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February 27, 2009

1. World economists say Iran headed for "economic meltdown" due to low crude prices. Threat of Iranian-instigated crisis in the Gulf to manipulate oil prices is peaking.

2. Obama appointee to head National Intelligence Council draws sharp fire over Saudi Arabian influence, anti-Israeli stances.

3. Five years after assassination of Rafik Hariri, tribunal finally set to begin. Lebanon government "confident" about security in its wake.

4. After FBI Director Mueller said Pakistan's tribal areas and Afghanistan largest terror threat, Pakistan's Chief of Army Staff Gen. Kiyani in US for visit and Mueller to visit Pakistan next week.

'New Al-Qaeda video' targets Germany - Adnkronos Security (Italy)
Muslims Oppose AQ's Civilian Attacks, Support AQ Attacks on US Forces - World Public Opinion

Bangladesh mutineers 'arrested' - BBC

Hamas made rockets using smuggled RDX explosives, washing machine timers - World Tribune

Iran threatened with economic meltdown under low oil prices - BBC
Why Iran Threat In Region Is Peaking: Iran's Oil Weapon: Fielded and Wielded - ThreatsWatch (2006)
Iran eyes Mexico in deepening Latin America ties - AP
Obama seeks to end Iran terror support - Jerusalem Post
Proper Context: Iran slams Obama government at U.N. - Reuters

Lebanon confident on eve of Hariri tribunal - AFP
Multimedia: Who Is Next? - Attacks on Anti-Syrian Lebanese Figures - ThreatsWatch

'Colonel' from Pakistan wanted in Mumbai case - CNN
India, Pakistan Hold Highest Level Meeting Since Mumbai Attack - Bloomberg
Kiyani's US visit to help understand Swat deal: Mullen - Daily Times (Pakistan)
US, Britain warn citizens against travel to Pakistan - Daily Times (Pakistan)
FBI Director to visit Pakistan next week - AFP
Earlier: FBI Chief Says Tribal Areas of Pakistan, Afghanistan Are Top Terror Threat - VOA

Obama's National Intelligence Council pick linked to Saudi Arabia - Washington Times
Chas of Arabia - Weekly Standard

Jewish Center attacked in Venezuela, 2nd time this year - Jerusalem Post

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