, tied to gang targeting police - Los Angeles Times
Editorial: Don't ignore border woes - Deseret (California) News
Canada Enacts Visa Requirement on Mexican Visitors to Stem Surge in Aliens, Refugee Filings - Canadian Press

Pakistan's Fifth Column: Religious Militancy in Pak Military and Intelligence - National Post (Canada)
'Armageddon' alarm bell rings - Washington Times
Riedel: Armageddon in Islamabad: Jihadist Takeover Foreseeable - The National Interest
Threat Perception & Risk Inversion: Why Pakistan, not Iran, most pressing nuclear threat - Weekly Standard (2007)

Abducted French Agents Turned Over to Insurgent Groups in Somalia - ABC
After Arguments, Threats, Insurgent Groups Will 'Share' Men Taken in Somalia Like Booty - New York Times
Earlier in Week: Islamist Send Aditional Forces to Mogadishu - AllAfrica
Last Week: Al-Shabaab Insurgents in Somalia Behead 7 in Mass Execution - VOA

Somali terror suspect waives detention hearing, Pleads Guilty - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
The Long-Term Federal Budget Outlook: Unsustainable Path - Congressional Budget Office
American Confidence Poll: In Military 82%, In Congress 14% - Washington Times

July 8, 2009

1. Iranian opposition supporters have begun a 3-day national strike. As Ahmadinejad & Khamenei decry "killing of Muslims" in Palestinian Territories, remain silent on same by ally China where over 150 have been killed.

2. US drone attacks on Taliban positions in Pakistan's South Waziristan have reportedly killed 8 and 25 respectively as Pak military ramps operations.

3. A captured al-Qaeda terror cell used tunnels to enter Egypt from Gaza, where they were trained by Palestinian terrorists, in order to bomb an Egypt-Israel gas pipeline.

4. Al-Qaeda in the Islmaic Maghreb claimed responsibility for deaths of 28 Mali troops in Western Africa.

5, After AQ-linked al-Shabaab's ultimatum, the Somali government desperately seeking military assistance. Murmurs of AU forces and perhaps Ethiopia once again.

West Africa: Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) claims killing 28 soldiers in Mali - AFP
Gaza: Europeans With Al-Qaeda Cell Trained by Palestinian Factions in Gaza - Arutz Sheva
Egypt: Al-Qaeda cell was preparing to attack Egypt-Israel gas pipeline - South Korea News

Former Gitmo Inmate Mullah Zakir Leading Fight Against US Marines in Helmand - FNC

Burma's Military Gov't Distances Itself From International Community - VOA

Ethnic Strife Continues as Hu Returns to China fro G8 Meetings - New York Times

Iran Opposition Supporters begin 3-Day Strike - Wall Street Journal
In Iran, a Struggle Beyond the Streets - New York Times
Ahmadinejad Promises Changes In Govt, 'Respect' For Young - Wall Street Journal
'Narrow Window' to Stop Iran's Nuclear Program - VOA
Clinton Warns Iran of Potential for Tougher Sanctions - If Talks Fail... - Bloomberg

Iraq and the Kurds: Trouble Along The Trigger Line - International Crisis Group

Israel unveils measures to boost West Bank economy - Reuters
Israel Rejects EU Report on West Bank Economy - AFP
UN Gaza investigation 'in final stage' - Jerusalem Post
Analysis: The problem with Goldstone (Head of UN Investigation Mission) - Jerusalem Post

Two Americans dragged from homes, slain in Mexico - Houston Chronicle
A warning sign from Mexico's elections - Los Angeles Times

US Predator strike on Taliban camp kills 8 in South Waziristan - Long War Journal
US kills 25 Taliban in second Predator strike in South Waziristan - Long War Journal
Pakistani pres agrees to relinquish key powers in constitutional amendment negotiations - Telegraph (UK)

Hamas tries to detain woman walking with man - AP
Hamas arrests Palestinian woman for not wearing headscarf, "Laughing Out Loud" - Ha'aretz
Rise Of Islamist Group Stokes Unease In West Bank - NPR
Palestinian Authority Seizes Hamas Money, Weapons in West Bank - Bloomberg
Hamas bends to pressure in Gaza and abroad - CS Monitor

Somalia Seeks Urgent Support as it Faces Rebel Ultimatum - VOA
Meeting Somalia's al-Shabaab - BBC
Turkish ship seized off Somalia - BBC

July 7th, 2009

1. The Somali al-Qaeda franchise al-Shabaab terrorists have given the Somali government 5 days to lay down arms and surrender. Gov't assures it will not. Talk of increasing African Union troops ensue.

2. With all media fanfare over President Obama's visit to Moscow and talks with Medvedev, the overlooked key was securing alternate US supply route for Afghanistan. Russia ceded only overflight permissions, no land lines. Not enough. Russia wants more in return.

3. While Honduran government continues to stand firm in preserving its democracy, SecState Clinton expected to receive ousted Honudran President and Hugo Chavez ally Manuel Zelaya for talks. Obama reiterates view that Zelaya should be reinstated.

