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June 30, 2009

1. President Obama and Venezuela's Hugo Chavez have condemned the coup in Honduras, while Chavez leads group of South and Central American Leftist leaders seeking restoration of deposed president.

2. Interim Honduran president says country was "saved from Hugo Chavez." Venezuela's Hugo Chavez threatens force, but is unlikely. Chavez has history of paying for violent demonstrators and generating propaganda stream. Expect same here.

3. US military commences withdrawal from Iraqi cities and Iraq celebrates independence.

4. Iran's Guardian Council, which ran discredited election, finalized partial re-count and certified Ahmadinejad the winner. Mousavi called for continued protest, while Guardian Council gave him 5 day extension to contest results in order to "rebuild public trust." Tantamount to arrest deadline.

Taliban killed in Khost bunkers in overnight US strike - Brisbane Times (Australia)
Karzai alleges gunmen tied to U.S. behind shootout, killing of Police Chief - Toronto Star
Afghan minister seeks end to private 'militias' - Washington Post

Interim leader says Honduras saved from Chavez - Reuters
Obama condemns Honduran coup - San Francisco Chronicle
Venezuela's Chávez Rallies Allies Behind Zelaya in Honduras - Latin American Herald Tribune
Ousted Honduran President Plans Return - VOA
In Honduras, forces crack down on protesters - Los Angeles Times
Zelaya struggled as leader - Seattle Times

Iran's Guardian Council certifies Ahmadinejad win - Christian Science Monitor
Guardian Council extends Mousavi deadline to "rebuild public trust": 5 Days - PressTV (Iran, Regime Controlled)
Mir-Hossein Mousavi tells supporters to keep protesting - Telegraph (UK)
The fight for Iran's future is far from over - Times (UK)

U.S. servicemembers withdraw from Iraqi cities, move to main installations - USAF 332nd AEW, Joint Base Balad
U.S. Combat Troops Exit Iraqi Cities Amid Celebration - Bloomberg
Iraq Opens Bids for Oil Fields - VOA

U.N. fact-finding commission faces skepticism in Gaza - Los Angeles Times
Israel Rejects Fresh International Demands for Settlement Freeze - VOA
Israel OKs New West Bank Construction of 50 new residential units - Wall Street Journal

Can Lebanon's New Anti-Syria PM Hariri work with Hizballah? - Christian Science Monitor
Pro-Syria Lebanese President Suleiman passes good wishes to Ahmadinejad - PressTV (Iran, Regime Controlled)

Japan PM Aso Calls for Pressure on North Korea, Criticizes DPJ - Bloomberg
South Korea, Japan say North Korea should return to talks - Taiwan News
North Korea's Other Crisis: An Economy in Tatters - TIME

Taliban end North Waziristan peace agreement - Long War Journal
Pakistan militant faction scraps 'pact,' vows attacks - Reuters
Pakistan places bounties on Baitullah Mehsud and other senior Taliban leaders - Long War Journal

Palestinian Authority says it foiled Hamas attacks - AFP
Israel Gradually Handing Over West Bank Security Duties to Palestinian Authority - Washington Post

Al-Shabab Vows They Will Continue the Fighting Against TFG in Bay And Bakol Regions - allAfrica (Mauritius)
New NATO flotilla takes over anti-piracy patrols - AP
Yemen will not send troops to Somalia - Yemen Times

White House working on troops plan for Mexican border - San Antonio Express-News
DoD, DHS square off over border troops - UPI
AP source: Nat'l Guard to seek volunteers for border - AP

June 29, 2009

1. Honduras military executes coup, ousting Castro- and Chavez-ally president Zelaya seeking to circumvent constitutional term limits. Leftists decry coup while US SecState also denounces the action more forcefully than toward Iran in recent weeks.

2. The Iranian Guardian Council, which selects candidates and conducts elections, has begun a partial recount (reportedly random 10% of ballot boxes). Iran opposition has rejected this as a remedy. Obama admin says talks with regime still possible, wanted.

