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May 31, 2009

1. General Petraeus says video shows protested US bombing in Afghanistan weeks ago clearly targeted Taliban, with Taliban fighters seen running into houses. US military figures and widely reported public figures accounting numbers of Taliban and civilian casualties continue to be inverted.

2. With Israel's neighboring and regional enemies emboldened and Iran racing unabated toward nuclear arms, Israel is conducting the largest civil defense drill in its history.

3. North Korea continues to test missiles following its recent nuclear tests. The UN and the international community have yet to respond substantively.

4. Pakistan is reported to have taken control of a key town in the Taliban-held Swat valley. Pakistani government says it is days away from victory in both Swat and Buner agencies. Meanwhile, Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud has ordered bombings in FATA towns.

Petraeus: Video, Body ID shows Taliban 'very clearly' target of much criticized raid last month - Washington Times

Bomb found in toilet on Iran plane - BBC
Iran president's rivals slam his foreign policy - Los Angeles Times
Iranian women campaign for greater rights - Washington Times

Israel holds biggest civil defense drill in state history - Ha'aretz
Israel Analysis: Facing the looming regional threat - Jerusalem Post
Israel: We Won't Bow to U.S. Settlement Requests - FOX News

North Korea Seen Moving Another Missile to Launchpad - Washington Post
SecDef Gates issues tough warning to North Korea - Washington Times
S. Korea Criticizes N. Korea Over Nuclear, Missile Tests - FOX News
North Korea Fires Sixth Missile in a Week - Washington Post

Petraeus Warns of Declining Public Support in Pakistan for U.S. - Bloomberg
Pakistan Says It Is 2-3 Days From Victory in Swat, Buner - VOA
Mingora cleared - Daily Times (Pakistan)
Pakistan: Army 'clears' Taliban stronghold in Swat - Adnkronos (Italy)
Pakistan Continues Its Fight in South Waziristan - New York Times
Baitullah Mehsud orders bombings in small FATA villages - Daily Times

Six die in Hamas, Fatah shootout in West Bank - UPI

Taliban target Britain on 'orders' from al-Qaeda - Telegraph

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