4. Rafsanjani gaining opposition strength with clerics and ayatollahs increasingly behind him. Regime has shut down SMS messaging systems again, but is likely seeing first days of end of the theocracy as it exists.

U.S., Russia reach accord on Afghanistan - UPI
Russia to Allow US Overflights to Supply Arms, Troops to Afghanistan - VOA
Helicopter Crash Adds to Deadly Day in Afghanistan - New York Times

Armed mobs spread ethnic strife in China's west - AP
Situation in Urumqi Worsens - South Asia Analysis Group

In Russia, President Obama Explains His Support for Ousted President of Honduras - ABC
SecState Clinton to meet with ousted Honduran president - ABC
Well, Sort Of: Why Honduras matters to Chavez - BBC

Iran 'security state' lambasted by opposition leaders - BBC
Iran Opposition Calls for End to Crackdown - New York Times
Ayatollah Rafsanjani's Kargozaran party dismisses vote results - Los Angeles Times
Iran's Revolutionary Guard acknowledges taking a bigger role in nation's security - Los Angeles Times
Israel: Iran speeds up missile production - UPI
Editorial: An Iranian atomic bomb is imminent - Washington Times

Obama: No green light for Israel to attack Iran - CNN
Israel frees Hamas MP Ibrahim Abu Saleem after three years - AFP
Former Congresswoman McKinney Returns to US After Release From Israeli Jail - FOX News

Suspected US Drone Attack Kills 14 in South Waziristan - VOA
Pakistan jets pound Taliban stronghold, 14 militants killed in Swat Valley - Times of India
Pakistan appeals ruling to release Mumbai suspect - AP

Obama calls on Russia to work with U.S. on terrorism, nuclear curbs - Los Angeles Times
Why the Russians Don't Care About Obama - Wall Street Journal
Report Ranks Russia Among World's Most Closed Economies - Wall Street Journal
Russia's LUKoil rejects reports of U.S. refinery construction plans - RIA Novosti

Al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabaab Terrorists Give Somali Gov't 5 Days to Surrender - Bloomberg

German Foreign Minister Urges Syria to Restrain Hizballah, Hamas - Ha'aretz (Israel)

Outbursts by al-Qaeda Terror Suspect Aafia Siddiqui at a Competency Hearing - New York Times
Boston Woman Accused of al-Qaeda Ties Denies She Fired at U.S. Soldiers - ABC

July 6, 2009

1. Deposed President Manuel Zelaya attempted to return to Honduras, but the military blocked the runway and left him unable to land. Reports surface that Chavez-allied Nicaraguan troops are massing on Honduras' southern border.

2. A significant group of Iranian clerics have declared the election a sham, exhibiting a massive fissure within the Shi'a theocracy not seen since its inception. Strikes are expected within the week. Regime racing to put down all dissenters by January 11.

3. North Korean Ship suspected of attempting to carry illicit material to a Myanmar port is expected to port back in North Korea Monday with cargo undelivered and vessel under tight US surveillance.

4. President Obama is in Moscow for nuclear arms talks, but Russians are expected to eschew proposed deals and presidential gestures. Reception said to be "chilly."

Uighur Muslim minority clashes with police in China - Telegraph (UK)
Widespread Violence in Xinjiang province of China - South Asia Analysis Group

Army stops ousted Honduran president's plane landing as he tries to fly home - Telegraph (UK)
Honduras says Nicaragua has troops moving on border - Reuters
Beware of the Not-So-Hidden Agendas In Honduras - Heritage.org
Preventing a Honduran Bloodbath - PostGlobal at WaPo
Honduras at the Tipping Point: Why is the U.S. not supporting the rule of law? - Wall Street Journal

The Storm Ahead: Khamenei Ill-Equipped To Handle Angry Populace - Michael Ledeen
Mixed Signals, Pt. 1: Biden Says Israel Has 'Sovereign Right' to Attack Nuclear Iran - Bloomberg
Mixed Signals, Pt. 2: Admiral Mullen: A strike on Iran would be 'very destabilizing' - Jerusalem Post
U.S. wants Iran to know it can be attacked - Ha'aretz (Israel)
Israel seeks 'Plan B' if U.S.-Iran talks fail - Ha'aretz (Israel)
Iran clerics declare election invalid and condemn crackdown - Times (UK)
Despite Crisis, U.S. Policy on Iran Is Engagement - New York Times
Iran hangs 20, said to be drug traffickers, in mass execution - AFP
Iran releases Washington Times' reporter - Washington Times

N. Korea Ship Sailing Northward - Korea Times
Suspected weapons ship to return to North Korea: official - AFP
North Korean Missiles Defy U.N. Resolution - Wall Street Journal
UN Chief Concerned North Korea is Isolating Itself - VOA

Pakistani Airstrikes Kill 6 Militants in North Waziristan - VOA
One of Mullah Fazlullah's top aides killed in Swat - Daily Times (Pakistan)

A chill in air for Obama in Russia - Washington Times
Obama, Medvedev Aim to Advance Arms Control Talks, 'Reset' Bilateral Ties - Washington Post
Russia hints it could block nuclear arms deal with US President Barack Obama - Telegraph (UK)

Eleven Muslims jailed for terror plots - Adnkronos (Italy)

Russia, India Question Dollar Reliance Before Summit - Bloomberg
China, Russia, and Japan: Dollar Posture Shows Who Our Friends Are - Graham and Dodd Investor

July 2, 2009

1. NatSec Advisor General James Jones tells Marines in Afghanistan that any future requests for additional troops will elicit a "WTF moment" from President Obama, likely falling on deaf ears.

