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April 30, 2009

1. As fighting erupts in Pakistan's financial hub and port city of Kirachi, top brass of Pakistani Army fears that if it ratchets up fight against the Taliban too much, the Army itself may disintegrate.

2. Crew member of Maersk Alabama suing ship owner and employer over lack of personnel security to prevent Somali piracy incident. May prove to make lack of security more costly than hiring professional security going forward.

3. Two Russians ejected from NATO 's Brussels headquarters on charges of spying in connection with an "Estonian official who was jailed for passing secrets to Moscow."

4. As Iranian refined gasoline imports have grown by 37%, American Congress seeks to sanction its suppliers. Meanwhile, former German chancellor Schröder, working for Russia now, is actively promoting international trade with the Iranian regime.

Maersk Alabama crewman sues shipowner and employer for unprotected risk - Inquiry Board
Maersk steps up safety measures against pirates - Reuters
When Cost of Not Protecting Higher Than Protecting, Somali Piracy Will See Solution - ThreatsWatch
NATO to Boost Mandate of Anti-Piracy Force - VOA

Pak Army fears disintegration if war ordered on Taliban - Daily Times (Pakistan)
PrincipalAnalysis: The Troubling Effectiveness of al-Qaeda's PSYOP On The Pakistani Army- ThreatsWatch (2007)

Mentors in Afghanistan: Marines lead by example - Washington Times

Iranian defense minister in Venezuela to boost ties - ADNKronos (Italy)
German confesses to selling rocket material to Iran - Ha'aretz (Israel)
Former Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps chief to run for president - AFP (France)
Dependent Iran's May refined gasoline imports up 37% on year - Guradian (UK)
US Lawmakers Seek To Sanction Iran's Gasoline Suppliers - Wall Street Journal
Germany's former chancellor Schröder promoting trade with Iran - Jerusalem Post

Why, Despite Fears, Sunni Insurgent Groups Don't Stand Chance of Effective Reconstitution - The National

5 Israeli Arabs charged in terror plot, Gaza operation revenge - Jerusalem Post
Israel's Peres sees containment for a nuclear Iran - Washington Post
Turkey drops Gaza 'war crimes' probe - Jerusalem Post

Mexico captures powerful Gulf cartel hitman from Los Zetas - Washington Post
Mexico Ministry Suspects 159 Deaths From Swine Flu - Bloomberg
Senators urge more aggressive screening as border to remain open - USA Today

North Korea Issues Threat on Uranium - New York Times
North Korea demands apology, threatens nuke test - CNN International

Karachi tense after fatal clashes between Pashtuns and Urdu-speaking Punjabis - BBC
At least 20 killed in Pakistan's Karachi: officials - AFP
Pakistan army: Taliban holding town of Sultanwas hostage - AP
One Shiite killed, six wounded in Pakistan (NWFP) blast - AFP

NATO expels Russian diplomats from HQ in spy row - Guardian (UK)
Russia says expelled diplomats were not spying - Reuters
Russia signs border deal with Abkhazia, S. Ossetia - AP
Russia's Border Pact with Rebels - BBC

Policy Rebuke: Somalia & September 12th: The New Groundhog Day - National Review Online
Somalia parliament postpones meeting due to security concerns - Garowe (Somalia)

Negotiations for Al Qaeda Suspect to Plead Guilty Underway - Washington Post
FBI to Avoid Partnerships with CAIR - Family Security Matters
Diagnosing the Swine Flu Infodemic - ThreatsWatch
Flashback: Pandemic Flu: Potential for U.S. Economic Recession - ThreatsWatch (2007)
Flashback: Pandemic Flu: Potential for U.S. Economic Recession (Part II) - ThreatsWatch (2007)

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