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June 9, 2009

1. Blast in Afghan market kills one Afghan and wounds 50 more. Afghan minister blamed US for the blast, but grenade fragments found are of Russian type used by Taliban.

2. Minnesota teen killed in Somalia appears killed by fellow terrorists. Man became ill with malaria, planned to return to US. Was shot in head as al-Qaeda group likely suspected he would be a risk back in US.

3. Terrorists attempted an IDF kidnapping with bomb-laden trucks and horses at Gaza border. Meanwhile, Hamas women arrested, admit suicide bombing plot against Fatah in West Bank.

4. Russia is once again attempting to send armored personel carriers and perhaps other weaponry to Palestinians. In past three years, such moves have been prevented. The PA rejected an offer in 2007 - but only because APC's would not have machine gun turrets.

Market blast wounds 49, Afghan official blames US for insurgent attack - Reuters
Report: 60 Taliban killed in Afghanistan - UPI
Pentagon Cites 'Problems' in Afghanistan Air Strike - Bloomberg

Since February, Iran Uranium Enrichment Up 30%, Centrifuges Increased by 25% - Los Angeles Times
Iran's main nuclear plant expanding rapidly, says IAEA - Telegraph (UK)

IDF Foils Kidnapping Attempt by 'Horseback Terrorists' - Arutz Sheva (Israel)
Analyst: Hamas knew about Gaza attack - Jerusalem Post
Top IDF Gaza commander: Hamas risking 'Operation Cast Lead II' - Jerusalem Post
'Obama proposed plan for peace deal within two years' - Ha'aretz (Israel)

Pro-Western March 14 bloc defeats Hizballah in crucial poll - Times Online (UK)
Israel calls on next Lebanese government to stop arms to Hizballah - M & C
Lebanon's voters answer Iran's guns - CS Monitor
Context: Obama Intent On Engaging Iran - VOA

U.S. to Weigh Returning North Korea to Terror List - Washington Post
North Korean labor camps a ghastly prospect for U.S. journalists - Los Angeles Times
Bolton: 'An Act of State Terrorism By North Korea' - FOX News

Pakistan Tribesmen Secure 4 Villages; 27 Taliban Die - Bloomberg

Three Hamas women arrested for plotting suicide attack against Fatah - Ha'aretz (Israel)
West Bank Hamas woman admits planning suicide attack on Palestinian police - Jerusalem Post

Russia Sending 50 Armored Vehicles to Palestinians - Defense News
Context: APC's and Qassams: Tools of the Trade - ThreatsWatch (Dec 2007)
Context: PrincipalAnalysis: Russia Rocks the Boat with Hamas - ThreatsWatch (Feb 2006)

Al-Qaeda's al-Shabaab May Have Killed Minnesota Man Recruited in Somalia - FOX News
Somalia Opposition Leader Denies Reports He Was Wounded - VOA
U.S. says Eritrea must stop Somalia meddling - Reuters
Italy calls for more international effort on Somalia - Reuters

GITMO Detainee Arrives in NYC for Trial - ThreatsWatch

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