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April 6, 2009

1. North Korean missile launch physically fails, but intent is to leverage more aid, diplomatic pressure. UNSC fails to even condemn. Even still, US to ask for stricter sanctions.

2. President Obama looks to push agenda to eliminate nuclear weapons globally. Reduction talks with Russia expected in weeks.

3. President's European trip fails to parlay popularity into combat commitment from NATO allies for Afghanistan. Trainers and minor funding increases only gains.

4. New Afghanistan-Pakistan strategy meeting with expected Pak resistance, reluctance.

Obama pledges to pursue the elimination of nuclear weapons - Los Angeles Times
Iran criticizes Obama, calls on U.S. to scrap nuclear arms - Reuters
Russia says nuclear treaty talks to start in weeks - AP
Obama's Original Campaign Pledge to Seek Elimination of Nuclear Arms - National Review Online

NATO pledges more troops for Afghanistan, but not combat forces - Los Angeles Times
FACTBOX: Commitments to Afghanistan from NATO summit - Reuters
Holbrooke, Mullen visit Afghanistan - AFP (France)

US may cede to Iran's nuclear ambition - Financial Times
Iran Defends North Korea Rocket Launch as a Right - FOX News
Presidential candidate Mousavi vows to change Iran's 'extremist image' - AFP (France)

Palestinian President Abbas in Iraq for Talks - FOX News
Iraq 'vows to protect' Palestinians - Al-Jazeera
Six Car Bombs Kill 30 in Iraq - New York Times

Security sources: Fatah has resumed terrorist activities - Ha'aretz (Israel)
Obama: Changing Israeli/Palestinian Policy Won't Deter al-Qaeda - CNN (Transcript)

Misunderstanding Mexico: Politicians Downplay Threat, Risking Security - FrontPage Magazine
11 bodies found in Mexico, some with torture signs - AP

North Korea Seeks Political Gain from Rocket Launch - New York Times
NoKor Missile Hits Diplomatic Target - The Age
Chavez Sides With Russia On North Korea Rocket Launch, UNSC Fails to Condemn - FOX News
U.S. to Ask for Tougher UN Sanctions on North Korea, Rice Says - Bloomberg
North Korea: What's next? Ask China - Huffington Post

Islamabad sharpens tone with conditions set on US aid - Daily Times (Pakistan)
Time Is Short as U.S. Presses a Reluctant Pakistan - New York Times
At Least 24 Killed in Suicide Bomb Attack on Shi'a Mosque in Pakistan - VOA
Abducted American UN aid worker freed, leaves Pakistan - Telegraph (UK)
President Zardari pledges to stop fundamentalists - AFP
Taliban Leader Baitullah 'Mehsud has pals in high places': The ISI - Daily Times (Pakistan)

Opponents of Chechen president are picked off one-by-one by death squads - Sunday Herald (Scotland)
Dubai Police Link Murder of Chechen to Russian - New York Times
Cousin of Chechen President, Deputy Minister, Accused In Dubai Murder - Moscow Times (Russia)

Al-Shabab beheads a man in southern town - Mareeg (UK)
Islamists (al-Shabab) in Bay and Bakool regions condemn Aid Organizations - Somaliweyn (Somalia)
Israeli ship targeted by pirates off Somalia; attempt to board fails - NY Daily News
Despite Patrols, Somalia's Pirates Are Busier Than Ever - TIME

History's Top Palestinian Terrorist Bombmaker Camped In Syria - AP

Turks Arrest Obama Assassination Plotter With Media ID - ThreatsWatch

The New Spanish Inquisition: Judge Launches Gitmo Crusade v. Bush Administration - Weekly Standard

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