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May 07, 2009

1. As world media covers angry Afghan protests over apparent civilian casualties after a US strike on Taliban attackers, Gen. David McKiernan urges not to jump to conclusions, Taliban may in fact be responsible in an effort to gain propaganda coup.

2. In a sign of major escalation onto the American side of the border, Mexican cartel leader "El Chapo" has reportedly given the OK for narco-terrorists' offensive use of lethal force against competitors and law enforcement in the United States.

3. Protesters in Georgia continue to clash with police and Georgian government as Russia denies any role in this week's mutiny.

4. Lebanon continues to slide into the hands of Hizballah, Syria and Iran. After the recent release of suspects of Rafik Hariri's 2005 assassination, four in Hizballah-controlled south arrested for 'spying for Israel.' The Cedar Revolution is dying, enemies emboldened.

Angry Protest Against Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan - VOA
Don't Jump to Conclusions on Afghanistan Civilian Deaths, U.S. General Cautions - CNS News
Propaganda Victory! - Jules Crittenden
Gates in Afghanistan on unannounced visit - Reuters

Bold PRC vessels alarm Pentagon - Taipei Times (Taiwan)
Over 1,000 Villagers in central China clash with police - AP

Police and anti-gov't protesters clash in Georgia's capital - AP
Russia Denies Involvement In Alleged Georgian Military Coup - Radio Free Europe
Russia, NATO in battle of wills over Georgia - Reuters
NATO war games launch despite Russia's fierce objections - Los Angeles Times

Report: Foreign analysts cite Iran bomb progress - AP
US no longer wants Iranian 'regime change:' John Kerry - AFP

Peres: We won't apologize for Gaza op - Jerusalem Post
Spanish prosecutors demand to shelve Gaza 'war crimes' probe begun by judge - AFP
Qassam Rocket fire from Gaza Strip Continues - Jerusalem Post

What if Hizballah wins? (TW Editors: A Rhetorical Question) - Foreign Policy Magazine
The end of Lebanon's Cedar Revolution - U-TV News (Ireland)
After Hariri Suspects Released, 4 Accused of Spying for Israel - New York Times

To protect turf, Mexican drug lord 'El Chapo' OKs lethal force against U.S. - Chicago Tribune
Sinaloa Cartel OK's Deadly Offensive Against American Competitors, Law Enforcement - Los Angeles Times

Diplo-Talk, Talk, Talk; Still Little Force Movement - New York Times
Refugees Fleeing Swat Valley Tell of Taliban Crimes, Abuses - Washington Post
Pakistan says Taliban peace deal in Swat will end - UPI
Pakistan, US in talks on security of nuclear arsenal - Boston Globe
Mumbai Terrorist Attacker Pleads Not Guilty to Waging War - Bloomberg

Russia says talks with Georgia, EU, separatists broken off - Reuters

Heavy fighting between al-Shabaab and the Islamic Courts Union - Mareeg (Somalia)
Islamist Leaders Meet With President - AllAfrica (Republic of Mauritius)
Islamists showcase violent films, destroy graves - Garowe (Somalia)

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