2. An American soldier is missing in Afghanistan and the Taliban has claimed to have captured him. Little info released as intense search underway.

3. As the EU considers pulling ambassadors from Iran, the regime opposition continues despite little news reportage. Night time shouts of "Allahu Akhbar!" from rooftops reportedly louder now than ever.

4. With the Palestinian Islamic Jihad nearing economic collapse after recent interruption of Iranian regime funding due to unrest (as reported here previously), hints of a possible merger with Hamas begin to emerge.

Taliban faction claims capture of US soldier in Afghanistan - Telegraph (UK)
Jones, Mullen Apparently At Odds Over Afghanistan Troop Levels - US News & World Report
Gen. Jones: Additional Troop Requests Will Cause "WTF Moment" for President - Jules Crittenden

EU considers pulling ambassadors from Iran - Guradian (UK)
Ahmadinejad's foes refuse to back down on election - Seattle Times
Iran fails to silence critics of 'coup' - Toronto Star
Opposition Leader Declares Iran's New Government Illegitimate - AHN
Iran's moderate party says vote result unacceptable - Reuters

Insurgents Hail Pullout of Troops From Cities - New York Times
Iran's Puppet Muqtada Al-Sadr demands full U.S. withdrawal from Iraq - CNN

North Korea Fires Short Range Missiles as Talks With South Sputter - VOA

Pakistan motorcycle bomb kills up to six - AFP (France)
Most Pakistanis see Taliban, al-Qaeda as threat - Globe and Mail (Canada)
Pakistan troops kill 'more than 50' militants - AFP (France)
Pakistan Fights, Congress Sleeps - Wall Street Journal

Are Hamas and Islamic Jihad planning a merger? - Ha'aretz
Vital Background: Iran Turmoil Causes Terrorism Economic Crisis - ThreatsWatch
Haughty Hamas Honcho Plays Pundit - Wall Street Journal

Somali Radio Report: Ethiopian Troops Reach Near Beledweyn Town - allAfrica (Mauritius)
Al-Shabaab Islamists Behead Two Young Sons of Christian in Hunt for Church Leader - Compass News

Portraits of Valor: The John Finn Story (MoH WWII) - Great Americans

July 1, 2009

1. North Korean ship tracked by US Navy for suspicion of banned weapons cargo has turned around, apparently heading back to NoKor without delivering cargo. Ship yet to be boarded, inspected.

2. Loud Hugo Chavez-led outcry against ouster of former Honduran president Zelaya crescendos while Honduran military says evidence shows Zelaya played middleman to Venezuelan drug trafficking into US.

3. At Pakistani request, US drones have resumed flights over Pakistan to assist with intelligence gathering but cannot fire missiles. Pak Army facing stiff resistance as it gears for North & South Waziristan battles, eye of storm.

4. After Guardian Council affirmation of Ahmadinejad election, the Iranian president and Supreme Leader Khamenei have begun the anticipated purge of foes from government and military.

Egypt wants Russian S-400 Air Defense Missiles to counter Iran - Jerusalem Post
Relations tense Qatar expands into Egypt's traditional sphere of influence - Washington Times

Honduras Gets Ultimatum From Oraganization of American States - New York Times
Ousted Honduras president builds support for return - Los Angeles Times
Ousted Zelaya to be arrested if returns to Honduras - Reuters
Honduran coup leader to AP: Zelaya won't return - AP
Honduras' Zelaya Says Won't Seek Re-Election, Extended Term - Bloomberg
Honduras coup could bring more business-friendly government - National Post (Canada)

6 Mousavi supporters reportedly hanged - Jerusalem Post
Ahmadinejad begins purging his government of perceived foes - Washington Times
Europe's Vote Protests Make EU "Unqualified" for Nuclear Talks, Iran Says - New York Times
'Hacktivists' target Iran's leadership online - Washington Times

BP, Chinese win lucrative oil contract; Exxon out - CNN
US warns Iraq of 'difficult days'after city pullouts - BBC
Editorial: The surge worked: Iraqi transfer of power is a sign of stability - Washington Times

Obama could send 1,500 National Guard troops to Mexican border - CS Monitor
Mexico opposition holds lead over anti-Cartel gov't in July election - Reuters

Suspected North Korea arms ship changes course, Likely heading back without delivery - Reuters

Pakistanis turn on Taliban, but resent U.S. -poll - Reuters
Sources: U.S. resumes Pakistan drone flights, No authority to fire missiles - CNN
AQ Repeating Iraq Errors: Pro-Gov't Pakistani elder killed by gunmen - BBC

MP Dies in Mogadishu, 4th MP to die recently - allAfrica (Mauritius)
African Union backs Somalia government - Capital News (Kenya)
Ethiopia will stay out of Somalia despite threat - AFP

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