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February 26, 2009

1. An uprising by Bangladesh paramilitary forces was quelled in the capital city after tanks and other army forces rolled in. 11 reported killed and telecommunications were shut by the government.

2. The fight over the $2 billion in Gaza reconstruction aid money has begun. Fatah demands that all aid money goes through the Palestinian Authority and Israel insists that no aid break the Hamas blockade. Neither condition is realistically possible as Hamas stands to gain most in the end.

3. Mexico is sending more military forces into Juarez, just across the border from El Paso, Texas. The city is ripped by fighting between the cartels and the government and is the center of gravity for the wider violence.

4. In a clear break from past Bush administration policy, the first foreign enemy combatant is being charged in the US for trial in federal civilian courts.

Kissinger: A Strategy for Afghanistan - Washington Post

Army tanks roll toward Bangladeshi capital - Los Angeles Times
Bangladesh shuts mobile phone network as mutiny spreads - Telegraph (UK)
Bangladesh's paramilitary surrendered at the end of a second day of deadly protests - Los Angeles Times

Israel urges Gaza aid efforts not break Hamas boycott - Reuters
Fayad wants Gaza aid to go through PA - UPI

Israel: Bushehr reactor highlights world's failure - Jerusalem Post

Obama's Iraq Plan Has December Elections as Turning Point for Pullout - NY Times
US military weaning Iraq's army from support - AP

5 Serbs Found Guilty of War Crimes in Kosovo - NY Times

Fatah and Hamas: Heading for a Showdown in Lebanon - TIME

Mexico Sending Extra Troops to Besieged Border City of Juarez - VOA
Senate plans hearings on U.S. response to Mexico drug violence - Dallas Morning News

Missile Launch: Behind the new menace from Pyongyang - Forbes

Thousands of Nawaz Sharif supporters march chanting "Murderer of Democracy, Zardari!" - AFP
Drone Attacks Inside Pakistan Will Continue, CIA Chief Says - Washington Post

U.S.-Backed Camp for Palestinian Forces Seen as Progress in State-Building - NY Times

Shia unhappiness is rattling regimes in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere - The Economist

Two navies 'thwart pirate raids' - BBC
Al-Shabaab and AU peacekeepers clash in Somalia - Wikinews
European Meeting on Somalia Opens - VOA

Justice: Bush Policy Departure: 'Enemy Combatant' to be Charged in U.S. - ABC
Intelligence: CIA Signals Continuity With Bush Era - Wall Street Journal
Ohio Man Sentenced to 20 Years for Joining al-Qaeda, Plotting Terror Bombings - FOX News
Operation Xcellerator: Nationwide Takedown of Mexican Drug Traffickers, Cartels - Dept. of Justice

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