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February 11, 2009

1. Afghan justice and education ministries, as well as prison directorate, attacked in coordinated Taliban strikes in Kabul. Eight attackers killed - Taliban reports 16 attackers in Kabul for attacks. Latest reports include 26 killed and 55 wounded.

2. Iran denies ship detained by Cyprus contains weapons destined for Gaza. The U.S. reportedly had found artillery shells and other arms on board the vessel during an inspection in the Red Sea in January.

3. North Korea said to be moving equipment into place for a future test firing of a long-range missile. The test firing is not seen as a threat (note prior failures), though it may further strain relations with South Korea.

4. Richard Holbrooke, U.S. special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan visits Pakistan's tribal regions after discussions in Islamabad. Also slated to visit Kabul and India.

5. Morgan Tsvangirai sworn in as Prime Minister of Zimbabwe in power sharing deal with Robert Mugabe. Cabinet to be sworn in Friday consists of 16 members of Tsvangirai's MDC party. Mugabe has pledged cooperation to resolve political and economic crisis.

Taliban Attacks in Kabul Kill 20 - Washington Post
Taliban kill 26 in attacks on Afghan govt buildings - AFP
Taliban assault ministries in Kabul - Long War Journal

Cyprus: Detained ship broke Iran arms export ban - IHT
No Gaza arms on ship, says Iran - BBC
Iran: No weapons for Hamas on Cyprus-docked ship - Jerusalem Post
Iran to America: Make your intentions clear - CSM

Car and Roadside Bombings Kill 18 in Baghdad - VOA
At least 26 dead as bombs, shootings shatter Iraq lull - AFP
Iran's foreign minister in Iraq for economic talks - AP

Report: NKorea moving missile equipment to site - AP
Clinton Says North Korea Shouldn't Spark Instability - Bloomberg

U.S. envoy Holbrooke visits northwest Pakistan - Washington Post

Zimbabwe PM pledges 'new chapter' - BBC

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