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February 20, 2009

1. Mexican president Filipe Calderon admits in speech that Mexican government does not control the most violent parts of the country - which are along the US border. Vows fight with Mexican Army forces. Often out-gunned and/or corrupted by cartels they are fighting.

2. Peace deal between Pakistan and Taliban in Swat, including implementation of Taliban-interpreted Sharia Law, indication of Pakistan's losing tide against terrorists. Difficult and bloody impact within year for both Pakistan and Afghanistan.

3. Kyrgyzstan government has officially issued the eviction notice for US forces there, giving CENTCOM 6 months to remove troops, equipment. Will further complicate already strained supply and logistics ahead of increased US troop deployments to Afghanistan and expected sharp rise in Taliban attacks and operations.

4. Israel ties the release of captive IDF soldier Gilad Shalit to easing of Gaza blockade. Hamas rejects and Egypt criticizes the demand.

5. Iran said to have enough material for first nuclear bomb while inspectors find uranium and graphite traces at destroyed Syrian nuclear site formerly operated with Iran and North Korea.

Jihad TV in Europe: Shut Down Hamas & Hizballah Television Feeds - Wall Street Journal

Kyrgyzstan issues eviction notice to U.S., complicating Afghanistan logistics - Washington Times
Petraeus knocks on Uzbekistan's door as Kyrgyz base gets the boot - CS Monitor

Europe opens covert talks with 'blacklisted' Hamas - The Independent (UK)
US Sen. Kerry goes to Gaza Strip, avoids Hamas - AP
Israel Bombs Smuggling Tunnels along Philidelphi Corridor - JTA

Iran holds enough uranium for bomb - Financial Times
Iran still obstructing UN nuclear inspectors - Sydney Morning Herald
Iran Will Consider Talks After Obama Changes Policy, French Press Says - Bloomberg
Report: Israel waging covert war against Iranian nuke program, Assassinating nuke scientists - Ha'aretz
Iran, France firm to sign much-delayed gas deal - Agencie France Presse
Balochis intensify rebellion in southern Iran - Asia Times

Hamas refuses to free Israeli soldier in return for lifting Gaza blockade - The Guardian (UK)
Egypt: Israel wrong to tie soldier to Gaza truce - IHT

Mexican President Says Gov't Doesn't Control 'Most Violent Parts of Country,' Along US Border - Washington Post

Mumbai terrorists (Lashkar-e-Taiba) 'had 320 targets around world' - Telegraph
Bomb kills 25 at Pakistan Shi'a funeral - Washington Times
The Taliban get their first wish with Sharia in Swat district - Asia Times
Also See: Taliban Win in Swat - The Captain's Journal
Pakistani Ministers visit Swat after peace accord with Taliban - Adnkronos Security
Official Confirms U.S. Using Pakistan Base to Launch Attacks - FOX News
'Pakistan had no choice but make a deal in Swat' - Rediff

Graphite and uranium found at Syrian site struck by Israel - Reuters

Analysis: IAEA candidates to replace ElBaradei a study in contrasts - AP

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