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June 1, 2009

1. US and Pakistani officials say al-Qaeda is shaken inside Pakistan and cite drone strikes and the Pakistani offensive in Swat. Pak official says drone strikes are much more effective due to better intelligence. This is natural byproduct of Pak military engaging AQ/Taliban on ground.

2. After Baitullah Mehsud orders Taliban to bomb villages in Fatah, a bus terminal in Kohat along the Afghan border was bombed killing at least two and wounding more.

3. The relations battle heats up between the Obama Administration and Israel regarding the Administration's demand to end all Jewish settlements in the West Bank. Israel and supporters call it unreasonable and not germane to peace while Administration says is key to Middle East peace.

4. Trial to begin soon in Atlanta over alleged 2005 attempt by Syed Haris Ahmed to video and photograph key DC landmarks and supply information to terrorist contacts overseas.

Reclaiming the Ring Road - Captain's Journal

Azerbaijan foils Hizballah, Iran plot to bomb Israeli Embassy in revenge of Mugniyah death - Los Angeles Times
Background: Fire Watch: Iran's Black Tuesday - Terror Master Imad Mugniyah Is Dead - ThreatsWatch (2008)

Cuba agrees to resume talks with Obama Administration on migration - Telegraph (UK)

Iran Closes Border with Pakistan over Mosque Bombing - The Hindu (India)
Iran makes more arrests after deadly mosque bombing - Reuters
Previously: Iran Hangs 3 Men Held in Bombing of Mosque - New York Times
Pakistan: Gov't to 'wipe out' Jundallah militants linked to Iran attack - Adnkronos (Italy)
At Stake in Relations:Pakistan, Iran signed gas pipeline deal last week - Asia Times (Hong Kong)

Israel to U.S.: 'Stop favoring Palestinians' - Ha'aretz (Israel)
Dore Gold: Israeli Settlements Issue in West Bank Overrated - Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
Netanyahu: Demand to halt natural W. Bank growth 'unreasonable' - Jerusalem Post
US may reduce Israel support in UN - New York Times
Editorial: Middle East fertility wars: Jewish babies threaten the peace process - Washington Times

North Korea 'preparing to fire long-range missile' - Telegraph (UK)

Al-Qaeda Seen As Shaken in Pakistan; U.S. Officials Cite Drones, Pak Offensive - Washington Post
Kohat bus terminal bombed in FATA - BBC
Earlier: Baitullah Mehsud orders bombings in small FATA villages - Daily Times (Pakistan)
Taliban Attacks Are Widening Conflict in Pakistan - Wall Street Journal
Army closing in on key Charbagh town in Swat - DAWN (Pakistan)
Pakistan Seen Fighting Militants on Two Fronts - New York Times
Important Pakistani Commentary: The Battle for Pakistan - DAWN (Pakistan)

Fighting Between Islamists Starts in Southern Town - allAfrica
Top Islamist insurgent commander gunned down in Somalia - Xinhua (China)
4 police officers killed in Somalia roadside bomb - AP
Somali officials rumored to overseeing militia training in Ethiopia - SomalilandPress
Somali Government Opposes Piracy Tribunal - AHN
Somalia: The threat next door - Daily Nation (Kenya)

Rights Groups: India 'complicit' in killing of 20,000 civilians in Sri Lanka - Telegraph (UK)

Trial looms for Atlanta suspect in alleged jihad plot - AP
Russians Laugh At Nationalization of US Industries: American capitalism gone with a whimper - Pravda

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