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March 6, 2009

1. In light of the commando-style terrorist attack on Sri Lanka's cricket team in Lahore, how safe are Pakistan's nuclear weapons from a larger but similar coordinated terrorist commando-style assault? Not a question to dismiss or take lightly.

2. Palestinian with open Qur'an flattens Israeli's car with bulldozer, runs into bus before shot in Jerusalem. Palestinian Authority calls it a 'traffic accident.'

3. Concern grows over Somali al-Qaeda affiliate, al-Shabab (The Youth), actively recruiting from American midwest cities, such as but not limitted to Minneapolis.

4. As 7,000 Mexican soldiers and federales pour into Juarez at the El Paso border, the Mexican immigration stream into the US is reaching a new high tide.

US: Dialogue with Syria not a threat to Lebanon - AP
Israel Criticizes British decision to talk to Hizballah - Jerusalem Post

Former U.S. Nat'l Security Advisor Scowcroft warns of proliferation from Iran - Reuters
There's More to Iran's Threat than Nuclear Program, Urges Former Crown Prince - US News
Iran throws conference to support Hamas - AP

Bulldozer terror attack called 'traffic accident' by Palestinian Authority - IHT

7,000 Mexican Soldiers, Federales Arrive in Juarez at El Paso Border - CNN
Also See: Cartels' Overwhelming Force, Intimidating Implications - ThreatsWatch
Mexican Immigration Stream to US Swells - Los Angeles Times
Congress may cut off spending on Mexican trucks - AP

How Secure Is Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal From A Commando-Style Attack? - SAAG (India)
Gunmen who attacked cricketers in Lahore 'had links to al-Qaeda' - Times (UK)
Opposition leader: Pakistan security has collapsed - AP
Islamic Sharia law expands in northwest Pakistan - Los Angeles Times
Pakistan facing 'mortal threat' - BBC
Pakistan 'bigger problem' than Afghanistan: US diplomat - AFP

No 'Grand Bargain': 'Reset'-minded WH seems primed for Russian extortion - Washington Post

Al-Qaeda Somali affiliate al-Shabab recruiting in American Midwest - AP

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