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June 7, 2009

1. IAEA reports that Iran has 7,200 centrifuges ready for production, with 4,900 operating and 2,300 installed but inactive. This is enough, according to the report, to create enough weapons grade uranium for two nuclear weapons per year.

2. President Obama is reportedly nonetheless prepared to move ahead with talks with Iran "without preconditions," while others question the wisdom of such a move at this late stage in Iranian nuclear development.

3. Pentagon reports that Pakistan diverted massive funds intended for counterinsurgency capabilities against al-Qaeda and the Taliban, and instead used them for maintaining its conventional forces for defense against India. Not without irony, Pakistan has asked the US to forgive outstanding debts.

4. Palestinian news reported that Fatah says Hamas is preparing for a coup in the West Bank.

5. In Somalia, a Minnesota Somali youth has been reported killed fighting against government forces there, while top al-Qaeda linked insurgent leader, Sheikh Aweys, is believed to have been wounded but not killed.

IAEA: Iran Has Centrifuges for Two Nuclear Weapons Per Year - ThreatsWatch
Iran Has Centrifuge Capacity for Nuclear Arms, Report Says - New York Times
Good news and bad news in U.N. report on nuclear program - Los Angeles Times
Supreme Leader of Iran: Muslim Nations 'Hate America' - Washington Post
U.S. ready to engage Iran without preconditions: Obama - Xinhua (China)
Obama says must be tough with Iran, North Korea - Reuters
Analysts Divided Over Obama's Carrot-Without-Stick Approach to Iran - FOX News

Voters Head to Polls in Lebanon - Washington Post
Key to Lebanon vote: Divided Christians - CS Monitor
Hizballah Campaigns at Home, Exposed Abroad - Washington Institute
10 More Are Charged With Spying for Israel - New York Times

Pentagon: Pakistan terror aid diverted from Terror Fight to Defense Against India - UPI
Irony: Pakistan asks US to write off loans - Daily Times (Pakistan)
AQ Seeking Pak Divide: Tape attributed to Bin Laden accuses U.S. of ordering Pakistan offensive - Los Angeles Times
High-Value Prisoners Killed During Taliban Raid in Pakistan - New York Times
Suicide bomber kills two in Pakistan - UPI

Fatah: Hamas preparing for West Bank coup attempt - Ma'an News Agency (Gaza)
Last Week: 6 Die as Palestinian Authority Forces Clash With Hamas - New York Times
Obama Overture to Hamas Suggests Inevitability of Terror Group's Dominance Among Palestinians - FOX News

Somali teen from Minnesota reportedly killed in homeland - CNN
Somali youth from Minneapolis dies in homeland - Minneapolis Star Tribune
Somali rebel boss hurt, may be dead - Washington Post
Somali Insurgent Leader Denies Reports of Death - VOA
Two Gunmen Kill Somalia's Influential Radio Director - AHN

Investors Ask US Supreme Court to Delay Gov't Ordered Chrysler Sale to Italy's FIAT - Financial Times

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