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March 23, 2009

1. Iran has rejected President Obama's video overture, saying the US needs to stop supporting terrorists around the world and correct its behavior. Hamas' Khaled Meshaal has welcomed Obama's 'new approach' to the Middle East.

2. As Chief Justice returns to position in Pakistan, Obama plan said to link Pak aid to its fight against AQ and Taliban.

3. Poland urged the United States to live up to commitments on missile defense, recently in doubt as Russian talks ensue. "We hope we don't regret our trust in the United States," Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said.

4. An al-Qaeda recruiting manual appeared on the al-Ekhlaas jihadi on-line forum with content that suggest al-Qaeda actively seeking to "create the 'ultimate fifth column,' sleeper cells already rooted in their respective communities and countries."

Al-Qaeda Terrorism Recruiting Manual Surfaces on al-Ekhlaas Jihadi Forum - Security Management

Hamas terror chief Khaled Meshaal hails Obama approach - BBC

Obama's Message to Iran: Is the Regime Interested? - Family Security Matters
Iran rejects Barack Obama's hand of friendship - Telegraph (UK)
With Preconditions: Iran Sets Terms for US Ties - Reuters
The I's Had It - Michael Ledeen
Iran and the Persian Gulf: Seeking Hegemony - ITIC (Israel)
Iran says West must respect Afghanistan: report - AFP

Rumor: "Brigade Combat Teams" might be renamed "Brigade Support Teams." But why? - Michael Yon Online

U.K. backtracks on preventing war crimes charges against visiting Israeli military members - Ha'aretz
Failed Israel bomb attack 'huge' - BBC

Lebanon bomb kills PLO official - BBC

Obama's visit to México - La Opinión
Obama Plans to Send Agents, Equipment To Aid Mexican Fight - Washington Post
Mexico levies higher tariffs on U.S. imports - Los Angeles Times

Pakistan militants strengthen in heartland, far from Afghan border - AP
Obama Plan Would Link Pakistan Aid to Taliban Fight - Bloomberg
Pakistan's Chief Justice Returns to Work - New York Times

Poland to US: Live Up To Missile Defense Commitments - Defense News

FBI Arrests Jordanian Muslim in Chicago for Bomb Threats to Jewish School - Chicago Tribune
Obama's Additional $1 Trillion Plan to End Bank Crisis - ABC
A Millennium Challenge for Homeland Security - GroupIntel

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