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March 24, 2009

1. A missing Somali man believed to have traveled to Somalia for training with al-Qaeda-linked terrorists is said to have been spotted back in Minneapolis. One witness says he was seen at a mall. This follows discovery of published AQ recruiting document detailing setting up cells within Western countries.

2. Yemeni court gives death sentence to an Islamist charged with attempting to spy for Israeli intelligence.

3. After Taliban signs peace agreement recently reached in Swat agency with the Pakistani government, Taliban outlaws government courts and effectively dismisses over 500 lawyers in implementation of sharia law. Further sign that Swat has essentially been surrendered and ceded to the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

MilBlogger KIA: R.I.P. Sgt. Christopher P. Abeyta - From my position... On the way!
Sgt. Christopher P. Abeyta's MilBlog - The Chronicles of Butters!

'Islamization' prompts calls for Croat entity - Adnkronos

Bret Stephens Says Barack Obama Needs to Listen to Iran's Bloggers - WSJ

State police commander killed in western Mexico - AP

Taliban puts 500 Swat lawyers out of work, bans courts after 'peace accord' - Daily Times
U.S. plans to boost civilian aid to Pakistan - Los Angeles Times
Pakistan's president calls for reconciliation - AP

Abbas's government urges Europe to shun Hamas - Reuters

Somalia Peacekeeping Effort Encounters Country's Resistance to Foreign Intervention - VOA
Islamist group in Somalia sacks leader - Xinhua

Missing Somali man believed to be back in U.S. - KSTP TV
Source: Missing Somali-American Spotted at Minneapolis Shopping Mall - FOX News
Somali man's return to Minn. has locals buzzing - Star-Tribune
Quiet Muslim-Only Town in N.Y. Founded by Alleged Terrorist - FOX News
Should the Pentagon Establish a Fourth Military Service for Conducting Cyberwar? - IntelFusion
'Fusion Centers' Expand Criteria to Identify Militia Members - FOX News
Top General: Missile Defense is Dead. Long Live Missile Defense. - Danger Room

Yemen court hands an Islamist the death sentence in Israel spy case - Reuters

March 23, 2009

1. Iran has rejected President Obama's video overture, saying the US needs to stop supporting terrorists around the world and correct its behavior. Hamas' Khaled Meshaal has welcomed Obama's 'new approach' to the Middle East.

2. As Chief Justice returns to position in Pakistan, Obama plan said to link Pak aid to its fight against AQ and Taliban.

3. Poland urged the United States to live up to commitments on missile defense, recently in doubt as Russian talks ensue. "We hope we don't regret our trust in the United States," Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said.

4. An al-Qaeda recruiting manual appeared on the al-Ekhlaas jihadi on-line forum with content that suggest al-Qaeda actively seeking to "create the 'ultimate fifth column,' sleeper cells already rooted in their respective communities and countries."

Al-Qaeda Terrorism Recruiting Manual Surfaces on al-Ekhlaas Jihadi Forum - Security Management

Hamas terror chief Khaled Meshaal hails Obama approach - BBC

Obama's Message to Iran: Is the Regime Interested? - Family Security Matters
Iran rejects Barack Obama's hand of friendship - Telegraph (UK)
With Preconditions: Iran Sets Terms for US Ties - Reuters
The I's Had It - Michael Ledeen
Iran and the Persian Gulf: Seeking Hegemony - ITIC (Israel)
Iran says West must respect Afghanistan: report - AFP

Rumor: "Brigade Combat Teams" might be renamed "Brigade Support Teams." But why? - Michael Yon Online

U.K. backtracks on preventing war crimes charges against visiting Israeli military members - Ha'aretz
Failed Israel bomb attack 'huge' - BBC

Lebanon bomb kills PLO official - BBC

Obama's visit to México - La Opinión
Obama Plans to Send Agents, Equipment To Aid Mexican Fight - Washington Post
Mexico levies higher tariffs on U.S. imports - Los Angeles Times

Pakistan militants strengthen in heartland, far from Afghan border - AP
Obama Plan Would Link Pakistan Aid to Taliban Fight - Bloomberg
Pakistan's Chief Justice Returns to Work - New York Times

Poland to US: Live Up To Missile Defense Commitments - Defense News

FBI Arrests Jordanian Muslim in Chicago for Bomb Threats to Jewish School - Chicago Tribune
Obama's Additional $1 Trillion Plan to End Bank Crisis - ABC
A Millennium Challenge for Homeland Security - GroupIntel

March 13, 2009

1. Report says the Obama plan for Afghanistan concentrates on Pakistani aid and engagement of so-called "moderate" elements of the Taliban. Another report indicates US enlisting Saudi influence to pry Taliban from al-Qaeda.

