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November 24, 2008

1. Pakistani PM continues to rail against US missile strikes, though they have been very successful as of late in liquidating Taliban and al-Qaeda leaders and planners.

2. Israel is growing concerned the US may sell tanks to a Lebanese government less than friendly to Israel, while Iran is offering to provide Lebanon with missiles and other heavy arms. Such a move would deepen Hizballah's grip on government.

3. In the Gulf of Aden, Somali piracy continues, with pirates now demanding a $15 million ransom for the release of its latest major freighter taken by force.

4. Hugo Chavez allies have won significant governorships in the Venezuelan elections, solidifying the recalcitrant socialist's grip on power, though opposition did win some posts.

Mauritanians jailed over al-Qaeda ties - BBC
Global Forecast by American Intelligence Expects al-Qaeda’s Appeal to Falter - NY Times

Barak: Hizballah now has 42,000 missiles - Jerusalem Post
Hezbollah, an Imminent Danger - Middle East Times

Commanders Praise Increased Cooperation With Pakistani and Afghan Forces - Washington Post
14 Militants Killed in Afghanistan - VOA
Afghanistan winter brings a lull in combat between Taliban and Western forces - Los Angeles Times
US planning to deploy more troops near Pakistan border - DAWN
Brit Commentary: The ‘Good War’ Isn’t Worth Fighting - NY Times

Iran and Hamas declare digital war against Israel - ITIC

Deadly bomb attacks hit Baghdad - Adnkronos International

Iran to Propose to Suleiman Providing Lebanon with Missiles, Heavy Arms - Naharnet
Jerusalem worried US will sell tanks to Lebanon - Jerusalem Post

Pakistan says militants pushed back from Peshawar- AP
US strikes pave way for suicide attacks: Gilani - Daily Times

Pirates want $15mln for seized ship, says Islamist leader - Adnkronos International

Allies of Venezuela's Ch疱ez Win Big, but Opposition Secures Key Posts - Washington Post

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