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January 20, 2009

1. As Israel has first day free of rocket fire since Gaza incursion, Hamas has declared victory and vowed to rebuild and re-arm to confront Israel.

2. With ceasefire declared before Hamas debilitated, reprisals against Fatah in Gaza increase sharply after Israeli disengagement begins. Reports continue that Fatah members are being murdered and tortured by Hamas to keep them from mounting a challenge in Gaza.

3. Al-Qaeda video threatens German soldiers in Afghanistan (and elsewhere), noting that they are not safe from attack simply because they are not engaged in combat. Video is part of al-Qaeda political/PSYOP campaign to pry NATO allies from Afghan mission, targeting government with weak popular support for war.

4. Iran claims to have broken a US spy ring inside Iran, accuses US of "funding a velvet revolution" in Iran.

5. Islamists bomb 5 schools in Pakistan to prevent girls from attending. Pak PM wants US/NATO to share more intelligence. But when US has, enemy alerted before strikes.

Al-Qaeda Threatens German Soldiers In Web Video - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
Three killed, 20 injured in fresh attacks - Daily Times
Russia offers Afghanistan military equipment for army - BBC

Al-Qaeda bungles arms experiment, chemical or biological - Washington Times
Original Report: The plague kills 40 al-Qaeda - The Sun (UK)

Chinese military 'wants strong links to US' under Obama - BBC
Chiese authors of 'Unrestricted Warfare' to speak at InfoWarCon 2009 - Matt Armstrong
The Book: Unrestricted Warfare (PLA, 1999) - Terrorism Research Center (PDF)

Israel Proceeds With Gaza Pullout as Hamas Halts Rocket Attacks - Bloomberg
Truce holds as South enjoys first rocket-free day since Gaza op began - Ha'aretz
Hamas declares victory in Gaza, vows to rearm against Israel - Telegraph (UK)
Gaza residents take in the damage as Hamas reasserts control - Los Angeles Times
Ismail Haniyeh: Hamas won Gaza war, but was wise to declare truce - Ha'aretz
'Hamas torturing Fatah members in Gaza' - Jerusalem Post

Mumbai suspect's remand extended - BBC

Iran: U.S. 'funding velvet revolution in Iran' - RIA Novosti (Russia)
Iran accuses 2 doctors of ties to alleged U.S. plot - Los Angeles Times
Iranian Official Warns U.S. On Spying - Washington Post
Iran's Ahmadinejad to attend Gaza victory feast - Xinhua

Iraq's Top Shiite Cleric Urges Participation in Upcoming Vote - Washington Post
Gunmen kill election candidate in Iraq - International Herald Tribune
String of bomb blasts leaves 4 dead, 14 wounded in Iraq - CNN

Azerbaijan Intelligence Foiled Feb 2008 Hizballah Plot to Bomb Israeli Embassy - Ha'aretz

Lebanon eyes Israel's recently discovered Tamar 1 natural gas reserve - Jerusalem Post

North Korea Says It Has 'Weaponized' Plutonium - NY Times

Pakistan launches assault in NorthWest, 38 militants killed - Reuters
Pakistani military tells powers to stop demanding more - Reuters
General Petraeus flies into Pakistan for gov't talks - AFP
US 'agrees Afghan supply route' bypassing Pakistan through Caucasus, Russia - BBC
Pak PM says US, NATO should share intelligence with Pakistan - Daily Times
2007 PrincipalAnalysis: al-Qaeda Abandons Camps After US Intelligence Shared with Pakistan - ThreatsWatch
Taliban Blow Up 5 Schools in Swat Valley - VOA

Russia warns against sending weapons to Georgia - IHT
Human Rights Lawyer Critical of Russian Military and Yet Another Journalist Shot, Killed - CNN

Tear gas fired at Vatican diplomatic center in Venezuela after Chavez speech - CNN
Chavez hit hard by cheap oil - Washington Times

Yemeni police kill 2 al-Qaeda suspects in San'a raid - Jerusalem Post
New Issue of Sada al-Malahim, al-Qaeda in Yemen's publication - jihadica

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