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May 29, 2009

1. Recent Taliban bombing offensive throughout Pakistan may stiffen the resolve of the Pakistani government in its battle, though counter-insurgency skills and tools still woefully lacking in its military.

2. Congressional Research Service report states Pakistan has 60 nuclear warheads and is rapidly pursuing more, including nuclear cruise missiles. Nawaz Sharif, recently cleared by courts to run for office, says Pak nuke security is "best in the world." A false statement.

3. The bloody al-Qaeda linked Islamist march on Mogadishu continues in Somalia, while Islamists in port city of Kismayo have banned videography and music at weddings.

4. While North Korea continues to rattle large sabres following its recent nuclear tests, the American response remains tepid. SecDef downplays as "not a crisis" while POTUS calls for more international diplomacy.

5. South Korea, which once derided the organization as divisive and provocative, has now joined the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI), which is a group of concerned nations acting together to counter nuclear proliferation.

US: 35 militants killed, 13 wounded in Afghanistan - AP
Gates Says Taliban Have Momentum in Afghanistan - Wall Street Journal

Europe Objects Anew to Detainees - Washington Post
Judge: Classified Evidence Must Be Shared w/Defendants In Gitmo Cases - The Atlantic

Iran: no nuclear, missile cooperation with N.Korea - Reuters
Mosque Explosion Kills 15 in Iran - Washington Post
Debate Over Child Executions Roils Iran's Presidential Vote - Wall Street Journal

Washington slams Telegraph report on Iraq jail photos - AFP
US Rejects Newspaper Report on Iraq Prison Photos - VOA
Turkish jets strike rebel targets in northern Iraq - USA Today
Muqtada al-Sadr wants 'depraved' homosexuality eradicated - AFP

Israel Removes Illegal Settler Outpost in West Bank - New York Times
Jordanian MPs: Break ties with Israel over Knesset proposal - Haaretz

10 mayors, other Mexico officials detained for Drug Cartel corruption - Los Angeles Times
Mexico gunmen attack a senior state prosecutor - AP

Answer to North Korea? When Diplomacy Fails, More Diplomacy - CS Monitor
U.S. bases in South Korea on high alert - Washington Times
Defectors avoid criticizing North Korea - Washington Times

Earlier This Week on NORTH KOREA
About Time: S. Korea Counters North's Nuclear Test by Joining PSI Arms Interdiction Initiative - VOA
Japanese Lawmaker Says Japan Should Consider Pre-emptive Strikes - Bloomberg
Huh?: UN envoy says N. Korea feels sting of global scorn - AP
N.Korea test "slightly bigger" than in 2006 - Reuters
N. Korea missile test about transition - UPI
U.S. military: No doubt of North Korea nuclear test - Los Angeles Times
North's Test Rattles South Koreans Mourning Roh - Wall Street Journal
April Flashback: Japan leader: U.S. 'weak-kneed' on North Korea - UPI
April Flashback: Japan Says Rocket Launch Shows North Korean Progress in Technology - VOA
April Flashback: North Korea Vows 'Strong Steps' If UN Censures Launch - Bloomberg

Bombs seen as stiffening Pakistani resolve on militants - Reuters
Pakistan issues dead or alive Taliban list - UPI
Taliban claim responsibility for Lahore attack - Washington Times
Why Did Taliban Attack ISI at Lahore? SAAG
Coordinated Explosions, Gunfire Kill 13 in Northwest Pakistan - Washington Post
Suicide Bomber Kills 8 At Checkpoint In Pakistan's Peshawar - Wall Street Journal
Pak moving towards more destructive N-weapons: US think tank - PTI (India)
Pakistan's nuclear security "strongest in world": Nawaz Sharif - Daily Times (Pakistan)

Fears of more clashes as war-wounded overwhelm hospitals - IRIN
Somalia Terrorists Denounce Extended UN Mandate - VOA
Somalia: Islamists in Kismayo Ban Filming In Weddings & Music - Somaliland Press
Somalia: the power brokers - The Guardian (UK)
Private armies board ships in Somalia - Radio Netherlands
Australia to send warship to combat Somali pirates - Reuters

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