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April 2, 2009

1. As US logistics routes through Pakistan become less and less reliable and dangerous, routes through Russia's sphere of influence being weighed, with some nods from Russia.

2. Friction reported at the G-20 Summit as some European leaders disagree with American government-centric approach of 'stimulus' to address economic woes.

3. General Petraeus makes US media rounds, reporting that al-Qaeda and Taliban are gathering strength inside Pakistan. Also says "building" trust with Pakistani counterparts, stopping short of saying "having" trust.

4. As Venezuela's Chavez visits Tehran railing against US and President Obama, US SecState says exchange occurred with Iranian official while Iran denies any took place.

Obama Strains to Drive Message, as Friction Builds at G20 - FOX News
At G-20 Summit, World Leaders Negotiate Response to Crisis - Washington Post

Petraeus Discusses Mission in Afghanistan, US & Pakistan 'Building' Trust - FOX News
Russia may allow US Afghan military cargo - Financial Times (UK)
10,000 more troops sought for Afghan war - Philadelphia Enquirer
20 'militants' die in Afghan fight - UPI

Fearing economic domestic unrest, Chinese official calls for heightened internal security - AP
'People's Army must take orders from Communist Party' - AP

Clinton says US met with Iran delegate - Christian Science Monitor
But Iran Says: No US-Iran meeting at Afghan conference - AFP (France)
Chavez in Iran: Obama still leads 'empire' - AFP (France)

British Forces Transfer Command in Southern Iraq to U.S. - New York Times
Pentagon Reports Iraq Progress, But Effort Still 'Fragile, Uneven' - VOA

Obama Team Tried to Stop Israel's Gaza Offensive Before Inauguration, Report Says - FOX News
Israel Favors Roadmap, Not Annapolis, regarding Two-State Solution - Wall Street Journal

Italy: Police carry out anti-terror raids across country - Adnkronos (Italy)

Mexico rules out joint border patrols with U.S. - Reuters
Senate OKs $550M to support US security forces along border - USA Today
Mexico To Seek IMF Funds, Tap US Federal Reserve To Shield Economy - Wall Street Journal

NWFP Police Chief: Al-Qaeda and Taliban Planning More 9/11-Style Attacks - The Captain's Journal
Petraeus Warns AQ/Taliban Growing Stonger Threat to Pakistan - New York Times
Taliban Leader Targeted in Missile Strike - New York Times
New Supreme Court Clears Nawaz Sharif, Brother for Elected Office - Financial Times (UK)

Murder and beatings return to Russia as Medvedev soaks up sunshine at G20 - Times (UK)
US opens route to Afghanistan through Russia's backyard - Guardian (UK)

Breakaway Somaliland's constitutional crisis deepens - Garowe
Fighting kills at least 14 in Somalia - Reuters

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