3. Sa'ad Hariri, son of former PM assassinated by Syria in 2005, named new Prime Minister of Lebanon after Hizballah defeat at polls.

4. US has supplied 40 tons of munitions to Somali government to fight Islamist insurgency. Had denied similar to secular TFG while al-Qaeda-linked Islamists were on the run. Now, conflict reaching crescendo as result.

Honduran President Is Ousted in Coup - New York Times
Chavez allies back ousted Zelaya - BBC
Honduras Defends Its Democracy, Fidel Castro and Hillary Clinton object - Wall Street Journal
Cuba condemns Honduras coup as 'criminal, brutal' - Reuters

Iran's Guardian Council Conducts Partial (10%) Recount of Votes - VOA
But... Iran Opposition Turns Down Poll Recount Offer - Sky News (UK)
Understanding Iran: Repression 101 - New York Times
News Headline - ThreatsWatch
Night raids into homes terrorize Iran residents - Reuters
Iran 'has arrested 2,000' in violent crackdown on dissent - Times (UK)
Hospitalized Iranians seized by Basij - CNN
Obama officials say talks with Iran still possible - Washington Post
Iran frees five staff of British embassy - Guardian (UK)
World Now On Alert for Reflexive Iranian Terror Wav - Telegraph (UK)
Commentary: Sharansky: West should listen to the dissidents in Iran craving freedom - Los Angeles Times

Sa'ad Hariri, Son of Slain Former PM, Chosen as Lebanon's Next PM - Times (UK)
Flash Presentation: Who is Next? - Syria And Assassinations of Rafik Hariri & Others - ThreatsWatch 2006

Echoes of Russian Response: North Korea Slams Hawaii Missile Defenses - CBS News
China Trade Helps Shield N. Korea: Cash Aids Mil, May Offset Sanctions - Washington Post

Pakistan Rejects Talks With Militants Amid Offensive - Bloomberg
Money For The Taliban: Battling Monetary Lifelines - Dawn (Pakistan)
Near Miss: CIA Drone Almost Hit Taliban Chief in Pakistan - ABC News

U.S. Has Sent 40 Tons of Munitions to Aid Somali Government - Washington Post
Analysis: Experts warn aid to Somalia will pour money into unstable government - Los Angeles Times
Which is the Point, Of Course: al-Shabaab Terrorists: US arms to Somalia will increase violence - Guardian (UK)
Somalia Goes Hardline on Food: Islamists Raid Markets - Capital Nwes (Kenya)

Syria threatens to take back Golan by force - Ha'aretz (Israel)

June 9, 2009

1. Blast in Afghan market kills one Afghan and wounds 50 more. Afghan minister blamed US for the blast, but grenade fragments found are of Russian type used by Taliban.

2. Minnesota teen killed in Somalia appears killed by fellow terrorists. Man became ill with malaria, planned to return to US. Was shot in head as al-Qaeda group likely suspected he would be a risk back in US.

3. Terrorists attempted an IDF kidnapping with bomb-laden trucks and horses at Gaza border. Meanwhile, Hamas women arrested, admit suicide bombing plot against Fatah in West Bank.

4. Russia is once again attempting to send armored personel carriers and perhaps other weaponry to Palestinians. In past three years, such moves have been prevented. The PA rejected an offer in 2007 - but only because APC's would not have machine gun turrets.

Market blast wounds 49, Afghan official blames US for insurgent attack - Reuters
Report: 60 Taliban killed in Afghanistan - UPI
Pentagon Cites 'Problems' in Afghanistan Air Strike - Bloomberg

Since February, Iran Uranium Enrichment Up 30%, Centrifuges Increased by 25% - Los Angeles Times
Iran's main nuclear plant expanding rapidly, says IAEA - Telegraph (UK)

IDF Foils Kidnapping Attempt by 'Horseback Terrorists' - Arutz Sheva (Israel)
Analyst: Hamas knew about Gaza attack - Jerusalem Post
Top IDF Gaza commander: Hamas risking 'Operation Cast Lead II' - Jerusalem Post
'Obama proposed plan for peace deal within two years' - Ha'aretz (Israel)