2. Nawaz Sharif's nationwide Pakistani "Long March" protest has reportedly been effectively halted by police actions throughout the state, including arrests and physical blocking of march routes.

3. Somali terrorist group al-Shahab, expected to announce formally al-Qaeda ties soon, currently weilds only effective writ in Somalia. Some members recruited from Minneapolis. UN-backed Somali government exists wholly on paper alone.

4. Russia may balk on delivery of S-300 missiles to Iran as murmers of ebbing Russian support continue. In reaction, Iran is now pushing OPEC to bring Russia aboard the largely Persian Gulf oil cartel.

US taking Saudi help to make Taliban part ways with al-Qaeda - SamayLive (India)

Obama Afghan Plan Focuses on Pakistan Aid and Appeal to Militants - New York Times
Kabul 'will only talk to Taliban who stop war': govt - AFP
US may think Taliban in Kabul Gov't OK, But it's not OK for Pakistan - Daily Times (Pak)

New Push in Egypt to Scrap the 1979 Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty - Gulf News (UAE)

Israeli Aircraft Strike Tunnels, Arms Stores in Gaza - VOA
PA unity negotiations between Hamas and Fatah near collapse - Jerusalem Post

New Report: Hamas Acquires Iran's Weapons Through Sudan, Yemen - The Bulletin
Russia may scrap Iran S-300 anti-aircraft missile delivery: report - AFP
Iran wants Russia to join OPEC - MosNews (Russia)
Ayatollah Khameini: No sign of U.S. correcting regional "mistakes" - Reuters
Obama Response: U.S. may send note to Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Khameini - USA Today

Israel Imposes 3-Day Closure on West Bank, Bars Palestinian Entry - VOA

NoKor Missile Launch Expected - Radio Free Asia

New Bajaur peace deal identical to failed 2007 agreement - Long War Journal
Pakistan protest crackdown widens, Nawaz Sharif's "Long March" effectively halted - BBC
Chairman of Joint Chiefs Admiral Mullen Extremely Concerned by Pakistan Crisis - Bloomberg
Taliban demand $375,000 to free captive Canadian - Globe and Mail (Canada)

Somalia's rising tide of extremism: Al-Qaeda Filling Vacuum - Long War Journal
Officials fear al-Qaeda ties to some Midwest Somalis - USA Today

After Wilder Banned, Britain's Contacts With Hizballah Vex U.S. - New York Times

March 12, 2009

1. With $900M pledged by the Obama administration to rebuild Gaza, Hamas terror leaders have decided to criticize ongoing rocket fire into Israel because it is "the wrong timing" while so much aid money is on the table.

2. In quest for new supply routes into the Afghanistan theater of operations, even Iran is among considered route nations.

3. President Obama said considering placing US troops on Mexico border, but demotes Drug Czar post from Cabinet level after naming new czar. French President Sarkozy visits Mexico, offers police force aid.

4. Blast in Somalia kills senior security official. African Union forces to stay 3 more months, NATO counter-piracy naval ops begin next week off coast.

U.S. Seeks New Afghan Supply Routes, Even in Iran - New York Times

Hamas condemns Gaza rocket fire as "wrong timing" ahead of aid money - IHT
Sderot Journal: An Israeli Playground, Fortified Against Rockets - New York Times

Iran 'one or two years' from nuclear weapon: Russian expert - AFP
U.S., Israel Disagree on Iran Arms Threat - Washington Post

Iraqi PM Maliki on Historic Visit to Australia, Honors Fallen Aussie Soldiers - VOA

Israel's Netanyahu denies asking MP to meet Syrian - AFP
Intelligence Pick Chas Freeman Blames 'Israel Lobby' - Not Passt Actions - For Withdrawal - Washington Post

Obama Considering Deploying Troops to US-Mexico Border - FOX News
Obama Names Drug Czar, Drops from Cabinet Level as Mexico Boils - Los Angeles Times
Violent spillover from Mexico is focus of House hearing - CNN
French President Sarkozy Visits Mexico, Offers Police Aid - BBC

Pakistani police clash with lawyers as protest begins - Reuters
Pak Gov't Warns Nawaz Sharif on Sedition - BBC
Sharif "Long March" protest begins, government looks for way out - Reuters
New Pakistan Peace Deal with Taliban Raises Familiar Concerns - Radio Free Europe

Top security official, 4 others killed in Mogadishu blast - Garowe (Puntland, Somalia)
US men 'joined Somali Islamists' - BBC
AU peacekeepers to stay in Somalia 3 more months - IHT
NATO ships in new anti-piracy mission off Somalia next week - AFP
Somali pirates keep up attacks but successful seizures decline - AP

Arizona Sheriff known for Enforcing Immigration Law Now Under Discrimination Investigation by Justice Dept. - CNS

March 6, 2009

1. In light of the commando-style terrorist attack on Sri Lanka's cricket team in Lahore, how safe are Pakistan's nuclear weapons from a larger but similar coordinated terrorist commando-style assault? Not a question to dismiss or take lightly.

