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March 12, 2009

1. With $900M pledged by the Obama administration to rebuild Gaza, Hamas terror leaders have decided to criticize ongoing rocket fire into Israel because it is "the wrong timing" while so much aid money is on the table.

2. In quest for new supply routes into the Afghanistan theater of operations, even Iran is among considered route nations.

3. President Obama said considering placing US troops on Mexico border, but demotes Drug Czar post from Cabinet level after naming new czar. French President Sarkozy visits Mexico, offers police force aid.

4. Blast in Somalia kills senior security official. African Union forces to stay 3 more months, NATO counter-piracy naval ops begin next week off coast.

U.S. Seeks New Afghan Supply Routes, Even in Iran - New York Times

Hamas condemns Gaza rocket fire as "wrong timing" ahead of aid money - IHT
Sderot Journal: An Israeli Playground, Fortified Against Rockets - New York Times

Iran 'one or two years' from nuclear weapon: Russian expert - AFP
U.S., Israel Disagree on Iran Arms Threat - Washington Post

Iraqi PM Maliki on Historic Visit to Australia, Honors Fallen Aussie Soldiers - VOA

Israel's Netanyahu denies asking MP to meet Syrian - AFP
Intelligence Pick Chas Freeman Blames 'Israel Lobby' - Not Passt Actions - For Withdrawal - Washington Post

Obama Considering Deploying Troops to US-Mexico Border - FOX News
Obama Names Drug Czar, Drops from Cabinet Level as Mexico Boils - Los Angeles Times
Violent spillover from Mexico is focus of House hearing - CNN
French President Sarkozy Visits Mexico, Offers Police Aid - BBC

Pakistani police clash with lawyers as protest begins - Reuters
Pak Gov't Warns Nawaz Sharif on Sedition - BBC
Sharif "Long March" protest begins, government looks for way out - Reuters
New Pakistan Peace Deal with Taliban Raises Familiar Concerns - Radio Free Europe

Top security official, 4 others killed in Mogadishu blast - Garowe (Puntland, Somalia)
US men 'joined Somali Islamists' - BBC
AU peacekeepers to stay in Somalia 3 more months - IHT
NATO ships in new anti-piracy mission off Somalia next week - AFP
Somali pirates keep up attacks but successful seizures decline - AP

Arizona Sheriff known for Enforcing Immigration Law Now Under Discrimination Investigation by Justice Dept. - CNS

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