Pro-Western March 14 bloc defeats Hizballah in crucial poll - Times Online (UK)
Israel calls on next Lebanese government to stop arms to Hizballah - M & C
Lebanon's voters answer Iran's guns - CS Monitor
Context: Obama Intent On Engaging Iran - VOA

U.S. to Weigh Returning North Korea to Terror List - Washington Post
North Korean labor camps a ghastly prospect for U.S. journalists - Los Angeles Times
Bolton: 'An Act of State Terrorism By North Korea' - FOX News

Pakistan Tribesmen Secure 4 Villages; 27 Taliban Die - Bloomberg

Three Hamas women arrested for plotting suicide attack against Fatah - Ha'aretz (Israel)
West Bank Hamas woman admits planning suicide attack on Palestinian police - Jerusalem Post

Russia Sending 50 Armored Vehicles to Palestinians - Defense News
Context: APC's and Qassams: Tools of the Trade - ThreatsWatch (Dec 2007)
Context: PrincipalAnalysis: Russia Rocks the Boat with Hamas - ThreatsWatch (Feb 2006)

Al-Qaeda's al-Shabaab May Have Killed Minnesota Man Recruited in Somalia - FOX News
Somalia Opposition Leader Denies Reports He Was Wounded - VOA
U.S. says Eritrea must stop Somalia meddling - Reuters
Italy calls for more international effort on Somalia - Reuters

GITMO Detainee Arrives in NYC for Trial - ThreatsWatch

June 7, 2009

1. IAEA reports that Iran has 7,200 centrifuges ready for production, with 4,900 operating and 2,300 installed but inactive. This is enough, according to the report, to create enough weapons grade uranium for two nuclear weapons per year.

2. President Obama is reportedly nonetheless prepared to move ahead with talks with Iran "without preconditions," while others question the wisdom of such a move at this late stage in Iranian nuclear development.

3. Pentagon reports that Pakistan diverted massive funds intended for counterinsurgency capabilities against al-Qaeda and the Taliban, and instead used them for maintaining its conventional forces for defense against India. Not without irony, Pakistan has asked the US to forgive outstanding debts.

4. Palestinian news reported that Fatah says Hamas is preparing for a coup in the West Bank.

5. In Somalia, a Minnesota Somali youth has been reported killed fighting against government forces there, while top al-Qaeda linked insurgent leader, Sheikh Aweys, is believed to have been wounded but not killed.

IAEA: Iran Has Centrifuges for Two Nuclear Weapons Per Year - ThreatsWatch
Iran Has Centrifuge Capacity for Nuclear Arms, Report Says - New York Times
Good news and bad news in U.N. report on nuclear program - Los Angeles Times
Supreme Leader of Iran: Muslim Nations 'Hate America' - Washington Post
U.S. ready to engage Iran without preconditions: Obama - Xinhua (China)
Obama says must be tough with Iran, North Korea - Reuters
Analysts Divided Over Obama's Carrot-Without-Stick Approach to Iran - FOX News

Voters Head to Polls in Lebanon - Washington Post
Key to Lebanon vote: Divided Christians - CS Monitor
Hizballah Campaigns at Home, Exposed Abroad - Washington Institute
10 More Are Charged With Spying for Israel - New York Times

Pentagon: Pakistan terror aid diverted from Terror Fight to Defense Against India - UPI
Irony: Pakistan asks US to write off loans - Daily Times (Pakistan)
AQ Seeking Pak Divide: Tape attributed to Bin Laden accuses U.S. of ordering Pakistan offensive - Los Angeles Times
High-Value Prisoners Killed During Taliban Raid in Pakistan - New York Times
Suicide bomber kills two in Pakistan - UPI

Fatah: Hamas preparing for West Bank coup attempt - Ma'an News Agency (Gaza)
Last Week: 6 Die as Palestinian Authority Forces Clash With Hamas - New York Times
Obama Overture to Hamas Suggests Inevitability of Terror Group's Dominance Among Palestinians - FOX News

