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March 24, 2009

1. A missing Somali man believed to have traveled to Somalia for training with al-Qaeda-linked terrorists is said to have been spotted back in Minneapolis. One witness says he was seen at a mall. This follows discovery of published AQ recruiting document detailing setting up cells within Western countries.

2. Yemeni court gives death sentence to an Islamist charged with attempting to spy for Israeli intelligence.

3. After Taliban signs peace agreement recently reached in Swat agency with the Pakistani government, Taliban outlaws government courts and effectively dismisses over 500 lawyers in implementation of sharia law. Further sign that Swat has essentially been surrendered and ceded to the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

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'Islamization' prompts calls for Croat entity - Adnkronos

Bret Stephens Says Barack Obama Needs to Listen to Iran's Bloggers - WSJ

State police commander killed in western Mexico - AP

Taliban puts 500 Swat lawyers out of work, bans courts after 'peace accord' - Daily Times
U.S. plans to boost civilian aid to Pakistan - Los Angeles Times
Pakistan's president calls for reconciliation - AP

Abbas's government urges Europe to shun Hamas - Reuters

Somalia Peacekeeping Effort Encounters Country's Resistance to Foreign Intervention - VOA
Islamist group in Somalia sacks leader - Xinhua

Missing Somali man believed to be back in U.S. - KSTP TV
Source: Missing Somali-American Spotted at Minneapolis Shopping Mall - FOX News
Somali man's return to Minn. has locals buzzing - Star-Tribune
Quiet Muslim-Only Town in N.Y. Founded by Alleged Terrorist - FOX News
Should the Pentagon Establish a Fourth Military Service for Conducting Cyberwar? - IntelFusion
'Fusion Centers' Expand Criteria to Identify Militia Members - FOX News
Top General: Missile Defense is Dead. Long Live Missile Defense. - Danger Room

Yemen court hands an Islamist the death sentence in Israel spy case - Reuters

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