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February 16, 2009

1. Pakistani government has accepted Taliban/al-Qaeda demands for implementation of sharia law in Swat agency in exchange for cease-fire in the small area once one of Pakistan's greatest natural tourist attractions.

2. Senator Diane Feinstein, chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, recklessly said last week that CIA drones used to strike Taliban/al-Qaeda targets in Pakistan's tribal areas are launched from Pakistani bases. No official, Pakistani or American, has said or hinted at such in eight years.

3. Cyprus begins unloading docked Iranian ship's cargo, said to contain munitions, breeching UN mandate. The US and Cyprus said the ship contained munitions, both after boarding and inspecting. Cargo to be held in Cyprus.

4. Clashes in Lebanon as March 14 group recognizes anniversary of Hariri assassination. Hizballah attacks marchers, man killed shielding his son from knife attack.

King Abdullah executes rare shake-up of Saudi government, including first-ever appointment of a female minister.

US to slow Europe missile plan if Russia reviews Iran policy - Thaindian News
Iran Minister Stirs Pot, Says Iran, Russia to boost military cooperation - Xinhua

An Open Letter to a Craven Reporter in Iraq - Huffington Post

'World duped by Hamas death count' - Jerusalem Post
Olmert reiterates: No Gaza truce deal until Shalit is released - Ha'aretz
IDF used Gaza op to perfect Iron Dome rocket defense system - Jerusalem Post

Muslim comics superheroes battle radical Islam - Ha'aretz

Lebanon marks anniversary of Hariri's assassination - CBC
Lebanon Druze leader urges calm after deadly clashes - AFP
Hizballah Gets Away with Murder, Again - Family Security Matters

Pakistan in Deal on Shariah in Region - NY Times
Govt, TNSM agree on Nizam-e-Adl in Malakand - Daily Times (Pak)
Boys' school blown up by Taliban in Swat - Daily Times (Pak)
Suspected US Drone Strikes Taliban Target on Pak-Afghan Border - VOA

Moscow Middle East peace talks will not involve Hamas, Hezbollah - RIA Novosti
Russia's Coming War with Georgia - The Jamestown Foundation

Major and rare reshuffle in Saudi Arabia includes first female minister - BBC

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