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January 14, 2009

1. Pentagon says number of released GITMO detainees who returned to fight again is up dramatically, just as reports surface that President-elect Obama plans to issue GITMO shut down order on first day in office to begin closing process. US bases are eyed to house transferred terrorists.

2. Hamas' Haniyeh said in broadcast message that Hamas will consider truce offers. Israeli ops continue as Israeli official says it's unlikely Hamas will be destroyed in operations.

3. Ethiopian forces have begun their pullout from Somalia, leaving behind a vacuum that al-Qaeda-aligned Islamists intend to fill. US circulates proposal for international force there.

4. Fighting in the Mohmand agency in Pakistan rages on. Pakistani President Zardari asked that India "return to dialogue while PM Gilani said that India has provided only information rather than evidence regarding the Mumbai terrorist attack.

An Afghan Awakening? Lessons from Iraq - Ottawa Citizen
Afghan Schoolgirls Undeterred by Attack - NY Times
Major cache of IED materials seized in Afghanistan - CTV
Terrorists target aid workers - Canadian Press

Pentagon: Released Gitmo detainees returning to battlefield at higher rate - AP
Obama plans to order close of GITMO on first full day in office - International Herald Tribune
U.S. bases eyed as Gitmo alternative - Washington Times
Moving detainees to U.S. draws fire - Washington Times

Offensive Unlikely to Put End to Hamas, Israel Says - Washington Post
Fatah's Abbas accuses Israel of trying to 'wipe out' Palestinians - Times (UK)
Broadcast from hiding, Hamas' Haniyeh wants truce - Toronto Star
Egypt rejects extra Arab League talks on Gaza - AKI
No substitute for heavy tanks in Gaza, Iraq, Georgia - UPI

Foreign Minister urges states to cut ties with Israel - AKI
Stoning Sentences Carried Out in Iran Despite Moratorium - Washington Post

Canada votes alone for Israel - Toronto Star

What Are The Prospects For A Third Lebanon War? - Middle East Times

PM Gilani: Indians provided information, not evidence - DAWN
President Zardari urges India to return to dialogue - Daily Times
Heavy fighting continues in Mohmand - Long War Journal
Pakistanis stock up on guns - Washington Times

Russia accused of playing 'trick' as gas turned off again - Telegraph (UK)

Ethiopia Starts Pullout From Somalia - Wall Street Journal
US Circulating Resolution for Somalia UN Force - VOA
Bolton: Dealing with Somalia and Its Piracy - AEI
Somali Militants Issue Biography of American Jihadist - Counterterrorism Blog

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