2. Palestinian with open Qur'an flattens Israeli's car with bulldozer, runs into bus before shot in Jerusalem. Palestinian Authority calls it a 'traffic accident.'

3. Concern grows over Somali al-Qaeda affiliate, al-Shabab (The Youth), actively recruiting from American midwest cities, such as but not limitted to Minneapolis.

4. As 7,000 Mexican soldiers and federales pour into Juarez at the El Paso border, the Mexican immigration stream into the US is reaching a new high tide.

US: Dialogue with Syria not a threat to Lebanon - AP
Israel Criticizes British decision to talk to Hizballah - Jerusalem Post

Former U.S. Nat'l Security Advisor Scowcroft warns of proliferation from Iran - Reuters
There's More to Iran's Threat than Nuclear Program, Urges Former Crown Prince - US News
Iran throws conference to support Hamas - AP

Bulldozer terror attack called 'traffic accident' by Palestinian Authority - IHT

7,000 Mexican Soldiers, Federales Arrive in Juarez at El Paso Border - CNN
Also See: Cartels' Overwhelming Force, Intimidating Implications - ThreatsWatch
Mexican Immigration Stream to US Swells - Los Angeles Times
Congress may cut off spending on Mexican trucks - AP

How Secure Is Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal From A Commando-Style Attack? - SAAG (India)
Gunmen who attacked cricketers in Lahore 'had links to al-Qaeda' - Times (UK)
Opposition leader: Pakistan security has collapsed - AP
Islamic Sharia law expands in northwest Pakistan - Los Angeles Times
Pakistan facing 'mortal threat' - BBC
Pakistan 'bigger problem' than Afghanistan: US diplomat - AFP

No 'Grand Bargain': 'Reset'-minded WH seems primed for Russian extortion - Washington Post

Al-Qaeda Somali affiliate al-Shabab recruiting in American Midwest - AP

March 2, 2009

1. The "entire blueprints and avionics package for Marine One" were found on a computer with an IP address in Tehran, acquired via a file sharing network. A defense contractor in Maryland was found to have the same file on one of its computers with the file sharing application.

2. US missile strikes in South Waziristan hit a Taliban sanctuary with fortifications and underground bunkers. Meanwhile, a suicide bomber struck a girls school in the southwest (Balochistan) while a minister in the northwest (Swat) promised eduction for girls.

3. Hamas warned that no attempts should be made to bypass the terrorist group in the reconstruction of Gaza. Billions have been pledged, including nearly $2B from the US and Saudi Arabia.

4. Members of the military have killed the president of Guinea-Bissau in West Africa, and a bomb killed his chief rival. The military says, after the mutiny, that it will abide by the country's constitution.

5. Days after Czech Republic's EU President said EU was beginning to resemble Soviet Union, eastern European member states' request for emergency bailout aid was rejected in a "bad-tempered" EU summit.

Entire blueprints and avionics package for Marine One found at Tehran IP address - WPXI Pittsburgh
Reaction: Cyber Security: Less Advice, More Action - ThreatsWatch

Report says Canada's border too porous, cites nuclear exports - The Canadian Press

E.U. Denies Hungary's Bailout Request for Eastern Europe - Washington Post
"Bad-Tempered" EU Summit: New 'Iron Curtain' will split EU's rich and poor - Times (UK)

Hamas: Bypassing us undermines Gaza reconstruction - Ha'aretz
Gaza donor conference: Who is pledging what - Ha'aretz
Commentary: US Aid to Hamas' Gaza is Cognitive Dissonance - ThreatsWatch

Soldiers kill Guinea-Bissau president, bomb kills rival in West Africa - Washington Times
Guinea-Bissau Military Leaders Pledge to Respect Constitutional Order After Mutiny - VOA

SecState Clinton doubtful Iran will respond to American diplomacy - Jerusalem Post

Hariri tribunal gets under way in The Hague - AFP

SecDef Gates: US Military can help Mexico in drug war - Washington Times

Five killed after suicide blast at girls school in southwest - Adnkronos (Italy)
Minister promises girls education in Swat Valley - Dawn (Pakistan)
US missile strikes in South Waziristan hit Taliban Sanctuary - Daily Times (Pakistan)
Five Frontier Corps personnel kidnapped in Swat - Daily Times (Pakistan)

Ukraine Teeters as Citizens Blame Banks and Government - NY Times

British military facing becoming 'second division without major spending increase' - Telegraph

National Security Bureaucracy Increased for Greater 'Efficiency'? - Washington Post
Dow Falls Below 7,000, a Mark Last Seen in 1997 - NY Times

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