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June 29, 2009

1. Honduras military executes coup, ousting Castro- and Chavez-ally president Zelaya seeking to circumvent constitutional term limits. Leftists decry coup while US SecState also denounces the action more forcefully than toward Iran in recent weeks.

2. The Iranian Guardian Council, which selects candidates and conducts elections, has begun a partial recount (reportedly random 10% of ballot boxes). Iran opposition has rejected this as a remedy. Obama admin says talks with regime still possible, wanted.

3. Sa'ad Hariri, son of former PM assassinated by Syria in 2005, named new Prime Minister of Lebanon after Hizballah defeat at polls.

4. US has supplied 40 tons of munitions to Somali government to fight Islamist insurgency. Had denied similar to secular TFG while al-Qaeda-linked Islamists were on the run. Now, conflict reaching crescendo as result.

Honduran President Is Ousted in Coup - New York Times
Chavez allies back ousted Zelaya - BBC
Honduras Defends Its Democracy, Fidel Castro and Hillary Clinton object - Wall Street Journal
Cuba condemns Honduras coup as 'criminal, brutal' - Reuters

Iran's Guardian Council Conducts Partial (10%) Recount of Votes - VOA
But... Iran Opposition Turns Down Poll Recount Offer - Sky News (UK)
Understanding Iran: Repression 101 - New York Times
News Headline - ThreatsWatch
Night raids into homes terrorize Iran residents - Reuters
Iran 'has arrested 2,000' in violent crackdown on dissent - Times (UK)
Hospitalized Iranians seized by Basij - CNN
Obama officials say talks with Iran still possible - Washington Post
Iran frees five staff of British embassy - Guardian (UK)
World Now On Alert for Reflexive Iranian Terror Wav - Telegraph (UK)
Commentary: Sharansky: West should listen to the dissidents in Iran craving freedom - Los Angeles Times

Sa'ad Hariri, Son of Slain Former PM, Chosen as Lebanon's Next PM - Times (UK)
Flash Presentation: Who is Next? - Syria And Assassinations of Rafik Hariri & Others - ThreatsWatch 2006

Echoes of Russian Response: North Korea Slams Hawaii Missile Defenses - CBS News
China Trade Helps Shield N. Korea: Cash Aids Mil, May Offset Sanctions - Washington Post

Pakistan Rejects Talks With Militants Amid Offensive - Bloomberg
Money For The Taliban: Battling Monetary Lifelines - Dawn (Pakistan)
Near Miss: CIA Drone Almost Hit Taliban Chief in Pakistan - ABC News

U.S. Has Sent 40 Tons of Munitions to Aid Somali Government - Washington Post
Analysis: Experts warn aid to Somalia will pour money into unstable government - Los Angeles Times
Which is the Point, Of Course: al-Shabaab Terrorists: US arms to Somalia will increase violence - Guardian (UK)
Somalia Goes Hardline on Food: Islamists Raid Markets - Capital Nwes (Kenya)

Syria threatens to take back Golan by force - Ha'aretz (Israel)

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