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June 30, 2009

1. President Obama and Venezuela's Hugo Chavez have condemned the coup in Honduras, while Chavez leads group of South and Central American Leftist leaders seeking restoration of deposed president.

2. Interim Honduran president says country was "saved from Hugo Chavez." Venezuela's Hugo Chavez threatens force, but is unlikely. Chavez has history of paying for violent demonstrators and generating propaganda stream. Expect same here.

3. US military commences withdrawal from Iraqi cities and Iraq celebrates independence.

4. Iran's Guardian Council, which ran discredited election, finalized partial re-count and certified Ahmadinejad the winner. Mousavi called for continued protest, while Guardian Council gave him 5 day extension to contest results in order to "rebuild public trust." Tantamount to arrest deadline.

Taliban killed in Khost bunkers in overnight US strike - Brisbane Times (Australia)
Karzai alleges gunmen tied to U.S. behind shootout, killing of Police Chief - Toronto Star
Afghan minister seeks end to private 'militias' - Washington Post

Interim leader says Honduras saved from Chavez - Reuters
Obama condemns Honduran coup - San Francisco Chronicle
Venezuela's Chávez Rallies Allies Behind Zelaya in Honduras - Latin American Herald Tribune
Ousted Honduran President Plans Return - VOA
In Honduras, forces crack down on protesters - Los Angeles Times
Zelaya struggled as leader - Seattle Times

Iran's Guardian Council certifies Ahmadinejad win - Christian Science Monitor
Guardian Council extends Mousavi deadline to "rebuild public trust": 5 Days - PressTV (Iran, Regime Controlled)
Mir-Hossein Mousavi tells supporters to keep protesting - Telegraph (UK)
The fight for Iran's future is far from over - Times (UK)

U.S. servicemembers withdraw from Iraqi cities, move to main installations - USAF 332nd AEW, Joint Base Balad
U.S. Combat Troops Exit Iraqi Cities Amid Celebration - Bloomberg
Iraq Opens Bids for Oil Fields - VOA

U.N. fact-finding commission faces skepticism in Gaza - Los Angeles Times
Israel Rejects Fresh International Demands for Settlement Freeze - VOA
Israel OKs New West Bank Construction of 50 new residential units - Wall Street Journal

Can Lebanon's New Anti-Syria PM Hariri work with Hizballah? - Christian Science Monitor
Pro-Syria Lebanese President Suleiman passes good wishes to Ahmadinejad - PressTV (Iran, Regime Controlled)

Japan PM Aso Calls for Pressure on North Korea, Criticizes DPJ - Bloomberg
South Korea, Japan say North Korea should return to talks - Taiwan News
North Korea's Other Crisis: An Economy in Tatters - TIME

Taliban end North Waziristan peace agreement - Long War Journal
Pakistan militant faction scraps 'pact,' vows attacks - Reuters
Pakistan places bounties on Baitullah Mehsud and other senior Taliban leaders - Long War Journal

Palestinian Authority says it foiled Hamas attacks - AFP
Israel Gradually Handing Over West Bank Security Duties to Palestinian Authority - Washington Post

Al-Shabab Vows They Will Continue the Fighting Against TFG in Bay And Bakol Regions - allAfrica (Mauritius)
New NATO flotilla takes over anti-piracy patrols - AP
Yemen will not send troops to Somalia - Yemen Times

White House working on troops plan for Mexican border - San Antonio Express-News
DoD, DHS square off over border troops - UPI
AP source: Nat'l Guard to seek volunteers for border - AP

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