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April 13, 2009

1. American captain of the Maersk Alabama free after US Navy SEALs kill captors with sudden vessel-to-vessel sniper fire. Next US step to address Somali piracy unclear. Report says attacks on pirate bases along Somali shore possible.

2. The logistical challenge of supporting an "Afghan Surge" of forces is becoming an acute crisis as supply lines through Pakistan see increased attacks, disruptions.

3. Following the Russian post-invasion aim of infiltrating and controlling Georgian government and politics, President now hearing calls for ouster while Georgian parliament "girds for standoff."

4. Once again, Iran signals to EU that it is ready for nuclear talks to resume, appeasing an eager West with another disingenuous appeal and buying more time for its nuclear development.

5. Two killed, dozens reported injured as Thai forces open fire on anti-government demonstrators in Bangkok. Descent into political turmoil intensifies.

Snap Call, Quick Kills Free US Hostage - Military.com
How the Rescue Happened - Blackfive
Pirates vow to avenge deaths after U.S. Navy SEALs free Captain Phillips - New York Daily News
Report: U.S. Considers Attacks on Somali Pirates' Land Bases - FOX News
'Captain Courageous' Hailed As Hero - CBS
Somali Piracy: A Solution - ThreatsWatch

Pakistani Militants Again Torch Supplies Bound for Troops in Afghanistan - VOA
NATO, US seek alternatives to Pakistan supply routes - CS Monitor

Egypt Investigation Reveals Hizballah Planning Terror Attacks at Suez Canal - Ha'aretz
Egypt detains 15 over rockets bound for Gaza - Reuters

Georgia Girds for Standoff at Parliament - Wall Street Journal

Fed contractor, cell phone maker sold spy system to Iran - Washington Times
Iran tells EU official ready for nuclear talks (Again) - AFP (France)
What Iran Really Thinks About Talks - Wall Street Journal
Flashback: The Iranian Two-Step: Talks About Talks - ThreatsWatch

Russia, Iraq aim to revive pre-war deals - Reuters

Rigged Gaza fishing boat explodes near Israel Navy vessel - Ha'aretz

Surely Instilling Fear: U.N. Security Council May Rebuke North Korea - New York Times
More Of Same: U.N. to Condemn Pyongyang Launch - Wall Street Journal

Kilcullen: Pakistan in danger of collapse within months - Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
March 22, 2009: A Conversation With David Kilcullen - Washington Post
Taliban move on Buner (from Swat) despite promise to withdraw - Long War Journal
Pakistani PM Rejects Conditions On US Aid Dollars - AFP
Al-Qaeda's Shadow Army commander outlines Afghan strategy - Long War Journal
Nawaz Sharif, PML-N invited back to government; Offer declined - Reuters
Dissembling Irony: Nawaz Sharif calls for 'political unity' to save Pakistan - Gulf News (UAE)

Hamas 'bomb factory' found in West Bank mosque - AFP (France)
Abbas Decides Not to Form New PA Gov't as Egypt Pressures for Joint Gov't with Hamas - Jerusalem Post

Getting Past Somalia Inanity: Poor Thinking and Future Policy - ThreatsWatch
US politician targeted in Somalia - BBC

Sri Lanka Govt Urges Civilians to Leave War Zone as Army Begins Truce - VOA

Latest: Two killed in Thai protests, army opens fire - Reuters
Earlier: Thai troops move on protesters outside Prime Minister's compound - Times Online (UK)
Earlier: Thai PM says Bangkok protests 'under control' - BBC

Commentary: A World Without Nukes -- Just Like 1939 - Washington Post
Commentary: The Good and Bad of Gates's Agenda - Commentary Magazine

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