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January 21, 2009

1. Israel has withdrawn the last of its forces from Gaza, leaving northern Gaza rocket launch areas and southern Gaza smuggling routes unoccupied. Reports already indicate tunnel smuggling active again on Egyptian border, while Iran - Hamas' principal arms supplier - declares Hamas has rights to weapons.

2. Hamas continues to rebound in Gaza, with leaders coming out from hiding and forces reasserting control over area. Hamas is openly hunting Fatah 'collaborators' inside Gaza. Fatah will emerge worse off, not stronger, after Israeli withdrawal.

3. US civilian nuclear trade deal with the United Arab Emirates in the final hours of the Bush Presidency represents in part "messages for Iran." American Congress has 90 days to approve or quash the agreement, while an emergency Arab summit in Kuwait broke off with "discord."

4. In his first full day in office, President Obama requested a 120-day suspension of all Guantanamo Bay military tribunal proceedings. Judge granted as new administration weighs closing GITMO and beginning civilian trials in CONUS.

China issues nervous welcome to Obama - AFP
Don't undo Bush's work, China tells Obama - Reuters

Israel completes Gaza troop pullout - AP
Hamas reasserts control in Gaza, seeks Fatah 'collaborators' - Reuters
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood takes the lead in condemning Israel, Cairo leadership - Jerusalem Post
UN demands flow of goods to Gaza - BBC

Obama Requests 120-Day Suspension of GITMO Proceedings, Judge Grants - Washington Post

Chief Supplier Iran says Hamas has right to weapons - IHT
Related: Gaza Strip smuggling tunnels operating again despite IDF op - Jerusalem Post

Natural gas find could transform Israel's economy - Israel21c.org
Lebanon investigating location of natural gas field, may lay claim - Guardian (UK)

Arab Summit in Kuwait Ends in Discord - VOA

Despite signed deal, Almost 15,000 unused nuclear fuel rods in North Korea - ABC (Australia)

Frontier Corps says 60 militants killed in clashes with Taliban in Mohmand - BBC
Taliban demands end to music on Pakistan buses - AP
India: Pakistan must be brought to justice - UPI
Pakistan again expresses concern over US drone strikes - Daily Times (Pak)
Drone Complaint Timing: Obama seeks 'new way forward' with Muslim world - DAWN (Pak)
Drone Complaint Timing: US Secures New Supply Routes to Afghanistan - NY Times

KGB Billionaire Buys British newspaper - CNN International
Editorial Murder incorporated in Russia - Boston Globe
Russia says no more tourists for Space Program after 2009 - Seattle Times

Ukraine proclaims victory after Russia gas war - AP

US-UAE nuclear energy pact has messages for Iran - AP

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