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November 25, 2008

1. Defendants in Holy Land Foundation trial over funding the Hamas terrorist group are found guilty on all counts.

2. Bin Laden's driver expected to be freed from Guantanamo Bay facility and return to Yemen. A man once detained in Canada, once an employee of bin Laden, has asked to be returned to prison rather than endure surveillance.

3. Shipping countries request NATO naval forces to combat piracy in Gulf of Aden, but NATO declines. UN now asked for force.

4. Pakistani intelligence report says Taliban suicide attacks imminent at Karachi airport and Islamabad governmental offices.

Bin Laden''s driver to be freed by US, expected back home in Yemen - Kuwait News Agency
Ex-detainee & former bin Laden farmer asks for jail rather than surveillance - Globe and Mail

Colonel Cucullu Looks At Guantanamo Bay Prisoners & Facilities - Inside Gitmo
Justice Urges Appeals Court to Reverse Order to Release Uighur Detainees - Washington Post

Hizballah pays Palestinians to attack Israel - Jerusalem Post
Contemporary Historical Perspective:
2006 InBrief: Hezbollah, al-Aqsa and Islamic Jihad Coordinating Attacks - ThreatsWatch
2006 RapidRecon: The Hizballah, Hamas & Fatah Alliance - ThreatsWatch
2006 InBrief: Gaza: Trouble Brewing with Hizballah Support - ThreatsWatch
2007 PrincipalAnalysis: Hamas, Iran And The New Two State Solution - ThreatsWatch

Holy Land Foundation defendants guilty on all counts - Dallas Morning News
Guilty Verdict Should Terminate Gov't & Biz Relationships With UICCs - Counterterrorism Blog

Taliban militants arrested in acid attack on Afghan girls - CNN
NATO commander urges member countries to send more forces to Afghanistan - Canadian Press
Austalia's PM holds tongue on Karzai's intended Taliban talks - The Age

Thousands receive aid in DR Congo as ceasefire holds - Telegraph

Iraq's new Dawn - New York Post
Woman kills 7 at Green Zone - AP

Israel Seals Gaza Border Crossings - VOA
US Puts Pressure on Israel to Refrain from Attacks - TIME
Israel, settlers reach outpost compromise - Washington Times

Taliban plan to strike Karachi airport, Islamabad ministries - Daily Times
Success claimed in Michini operation: 25 militants killed, 40 arrested - DAWN
Military rift with Pakistan hurts war as old guard exits Pak military - Washington Times
‘Pak-US co-operation producing results in fighting insurgency’ - Daily Times

Ship owners call for UN-led force against Piracy- BBC
DC Lawyering Up for Pirates' Rights? - The American Spectator

Once Considered Invincible, Chavez Takes a Blow - NY Times

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