Somali teen from Minnesota reportedly killed in homeland - CNN
Somali youth from Minneapolis dies in homeland - Minneapolis Star Tribune
Somali rebel boss hurt, may be dead - Washington Post
Somali Insurgent Leader Denies Reports of Death - VOA
Two Gunmen Kill Somalia's Influential Radio Director - AHN

Investors Ask US Supreme Court to Delay Gov't Ordered Chrysler Sale to Italy's FIAT - Financial Times

June 1, 2009

1. US and Pakistani officials say al-Qaeda is shaken inside Pakistan and cite drone strikes and the Pakistani offensive in Swat. Pak official says drone strikes are much more effective due to better intelligence. This is natural byproduct of Pak military engaging AQ/Taliban on ground.

2. After Baitullah Mehsud orders Taliban to bomb villages in Fatah, a bus terminal in Kohat along the Afghan border was bombed killing at least two and wounding more.

3. The relations battle heats up between the Obama Administration and Israel regarding the Administration's demand to end all Jewish settlements in the West Bank. Israel and supporters call it unreasonable and not germane to peace while Administration says is key to Middle East peace.

4. Trial to begin soon in Atlanta over alleged 2005 attempt by Syed Haris Ahmed to video and photograph key DC landmarks and supply information to terrorist contacts overseas.

Reclaiming the Ring Road - Captain's Journal

Azerbaijan foils Hizballah, Iran plot to bomb Israeli Embassy in revenge of Mugniyah death - Los Angeles Times
Background: Fire Watch: Iran's Black Tuesday - Terror Master Imad Mugniyah Is Dead - ThreatsWatch (2008)

Cuba agrees to resume talks with Obama Administration on migration - Telegraph (UK)

Iran Closes Border with Pakistan over Mosque Bombing - The Hindu (India)
Iran makes more arrests after deadly mosque bombing - Reuters
Previously: Iran Hangs 3 Men Held in Bombing of Mosque - New York Times
Pakistan: Gov't to 'wipe out' Jundallah militants linked to Iran attack - Adnkronos (Italy)
At Stake in Relations:Pakistan, Iran signed gas pipeline deal last week - Asia Times (Hong Kong)

Israel to U.S.: 'Stop favoring Palestinians' - Ha'aretz (Israel)
Dore Gold: Israeli Settlements Issue in West Bank Overrated - Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
Netanyahu: Demand to halt natural W. Bank growth 'unreasonable' - Jerusalem Post
US may reduce Israel support in UN - New York Times
Editorial: Middle East fertility wars: Jewish babies threaten the peace process - Washington Times

North Korea 'preparing to fire long-range missile' - Telegraph (UK)

Al-Qaeda Seen As Shaken in Pakistan; U.S. Officials Cite Drones, Pak Offensive - Washington Post
Kohat bus terminal bombed in FATA - BBC
Earlier: Baitullah Mehsud orders bombings in small FATA villages - Daily Times (Pakistan)
Taliban Attacks Are Widening Conflict in Pakistan - Wall Street Journal
Army closing in on key Charbagh town in Swat - DAWN (Pakistan)
Pakistan Seen Fighting Militants on Two Fronts - New York Times
Important Pakistani Commentary: The Battle for Pakistan - DAWN (Pakistan)

Fighting Between Islamists Starts in Southern Town - allAfrica
Top Islamist insurgent commander gunned down in Somalia - Xinhua (China)
4 police officers killed in Somalia roadside bomb - AP
Somali officials rumored to overseeing militia training in Ethiopia - SomalilandPress
Somali Government Opposes Piracy Tribunal - AHN
Somalia: The threat next door - Daily Nation (Kenya)

Rights Groups: India 'complicit' in killing of 20,000 civilians in Sri Lanka - Telegraph (UK)

Trial looms for Atlanta suspect in alleged jihad plot - AP
Russians Laugh At Nationalization of US Industries: American capitalism gone with a whimper - Pravda

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