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February 25, 2009

1. In reaction to crescendo of violence in Mexico along the US border, Dept. of Homeland Security has crafted a contingency plan if the violence spills over. Mexican AG says country does not need US troops to fight drug war, which is now a narco-insurgency.

2. Under protest, California judge granted bail to Afghan immigrant whose brother in law is said to be Usama bin Laden's security coordinator.

3. Somalia fighting in Mogadishu has reportedly claimed nearly 70 lives this past week, the most violent since Ethiopia's withdrawal.

4. FBI fears terror attacks on US soil as a result of al-Qaeda recruiting and training of young Somali men from American cities. They may return to US with terror training and attack instructions.

California Judge Grants Bail to Brother-in-law of Bin Laden's Security Coordinator - Los Angeles Times

Washing machine timer used in Cairo bazaar bomb - AP
Egypt Bombing Investigation Points To Terrorist Mini-Cell - AGI (Italy)
Fatah and Hamas delegates in Egypt for reconciliation talks - Canadian Press
U.S. Intelligence Report: Saudis replacing Egypt as regional leader - Ha'aretz

IAF bombs Gaza tunnels after rockets hit Negev - Ha'aretz
Al-Qaeda deputy urges Hamas to fight on - Channel 4 (UK)

Russian Nuclear Boss Visits 'Completed' Reactor In Iran - Radio Free Europe
Israel calls Iran nuclear plant test 'bad news' for whole world - Ha'aretz
Iran sought Turkey's help to mend links with US, says Erdogan - Guardian (UK)
Turkey ready to play role in US-Iran dialogue - Hurriyet (Turkey)
Iran minister plans fence-mending visit to Bahrain - Arab News (Saudi Arabia)

Obama Expected to Announce Iraq Troop Withdrawal Deadline - Washington Post
Next Up: President's Major Speech on Iraq Withdrawal - ABC

Lebanon frees three suspects in 2005 Hariri assassination - AFP

Mexico drug war prompts DHS federal contingency plan - Washington Times
Mexico AG: We don't need U.S. troops to intervene in drug war - Dallas Morning News
Governor of Mexico's Chihuahua state (Juarez) downplays cartel attack on his motorcade - Los Angeles Times

Pakistan court bans ex-PM Nawaz Sharif from holding office - Los Angeles Times
Pakistan's Sharif Vows Protest After Court Bars Him From Office - Bloomberg
Protest History: Nawaz Sharif Organizes 20,000 Chanting "Hang Musharraf!" - ThreatsWatch (2008)
Pakistan, Under Fire, Vows to Defeat Terrorism With U.S. - FOX News
Commentary: Salman Ahmad: Rescuing Pakistan from the Taliban - WaPo Blog: "On Faith"

Somalia death toll hits 69 in worst fighting for week - Reuters
FBI fears 'homegrown' terror after U.S. citizen's Somalia strike in October - Philadelpia Enquirer
Context: Latest 'al Qaeda Message' Focuses on Somalia - CNNi
Context: Zawahiri praises Shabaab's takeover of southern Somalia - Long War Journal
Nigeria Delays Troop Deployment in Somalia - VOA

Lobbyists win classified leaks ruling; Government bar set higher - Washington Times
Senator Boxer Seeks to Ratify U.N. Treaty That May Erode U.S. Rights - FOX News

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